AFP’s Own Pete Papaherakles Interviewed on Viral Article

After an article written by AFP’s Pete Papaherakles went viral, spreading around the globe, Voice of Reason Broadcast Network host Stan Hess invited Pete as a guest to discuss the article’s impact and to further elaborate on the Rothschild banking system and the deception of money, in this 57-minute interview.


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  1. Hello:

    I agree the media does show a lot of hate crimes toward black Americans now a days because it’s good for ratings or debates. I do believe there may be hate crimes towards white Americans too that the media doesn’t show. Is there a way to find this information? I am an African American serving in our military who’s done tours in Afghanistan, Africa and other countries who believe not in color, but America as a whole. So I trust that you believe that too or just not a racist, or white activist because that is what’s killing our country. We are not united as one but divided by color. Thank you.

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