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A successful Austin, Texas guitarist, who is also an AMERICAN FREE PRESS and BARNES REVIEW reader, recently overcame an attempt by a “fanatical Jewish ethnic campaigner” to completely ruin his career by having his “gigs” canceled, pointing out to the various venues he was to perform at that he held “extreme” views on Adolf Hitler and the “Holocaust.”

Trevor LaBonte, a 36-year-old Wisconsin native, the victim of the vicious smear campaign organized by local Jewish businessman Craig Berlin, who owns and operates in Austin, reached out to world-renowned Israeli-born saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, at the urging of longtime AFP supporter Mark Dankof.

Dave Gahary sat down separately with Trevor and Gilad in this informative interview (36:19).

Musical Duo Has Israeli Lobby Singing the Blues

World-renowned Israeli-born saxophonist comes to the aid of American musician victimized by vicious smear campaign directed by local businessman, Anti-Defamation League

By Dave Gahary

A successful Austin, Texas guitarist, who is also an AMERICAN FREE PRESS and BARNES REVIEW reader, recently overcame an attempt by a “fanatical Jewish ethnic campaigner” to completely ruin his career by having his “gigs” canceled, pointing out to the various venues he was to perform at that he held “extreme” views on Adolf Hitler and the “Holocaust.”

Trevor LaBonte, a 36-year-old Wisconsin native, the victim of the vicious smear campaign organized by local Jewish businessman Craig Berlin, who owns and operates in Austin, reached out to world-renowned Israeli-born saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, at the urging of longtime AFP supporter Mark Dankof.

This tale is an important one in that it reveals a method for defeating vociferous, arrogant Jews determined to choke the free discussion of topics they find sensitive, by impacting the tradition of free speech in America. It is also illustrative of the fact that today’s youth in America can be quite vocal about having their speech curtailed, and will employ ingenious methods to fight back. Finally, it is evidence that this network of individuals intent on having their speech preserved stretches across the globe.

In order to gain a fuller understanding of this matter, this reporter interviewed Mr. LaBonte and Mr. Atzmon separately.


“I’m a musician that lives in Austin, Texas and I’ve been playing music for a living since about 1999,” began Mr. LaBonte. “I’ve paid all my bills, all my rent, from playing thousands of gigs almost every night in Austin or all over the state of Texas.”

“Starting about a year and a half ago,” he continued, “I started to get fired from all of my gigs. People started calling all of my bands that were hiring me and warning them. It got really bad to the point where they were calling the venues where I was playing and making them cancel my performances, like hours before. I was subjected to this character assassination by a vindictive sociopath just for asking questions that challenge the narrative of ‘the tribe’ and the events of the past 80 years.”

The tribe LaBonte is referring to is international Jewry, who refers to themselves as such, as many are genetically related.

“I met this guy named Craig Berlin on Facebook and he didn’t like what I was saying,” explained LaBonte, “and he…would tell people that I was an anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying, neo-Nazi. About 10 or 12 Jews were spearheading this movement to make the community hate me.”

LaBonte attended AFP’s Free Speech Conference in Austin last November, and his decision to fight back was inspired there.

“The day that I met you [Dave Gahary] in Austin, I was standing around talking to Mark Dankof and he told me that I ought to contact Gilad Atzmon,” he said. “I would never have thought to pester Gilad; I saw him as this famous musician and philosopher, but because I received the marching orders from Dankof, someone that I really respect, I went straight home and sent a message to Gilad with a couple of [Internet hyper] links of me playing, and I told him I was being blackballed for being anti-Semitic. Within 15 minutes he had written me back and said that I sounded beautiful and that we would play.”

A few months later, Atzmon honored his word.

Atzmon, a jazz artist, saxophonist, composer and author, plays all over the world and writes “extensively about Jewish identity politics and power.”

“I find this subject fascinating and as my readers know,” he said, “I am very, very critical not just of Israel but of this matrix of veiled power that I believe threaten world peace on a daily basis.”

Atzmon is a man of action, not just a big talker.

“I’m not an Israeli anymore and I’m also not a Jew anymore.”

“I got this email from Trevor,” he said. “I get a lot of emails from people who would like to play with me, so I checked him out immediately [on the Internet] and immediately realized that the guy is a wicked player, he’s a really, really good musician; top standard. I wrote to him immediately that I would definitely accept his invitation.”


The two met and LaBonte filled Atzmon in on the specifics.

“I really didn’t understand the scale of the campaign against him,” said Atzmon. “Considering this guy being one of the really best guitar players you have over there, they left [him] without a single job. They intimidated his friends; they put pressure on his family, his girlfriend’s family. I’ve never seen anything like that. I’ve obviously been subject to harassment for 12 or 14 years, but with me they’ve never been that successful. But with Trevor, they managed to isolate him through this intimidation campaign.”

“The show happened and there were no protesters, despite the fact that Berlin tried to organize [one],” said LaBonte. “There was a show the following day that they tried to get canceled too, and this time this was the Anti-Defamation League [who] called. And in this case, the show didn’t get canceled because we had a written contract and the check had already been cashed.”

“I played with Trevor and I had a great time and I took him with me to Houston, and he played with us, and he’s a fabulous player and a fabulous human being,” said Atzmon. “And I lent him as much support as I could.”

When Gilad returned home, he wrote an article on his experiences in Texas.

“Gilad published the name of [Berlin’s] business and the link to their website,” explained LaBonte. “The next day I [found out] that Craig’s phone was ringing. People wanted to know why he thought that he could get away with having this hate campaign against a musician and this character assassination, and called not only him but his employees at the store.”

LaBonte explained his wish for the future.

“If we can stop people like [Berlin], then there won’t be any [negative] consequences for people like us who want to speak the truth.”

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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20 Comments on AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: Jewish Censorship Falls Flat in The Lone Star State

  1. Why assume LaBonte is white?

    He looks race-mixed and he acts like a confused Black Islam Negro.

    Anyone that thinks Islam is a positive force in white, Western Christian countries has their head so far up their a** they can watch themselves eat.

  2. The goyim, brain dead and lazy, fat mutant hybrid degenerates of Ameri-K-a (Kosher) argue as always about nonsense, meanwhile the khazarian-jewish termites chew up their homes.
  3. Did I mention that Trevor LaBonte is going to burn in Hell for the spiritual crime of trying to turn Adolf Hitler into an icon of cultural Marxist piggery? Well he is.


    “All the noble cultures of the past declined, because the purity and vigor of the originally-created race faded out. They were compromised by the seed of lesser races that were attracted to the works of the superior men. The undeniable reason for their decline was then due to a kind of racial blood poisoning. Racial blood must be preserved in its purity at all costs.”


  4. Trevor LaBonte can run his suck all day and all night until Judgment Day. He can endlessly make the repeated false claim that any form of non-Hebrew racial chauvinism is just some other race of people ‘being Jewish.’ He can pretend to himself and the rest of the planet that Islam is a religion of peace and that the endless horrific violence committed daily by ‘the prophet’s sons does not represent the true nature of that mental disease masquerading as a religion. It doesn’t matter.

    The obvious ultimate goal of Jewish cultural Marxism is the fatal and final ‘blood-poisoning’ via race-mixing of the White Race. All this insane and unprecedented non-White immigration into Jew-controlled White Nations is the plan in action. The natural White hierarchies of America and Europe are being decimated purposely so that White Folk can be replaced by a 99% coffee-colored, dumbed-down, debt-slave race of Islamified goyah whose only purpose on this planet will be to serve a 1% Jewish master race. Those are the facts. And we are getting there fast in case you haven’t noticed.

    Trevor LaBonte should be arrested and detained as an agent of foreign powers and he should be forever silenced as such, permanently, legally and with a rope. And that IDF operative Gilad Atzmon should swing beside him.

    And for the outrageous spiritual crime of trying to co-opt Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist movement for his own cultural Marxist agenda, Trevor should expect an eternity in the hottest pits of Hell.

    So let it be written. So let it be done.

    PS – Craig Berlin you are a filthy lying rat, too.

  5. So let’s review . . .

    1. Trevor LaBonte, by all accounts a talented and successful jazz guitarist, destroyed his own career making obvious yet wholly unsolicited anti-Semitic public comments on social media.

    2. A treacherous, scheming Jew named Craig Berlin publicized these comments of Trevor’s in and around the Austin music scene, sealing Trevor’s fate and effectively ending his professional music career.

    3. Trevor hasn’t stopped wailing and moaning about it since. The pain of his mistakes has driven him to the depths of self-loathing as he struggles to make some sense of his life and the error of his ways while denying at all cost that he has been singularly responsible for his own downfall. He is clearly incapable of understanding that no one wants their jazz music mixed with race-baiting and explicit Jew-hatred. If LaBonte was a black metal guitarist things would likely have been different for him but, alas, he plays jazz, the most Jewified Negro genre of music there is.

    4. Incapable of self-reflection, Trevor has since the loss of his livelihood, spent endless hours putting up the most absurd and discombobulated Facebook posts imaginable. Without skipping a beat he shifts back and forth between attacking the racial identity and character of ‘Jews’ and attacking White writers and thinkers who dare to question his slavish devotion to Islam (as he understands it.) On the basis of ZERO INFORMATION he announced to his 4,000+ Facebook sycophants that so-and-so is a Jew, so-and-so is a ‘faggot,’ so-and-so is a ‘White Nationalist’ etc.etc. ad nauseum.

    5. People of many stripes in many camps are growing very sick and tired of this self-important twerp. It is only a matter of time now before all Trevor LaBonte’s chickens come home to roost. With the exception of his hardcore followers, nearly everyone has now come to see Trevor as a broken-down dick with no future. In the face of all the evidence, he continues to praise ‘the religion of peace – Islam’ while attacking and smearing to the best of his ability his own countrymen and brothers when they challenge him on this racially suicidal stance of his.

    6. There is an old proverb – “Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.” Trevor has set himself on a collision course with reality which will likely culminate in his being beaten half to death and robbed for his weed and money in the ‘cool person tent’ at some near-future ‘Occupy’ event by a guy named Hakeem and his cousin Ali. With any luck, the whole thing will be filmed and posted on YouTube.

    7. In the meantime, Trevor has been reaching out to psy-op ‘news’ outlets like PressTV and RT, who have shown their own lack of credibility by permitting him to tout himself – I SH*T YOU NOT – as a ‘geo-political analyst.’ The gut-splitting side-slappers never end with this moron.

  6. Craig, I see you have pussed out on the debate. No surprise there. The door is always open, bro.

    It is impossible to even properly address the topics of bigotry, racism, and lies without pointing out that, all things considered, Judaism takes the cake as the most obscene, unethical, and amoral thing on the planet, bar-none. No where in any Jewish writings will you see anything but supremacism and pervasive, seething, insane hatred of the goyim, mixed in with plans to rule the world. That the New World Order is Jewish is about the worst kept secret on the planet. And your disingenuous assertions that Judaism is not bigoted is one of the fattest Kol Nidre lies a Jew can tell, so congratulations on helping me prove my point. You are a liar of epic proportions and this is why you and all the other Jews are too scared to enter a fair debate. Your worst fear is having all your lies exposed and being recognized as the fat liars and racist Jews that you are.

    Also, stop talking about people’s “eyewitness testimonies;” they are lies. This is why “eyewitness testimonies” are not considered real evidence. Anyway, the reason half of Europe was strewn with corpses after WWII was because of Allied atrocities committed there, and most of the corpses are gentiles. 80 million people died in that horrid Jewish war, and the 80 million casualties were almost exclusively gentiles. Even the International Red Cross reported the total death toll at Germany’s camps to be just 270,301. Where’s the 6 or 11 million? The Jewish population actually went UP by nearly half a million during WWII, and this is according to the Jewish Almanac. Apparently someone forgot to give them the memo that the holocaust happened.

    The ALL-LIES had a deliberate policy of starving the Germans by bombing supply lines. They also firebombed and nuked entire cities full of civilians. The allies committed the most war crimes by far, and of course your idiotic holohoax story is nothing but lies and you know it. As far as Paul Davey and Mary Cherry, they are white nationalists so their opinion doesn’t count because their racist ideology is no better than Judaism, and you could fill an ocean with what they don’t understand about Islam. They are either cops or just useful idiots for the Jewish agenda to spread Islamophobia. For the billionth time, Wahhabism is not Islam. I am sure they will never get it though. And BTW, Hitler respected Islam a great deal. He had 60,000 Muslims in his Waffen SS.

  7. While I agree with Trevor about Israel, which should never have constituted a “Nation” (Israelite Nations constitute a Federation of Nations, i.e., Europe and it’s colonies) I disagree with much else.

    Trevor LaBonte is no “National Socialist,” or as the ignorant of history would say, a “Nazi,” no, quite the opposite in fact. He seems to think that all these Mosques, 80% of which have been built AFTER 9/11, constitutes an “ally of the West” to “Kick out the Bankers.” What a Joke! It’s the other half of Zionism itself! These “Clerics” preach hate to the young and their migrant sub-human scourge goes around raping women and girls, my cousin of 15 was victim to such a crime last year!

    He also thinks that the Ayatollahs are our friends.

    No wonder Jimmy Carter’s administration didn’t come running with “suitcases full of cash” to thwart the Ayatollahs from evicting the more Moderate Shah of Iran, who was exiled to France! You obviously know Jack-Shit!

    In November 1978, President Carter named the Bilderberg group’s George Ball, another member of the Trilateral Commission, to head a special White House Iran task force under the National Security Council’s Brzezinski. Ball recommended that Washington drop support for the Shah of Iran and support the fundamentalist Islamic opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini. Robert Bowie from the CIA was one of the lead ‘case officers’ in the new CIA-led coup against the man their covert actions had placed into power 25 years earlier.”

  8. Some may find it interesting to note what an impact all these events described above have had on poor little Trevor’s psyche. Without any doubt he has become the most self-important narcissist in the so-called ‘truth movement.’ His endless posts on Facebook betray his total lack of knowledge in the realms of history, religion and politics yet, anyone who challenges him on any little point is instantly attacked, defamed and then ‘blocked.’

    One of LaBonte’s favorite things to do these days is whip up a sort of online lynch-mob against anyone who expresses any doubt or objection to anything he might be droning on about. And when the attacks begin, they come from Muslims who are scattered across the globe whilst poised on social media to pounce on command. Clearly, LaBonte’s experiences “at the hands of Craig Berlin” have turned him into a seething cheerleader for Jihad against his own countrymen and brothers. (We have seen him slander people in the most irresponsible off-the-cuff manner, calling them ‘Jews’ ‘Hasbara’ and even using homosexual slurs in his inane campaign of self-pity and self-promotion.)

    Clearly, the ‘group power’ of his 4,000 Facebook ‘friends’ (read sycophants) have gone to his head in a big way.

    One can only hope that he travels to an Islami-fied region of the planet and meets face to face with the Sharia final solution to the musician question.

    Did I mention he is now touting himself as a ‘geopolitical analyst’ on Iran’s ‘PressTV’? Well, he is.

    “Fare thee well, little brother….fare thee well.”

  9. Can you draw me a gas chanber, Craig Berlin? Can you give me the name of a single Jew who gassed to death at Buchenwald? Raul Hilberg could not do so in the 1980s when giving testimony in Canada, maybe you can succeed where he failed?
  10. I will consider it Trevor, because the temptation of confronting a bigot like you is almost too tempting to ignore.

    You are the whiniest little hypocrite I’ve ever run across. You say you only hate “racist Jews” but to you, that’s ALL Jews. Of course, you’re happy to sleep with one when it suits you.

    You know nothing of Judaism and there is no Catch-22. You’re ignorant and deliberately so—because you don’t want to know. What WOULD you do if you found out that everything you’ve been saying about Judaism is a big lie?

    I know for a fact that you’ve had conversations with other people who have shown you first-hand testaments of American GIs who liberated camps in Nazi Germany. The reality is, you don’t care about the truth because when the evidence doesn’t support your hatred, you simply ignore it. That’s on top of the fact that you and Gilad have grossly distorted the entire episode. If you’re going to hate a group of people and idolize Hitler then MAN UP and just accept it when people call a spade a spade. What’s amazing to me is you’re so dim you talk about what a great man Hitler was and then ignore the meticulous records of the Final Solution that he and the Nazis kept. That’s a whole lot of Hater-Ade dude…

    It’s wonderful that you’ve found a group of like-minded individual worldwide to share your hate with. If you had any spine whatsoever you’d just admit who you are and stop saying “I only hate racist Jews” and moronic BS such as “The idea that only Jews can grasp the meaning of Judaism is in itself, bigoted and Jewish to the core.” NO ONE can grasp the meaning of Judaism by consuming only propaganda without EVER ONCE having actually been taught anything about Judaism by a rabbi or someone who, you know…ACTUALLY TEACHES IT.

    Your rants are a matter of public record and you can’t hide from it, so I suggest you own it and be proud and stop running away from who you really are: a fan of Hitler, a hater of Jews, and an accuser of all Zionist Bankster Jews as the cause of every evil in the world.

    And while you’re at it, I suggest you get fitted for a tin-foil hat. It’s as close to a thinking cap as you’re ever going to get.

  11. The debate was never going to be on AFP, it is going to be on HotButtonDebates. Also, I don’t need you to give me a forum, I already have a large forum and I was giving you an opportunity to PROVE that I am a liar. I have never declined a debate. Why would you? The claim you repeatedly slander me with, that I am a white supremacist and a “neo-Nazi” is utterly false, I support everyone except racist Jews. My concept, universal human rights advocacy, is fundamentally anti-racist, which is why I reject the racism of Jewish culture. Also, your claim that since I did not study at a synagogue is a sad attempt at a Catch 22. The idea that only Jews can grasp the meaning of Judaism is in itself, bigoted and Jewish to the core. I can read the Jews’ books, I can see “Israel” and the Jew banksters following it all to a T, and I can see the world in flames as a direct result. In fact, “Zionism” and Israel has been revealing starkly to the world since they were invented that Jewish culture itself is, if nothing else, bigoted, malignantly narcissistic, blood-curdlingly violent, racist, and repulsive to its core. I could continue to debunk more of your signature Jewish lies, but it is a waste of my time. You are a little worm and you are afraid to get squished, and that is why you are too chickensh*t to accept my challenge yet again.

  12. Again, Israel has no legitimacy not only because it is racist and evil to the bone, but also because it is on stolen land. The Palestinian people never gave their permission to have their land partitioned, and the UN resolution regarding this was never even ratified. “Israel” remains the Jewish cancer eating away at the heart of the Middle East. Zionists are a disease. The Jewish State is in its last days now, and humanity is rejoicing.

  13. Craig, you have proved again that you are nothing but a liar and a coward. I rest my case.

    Just curious, what do you think of the newly released tapes of the Haifa control tower ordering the attack on the USS Liberty, proving now beyond plausible deniability that the attack on America was totally deliberate, and that “Israel” is an enemy?

    Remember, you called me an “anti-Semite” and tried to destroy my career over this?

    Oh, and by the way, Gilad Atzmon says I am one of the best guitar players in this region of the world, and he is a top jazz musician in his own right, so it kind of nullifies your Jewey assessment of me. Did you see that Gilad is even on the new Pink Floyd album? Roger Waters hates Israhell, and when Pink Floyd hates you, you are f***ed!

    Also I have a screenshot of you saying that you were going to run me out of town, so don’t lie and say you didn’t try to ruin me.

    Your day is coming.

  14. The problem with you Trevor is you have zero facts to support your diatribe. I mean, less than zero. And as for your butt-buddy Gilad, he says I’m too stupid to debate. Now why would I want to give you haters a forum that only you and your neo-Nazi pals would listen to? Do you realize this website is a white supremacist forum? I guess that’s OK, huh?

    Even right here you’ve shown that you are EXACTLY as advertised. All this talk about Jewish supremacism from someone who has never studied Judaism in Sunday school, never taken a class in a synagogue and never been to a Jewish service. Instead, you simply scour the Internet for “evidence” that supports your preconceived bigotry. LOL, wow. Maybe you should stick to guitar—you need to work on that, since it seems to be the only semblance of a skill you possess and not a very advanced one at that.

    You have no knowledge of the history of Israel and what difference would it make? You clearly hate Jews so much you can’t see straight. Any person of reason can see smoke curling out of your ears about all the horrible things the Jews do and it would be funny if it weren’t so sad. I have never said—nor has anyone credible except perhaps the Christian right—that Israel has a right to exist because God said so. Yes, Hitler and his pal the Grand Mufti tried to stop the Jewish state from happening and you and your kind have butthurt about losing every since. Well boo and hoo. I’ve shown you scads of evidence about how the land was acquired and the Jews preemptively attacked but there is only one side to the story for you—the diabolical Jews were up to their old tricks!

    Please stop representing that Jews think they are “above” everyone else. I have told you once and you never listen (because it doesn’t fit your hateful narrative) that Judaism teaches EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE—that ANY person of good character is a person of God, regardless of faith. Jews are not the ones who say “you can only find salvation through Christ” or “All infidels much convert or die.” Do you even realize how idiotic your claims are?

    Jews were on the forefront of the civil rights movement and are more charitable than many others…often lending a hand to those in need.

    So hate on, mofo…it’s really the only thing you’re good at. How’s that workin’ for ya?

  15. What a biased crock of shit this article is.

    “…defeating vociferous, arrogant Jews determined to choke the free discussion of topics they find sensitive.”

    All I’ve ever seen from Trevor LaBonte are lies. The “sources” he’s quoted are laughable. I’m a Jew and I’ve got no problem whatsoever with the truth. I do have a big problem with people maliciously spreading lies and will raise my voice against them.

  16. I’d love to see a debate between Berlin against Gilad or Trevor. Come on Craig, man up! But please come prepared with something other than name calling.

  17. Craig, it looks like Trevor is beating your ass at your own game. You would probably feel stupid if you weren’t too stupid to notice. Tell me, why it is illegal to deny a supposed historical event in many countries if it is legitimate? The “holocaust” is history’s dung pile.

  18. Israel IS the only disease we have in our area and until these mostly European invaders came, we in this part of the World lived ALL religions in harmony, including our Arab Jews.

    As for the Holocaust, I find the word ‘denier’ very strange. Is it a God you cannot deny under fear of excommunication?!!! Everybody has the right to question whatever he wants. One can defame the Pope, call him any dirty given name, can slander the Vatican, can create all sorts of ugly stories about Islam, make demeaning films regarding their Prophet, yet one cannot speak a word about anything pertaining to Jews? Is that normal?

    Everybody should have the right to accept and choose the sources he or she trusts. Do you realize that this issue of smearing who ever doubts the official version of WWII is a shameful modern-day witch hunt? Shameful witch hunt and character assassination. He who is not afraid of truth does not persecute those who seek a different version of it.

    I salute your courage, Trevor LaBonte.

  19. Hi Craig, I see you are on another psychopathic lying spree.

    Where to begin? I have never run from truth, but running from truth is a full-time occupation for Zionist Jews such as yourself. In fact, the entire Zionist narrative is a fabric of lies. God didn’t give Jews Palestine, and “Israel” does not have a single shred of legitimacy because the Palestinian people never gave their permission to have they land stolen. Furthermore, Judaism is not an ethical foundation for a country, as can be clearly observed in “Israel’s” long string of vomit-inducing massacres, atrocities, and treacherous false flag attacks such as the King David Hotel bombing, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty attack, and of course 9/11. Supporters of the Jewish State are psychopathic criminals and supporters of genocide.

    “Anti-Semitism” is not bigotry, it is the rejection of Jewish bigotry and racism. Jewish culture revolves completely around the bigoted notion that Jews are high, high above everyone else, with gentiles having no rights. Judaism’s writings state clearly and unambiguously that gentiles are not human beings but animals in human form created to serve the Jews. It is only natural for someone to reject such flaming racism.

    You of course did lead a campaign to try to harm me; I have many pages of screen shots of you lying about me, tagging people, harassing Brave New Books, and terrorizing the community with your Jewey demands to have people disassociate with me because I don’t approve of Jewish supremacism and I don’t believe any of the Jewish propaganda about WWII.

    I have never called for Jews to be ostracized, but only for people to take notice of the many lies of the Jewish establishment so we can protect ourselves from this evil. Jews in fact have a covenant to remain separate, so when they are ostracized, it is only part of their own goy-hating ghetto culture.

    You are so full of it. Thanks for showing AFP what a deluded, fanatical Zionist bigot you are. “Israel” has no right to exist, and Jewish culture is totally supremacist to the bone; anyone who claims otherwise is either a fool or a liar. I will inform Gilad that you are ready for a public debate; he will take your fabric of lies and rip it to shreds. Or I will too, any time, any place.

    P.S. the holocaust is a big lie.

  20. It’s funny to hear Trevor whine about Jews. He fancies himself a purveyor of truth but runs from it when he faces it in the real world.

    Trevor IS anti-Semitic and a Holocaust denier. He’s quite proud of it, so why now does he complain that I called him what he is? He is a bigot of the tallest order and he only dislikes Jews. Since you likely endorse that view, why find fault with it?

    There was no organized protest or call for boycott. That claim is totally false. I simply made people aware of the very views Trevor is so proud of—that he believes Israel is the ONLY bad actor in the Middle East, that Jews want to control the media, banks and countries and all the other “Jewish supremacist” ideology that has no basis in fact except perhaps for a few extremists. Atzmon challenged me to a debate and then refused, saying I was too inferior intellectually to challenge him. Excuse me, who is the supremacist?

    If Trevor (and you) are firm in your belief that Jews are so evil, there is no need for you to run from them. MAN UP and stand with them and advocate for the ostracizing of all Jews as he has been doing.

    It appears that Trevor lacks the courage of his convictions. Better to call me and others fanatics than to just own up to what you say secretly to your friends.

    You can also share that with the three people who emailed my former employer…LOL.

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