Elite Media Stokes Flames of Violence

• Mainstream moguls find “white-on-black” oppression narrative sells papers, get viewers.

By Patrick J. Buchanan —

Half a century ago this summer, the Voting Rights Act was passed, propelled by Bloody Sunday at Selma Bridge. The previous summer, the Civil Rights Act became law on July 2. We are in the seventh year of the presidency of a black American who has named the first two black U.S. attorneys general. Yet race relations seem more poisonous now than then, when the good will of America’s majority was driving legislation.

Today’s issue, however, is not voting rights, open housing or school busing. It is black versus blue: Blacks inflamed at what they see as chronic police brutality and police forces feeling besieged in a demagogic “war on cops.”

And the media are obsessed with it and are determined to make us equally so.

Consider this: On June 9, America’s “newspaper of record” ran four stories in the first section about police violence against blacks.

Page one of The New York Times told of black leaders in Cleveland, “distrustful of the criminal justice system,” invoking a “seldom-used Ohio law,” by going “directly to a judge to request murder charges” against the cops involved in the death of Tamir Rice.

Responding to reports of a man with a gun, a cop, two seconds out of his car, shot Tamir, 12. The gun was a toy.

Though this happened six months ago, the Times went into loving detail again on how Tamir died. It then regurgitated the deaths, also last year, of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner on Staten Island.

On page A-11 was a story with three color photos, covering almost the whole page, about a cop who, called to a raucous pool party in McKinney, Texas, drew his gun and wrestled to the ground a 14-year-old black girl in a bathing suit.

A Party at a Pool, a Jarring Image of Police Force” was the banner over the Times’s tale of “powerful and disturbing” images, from video showing “a police officer pointing a gun at teenagers in bathing suits and shoving a young black girl’s face into the ground.”

Had the girl been white, would the Times have splashed it?

Page A-12 was given over entirely to cops versus blacks, with two fresh stories, plus continuations of the Tamir Rice and pool stories.

The story across the top of A-12 told of how a north Charleston, S.C., cop, held since April on murder charges, has now been indicted by a grand jury for murder.

Officer Michael Slager shot fleeing suspect Walter Scott in the back repeatedly, a killing caught on video, apparently after a fight over Slager’s Taser.

There was also a fresh story on terrorism suspect Usaamah Rahim, shot dead after being confronted by the FBI and a Boston cop. Rahim was allegedly wielding a large knife. Blurry video from a Burger King camera shows the cops backing away from Rahim, but not the knife.

Seven Times reporters got bylines for these four stories.

What does the Times’s investment of all this journalistic talent and news space tell us? The Times does not want this issue to die.

The Times editors and writers see “blacks being victimized by white racist cops” as a representative truth about America 2015 that we all must address.


But what is the larger reality?

First, the vast majority of black males killed violently are killed by black males, and interracial crime in America is overwhelmingly black-on-white, not the reverse.

While not the media truth, that is the statistical truth.

This is reality. Indeed, if the ugliest expressions of racism are interracial assaults, rapes and murders, the heaviest concentrations of racism in America are in the black communities themselves.

But the preferred story of the Times and mainstream media, of most cable channels and social media, is white cops victimizing black folks.

Thus we have all heard about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray, but few know even the number of black folks gunned down annually in their own black communities.

The press is not interested in ferreting out those statistics. Why? Such stats would muddy the message the media seek to send and reinforce: i.e., America must confront the crisis of rogue cops.

What is coming is not difficult to predict.

As, invariably, white cops clash with black suspects, the media will seize upon and pump up every episode that fits and advances their scripted narrative. Angry and violent protests will occur. There will be judicial proceedings and trials, like that of the west Baltimore cops coming up.

America will divide and take sides. And the rival “war on cops” and “black lives matter” claims will be adjudicated in the election of 2016.

In 1968, Richard Nixon rode the law-and-order issue into the White House. Hillary Clinton seems to be moving to capture the “black-lives-matter” constituencies.

As for the Republicans, they seem to be acting more like the John Lindsays and Bill Scrantons of yesteryear than the Nixons and Ronald Reagans. But someone is going to pick up this issue.

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Patrick J. Buchanan is a writer, political commentator and presidential candidate and the author of the new book THE GREATEST COMEBACK: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

5 Comments on Elite Media Stokes Flames of Violence

  1. Millions of slow-thinking white adults have been the most abused group in the nation. They have been replaced by blacks or Spanish speaking immigrants. Thousands of unemployed whites have committed suicide or wasted away on illegal drugs. Many have been certified as mentally ill and are on the dole. Nation builders look the other way as their slow-thinking sons are deprived of a job.
  2. “Elite” media is a codeword for the zio clan media (who unfortunately own 96% of the worlds media outlets).

    “Zio clan” being a codeword for the cultural Marxist, Edomites/Khazars, who call themselves “Jews”™, who pretend to be Semitic as well as pretending to be descendants of the Biblical Hebrews for political and financial gain.

    Their native language is Yiddish; Yiddish not being a Semitic language, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.


  3. Nathan Smith:

    It is the behavior of your own people that has cast a shadow over this nation. Blacks cry and bi*ch about everything that does not go their way.

    “Just like the Kold Kalculated Kowardly cops that have MURDERED not just blacks but especially blacks whose behavior had not risen to the level of murderous justification by police.”

    I guess Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown were honest to goodness, honorable boy scouts? Non-media types? Let see, according to the mainstream media, i.e., CNN MSNBC, Fox News, and all the local news wires, when a black person commits a crime against a white person, the perps skin color is never mentioned, but when a white person commits a crime against a black person, the perps skin color is parroted nonstop by the libtard mainstream media.

    So tell me, who are the hypocrites now? What really is appalling of your rant is your self-righteousness to hide behind religion.

  4. Let me get this right.

    When whites are targeted by politicians and law enforcement regarding guns. Whites bitch about the 2nd Amendment and militarization of the police. But when blacks are murdered by police and protest such behavior, American Free Press ba**ards and the like, claim the same police force is being besieged by blacks. Please make up your damn minds!

    This is why I as a black male haven’t renewed my subscription to any of you so-called non mainstream media frauds. I have read articles and publications on this site and other sites where whites and white men especially have exposed their bias hypocrisies.

    Case in point. Why is it that the police have failed in these many documented, even videotaped killings have failed in at least one of their many victims being a gang banger or a black rapist or notorious drug dealer?

    I find it ironic that the target of such outlandish violent criminal behavior by police are either blacks who have not committed any crime or are guilty of a misdemeanor at worse.

    As CHRIST said of the Pharisees and Sadducee: “Hypocrites!”

    America was a wicked and cowardly nation in the past. Proof of which was no accountability for the JFK assassination. And they are a cowardly and wicked nation til this day. And just like the cowardice police (who won’t report on fellow dirtbag police) this punk Dylann Roof murdered not black rapists, not blacks that pimp white women, not even a black gangster or drug dealer, but a minister and some old black men and women in a church. Just like the Kold Kalculated Kowardly cops that have MURDERED not just blacks but especially blacks whose behavior had not risen to the level of murderous justification by police.

    It is not race wars being pushed by the mainstream media whores that I see, but exposure of the true dark heart of inequality (Iniquity/Sin) that KING CHRIST has revealed in these last days of the wickedest nation the earth has ever brought forth.


  5. I guess I thought this was obvious. Another agenda of pitting Americans against Americans is the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. These are obvious tactics of globalists who want to destroy this country.

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