A New Russian Revolution; Merlin Miller Visits Mother Russia

• Russia-Saudi Arabia trade agreements signal end of U.S. oil hegemony.

By Ronald L. Ray —

The death of the American empire may be near, and woe to those under its sway. On June 20, Russia Insider reported that six new trade deals with Russia were signed by Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s largest oilproducing nation, during a top-level diplomatic visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The revolutionary character of this event must not be ignored. It signals a radical realignment in international politics, creating the prospect of positive change but fraught with the very real danger of cataclysmic world war, as the United States and Big Oil find themselves cut off from a growing number of countries—even so-called allies—and their markets.

Russia is the largest oil producer in the world and Saudi Arabia is next, so the strategic importance of the new trade partnerships—which include both military and nuclear industries—is staggering, especially as the Middle Eastern kingdom has been America’s staunchest Arab ally, even though bought by foreign aid and diplomatic arm-twisting. A Russian-Saudi oil cartel could wield immense influence over nations and economies.

Saudi Arabia’s second most powerful man, Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi, apparently confirmed that intention, according to Russia Insider, stating that the new cooperation agreements “in turn, will lead to creating a petroleum alliance between the two countries for the benefit of the international oil market as well as producing countries and stabilizing and improving the market.”

To leave no doubt of the direction, he also remarked, “I am optimistic about the future of the market in the coming months in terms of . . . increasing global demand for oil as well as the low level of commercial inventories,” which “is expected to improve the level of prices.” In other words, oil and gas prices will soon be raised again.

This is a nearly total reversal of the recent Saudi collusion with the U.S. to depress oil and gas prices in an attempt to harm and isolate countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela, which reject the hegemony of Western oil conglomerates and internationalist plutocrats. The flip side of that previously secret deal was the U.S. agreement, at the behest of Saudi Arabia under the late King Abdullah, to wage war—ostensibly to stop the U.S.-created Islamic State(ISIS)—against the sovereign nation of Syria and the remnants of Iraq.

However, Abdullah’s brother, the current King Salman, seems intent on changing course quickly, presenting yet another challenge to the “world’s lone superpower,” which more and more resembles the ancient Roman Empire in decay, full of moral filth and government corruption at home while terrorizing and destroying a growing number of independent peoples elsewhere, who one day will retaliate.

It appears America’s “world revolution for democracy” is driving away even friends, for, like all psychopathic mass murderers, the Zionist-controlled U.S. military-industrial-banking-media complex feels driven to kill again and again, in ever more bizarre ways, while pretending at home to be the iconic television character, Mr. Rogers. But normal people feel an increasing revulsion for such diabolical activities.

At the very least, Saudi Arabia has begun a double-game, cozying up to rival powers while expanding its sphere of influence, as Italy did at the beginning of the 20th century. The danger is a tremendous one: the danger of becoming the catalyst of world war. But in a nuclear-armed world, the fuse on that bomb ought never be lit.

What of Russia? The recent agreements with Saudi Arabia are a stunning foreign policy coup—one that will be followed soon by mutual state visits by Putin and King Salman to each other’s country. In one move, obviously long prepared, Putin has rearranged the chessboard of international alliances, opening a gambit likely to checkmate the novice Americans. Meanwhile, the U.S. president and Congress think they are playing checkers. We must hope they do not merely upend the entire game board when they recognize their mistake.

While the U.S. media continue their propaganda for a war against Russia, screaming that Putin is the latest in a long line of “Hitlers,” Putin himself has maneuvered brilliantly into a position from which he continues to seize peace from the jaws of U.S. wars.

And as the American bullies continue to stamp and shout, Alexander Haig-wise, “I am in control here!” the adults in the room of nations snicker. While they work out a new balance of power through reasoned actions, they also plan a merciless punishment for the tyrannical “lone superpower.”

When Saudi Arabia joins the escape from the petrodollar, as it seems it now will through a giant Russian bear hug, the fall of the American empire will be a crash resounding through centuries. But it is the American people who will suffer the resulting impoverishment and starvation, as amoral multinational corporations and their stinking rich masters abandon the country entirely in search of wealthier customers. It is high time that Americans become self-sufficient again.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.


Candidate Seeks Unity With Russia

• American Eagle Party’s Merlin Miller tries to reverse damage to U.S.-Russian relations

By Victor Thorn —

On May 30, a small entourage of Americans, including 2012 presidential candidate Merlin Miller, visited Russia. After returning to the U.S. two weeks later, AMERICAN FREE PRESS spoke with Miller on June 25 to get his impressions of this historic trip.

When asked to describe his primary goal, Miller responded: “We reached out to the Russian people in a spirit of peace, commerce and honest friendship. I’m a nationalist who’s concerned with the globalist destruction of our nation, especially when it involves pitting the U.S., Europe and Russia against one another. What we tried to do was
secure relationships with other Russian entrepreneurs, small business owners and members of the media who likewise oppose these global warmongers.”

In terms of the Obama administration’s continued saber-rattling, Miller remarked: “All these politicians are just puppets. Obama’s getting his marching orders from the men who are looking for conflict. When I hear the crazy, volatile rhetoric coming out of this White House, I realize that our national interests shouldn’t be out of line with Russia’s.”

When questioned about how dramatically relations between the U.S. and Russia have deteriorated since Hillary Clinton pushed the infamous “reset” button in 2009, Miller said: “I believe that a large part of this situation involves global financiers who are trying to undermine the dollar. I believe that our dollar should remain the global reserve currency, but everything is being done to exploit it. The globalists don’t care if America is destroyed in the process. These are also the same individuals that are eroding our borders and responsible for so much outsourcing.”

Miller added: “The global elite are trying to bring down the power and glory of America that was established by our founding fathers. We need to preserve the goodness and greatness of what we once had. That’s why it’s vital for the U.S., Europe and Russia to join together. We must all take our national sovereignties and turn them into a coalition effort.”

One method of doing so, at least domestically, can be achieved through the American Eagle Party, which Miller founded. As its prime moving force, he expanded on their goals.

“The whole process involves getting back to the Constitution and shrinking the size of government,” he said. “Municipalities and states should be able to control themselves. The only way we can accomplish such an objective is
through small government and more freedom at the local level. We don’t want politicians from the federal government dictating to us everything that we do.”

Similarly, Miller spoke of another plan: “I’d like to create a Veterans League of Honor through which men can be men again. That’s why I want to bring veterans together. Yes, we need a strong military to protect our nation, but that doesn’t mean we should support unconstitutional wars, drone attacks and the occupation of other countries.”

On a final note, Miller stressed: “The Russian people that we met hold no animosity toward America. They’re very rational and well-informed on the political situation at hand. They don’t want war any more than we do. They’ve suffered through enough of them during their history. The Russian people will do anything to avoid the madness of war again.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

5 Comments on A New Russian Revolution; Merlin Miller Visits Mother Russia

  1. Excellent comments. Thanks for filling us in on Miller’s background. I doubt there’ll ever be a legitimate third party ’til the PTB are no longer exerting their influence. Should be right after the next American Revolution.
  2. Looks like we have to go through Hell to get to Heaven! It’s the ONLY way to PURGE evil Khazar = FAKE Jewry Zionism dominance from OUR Country—the USA. There will be NO “right of return” here though^!!!+
  3. Incidentally, a note to Victor Thorn. Unless there has been a third name change that I am unaware of, the original American Third Position Party (A3P) has been renamed as the American Freedom Party, not the American Eagle Party.
  4. Merlin Miller is the last individual who I would advise any pro-White man or woman to place their trust or loyalty with.

    Miller ran for president on the original A3P party a few years ago, and made a few moderately tame noises about wanting to support and protect the perfectly legitimate, perfectly justified, perfectly rational ethnic, racial, and culturally specific interests of White Americans, who are the traditional founding stock of this rapidly decomposing garbage dump of a once great, once 90% White nation.

    He got very little support, as the vast and overwhelming majority of White Americans are dumber than a box of rusty hammers and are apparently too brain dead stupid to realize that they’ve been deliberately targeted for genocide by the hostile alien elites who own D.C. and who are now dropping their mask and openly declaring war on Whites in America.

    So, how does Merlin Miller react to these open declarations of war against White Americans? He goes onto several alternative web radio programs and sits for interviews wherein he peddles derogatory criticisms of White Nationalists and pro-White, White race realists and basically parrots the same kind of ADL/SPLC flavored venomous language that our Jewish enemies use to demonize any pro-White organization or pro-White spokesman or individual who speaks out in opposition to the Jewish anti-White White genocide agenda.

    Merlin Miller is not to be trusted or listened to, White man.

  5. If Russia was a “Holy Christian nation” as some call it, why doesn’t it bring to light all the evil works of the communists in which made it suffer? Or is Russia still controlled by the same Zionists? Why doesn’t it bring to light how Saudi Arabia is a pawn, “creation” of Zionists? Ye shall know them by their fruits.

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