Pathologist Says Epstein Murdered


Front-page story in AFP Issue 45&46, mailed out Friday and online now for digital subscribers: A highly respected former NYC medical examiner has alleged the injuries to famed pedophile Jeffrey Epstein are consistent with homicide. 

By Paul Angel

Former New York City medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden, who has worked on high-profile cases during a five-decade medical career, contends that the wounds suffered by multi-millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein are not consistent with suicide but point to homicide. Baden, who was hired by Epstein’s brother and had read over the medical examiner’s report and attended the autopsy, dropped the bombshell news on Oct. 30.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Baden said Epstein, who was 66 at the time of his death, had “two fractures on the left and right sides of his larynx, specifically the thyroid cartilage or Adam’s apple, as well as one fracture on the left hyoid bone above the Adam’s apple.”

He added: “Those three fractures are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation.”

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On Aug. 10 Epstein, who was being held at the high-security Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan in New York City pending a trial where he faced multiple counts of trafficking in minors, was reportedly found hanging in his prison cell. He was later declared dead. Epstein was on suicide watch at the time of his death, allegedly because of a previous suicide attempt.

New York authorities have claimed Epstein killed himself, despite the fact that no guards witnessed it. At the time, cameras that were supposedly watching Epstein’s every move had also mysteriously shut down.

Baden did say that he did not have enough evidence at this time to conclusively determine that Epstein was murdered, though he added that the three fractures were extremely rare.

“I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case,” he said.

America's next big bankruptcy, StansberryAccording to Fox News, Baden is considered by many to be a legend among medical examiners. He has examined more than 20,000 bodies and hosted HBO’s “Autopsy” television series that explored in-depth medical exams around the country.

If a person weighed 120 pounds and their head weighed 10 pounds, he told Fox, you would expect there to be 110 pounds of pressure on the neck at the jaw during a hanging. If someone put their hands around a person’s neck and squeezed, however, that would lead to significantly more pressure.

“There’s evidence here of homicide that should be investigated, to see if it is or isn’t homicide,” Baden concluded. Of course, these revelations come as no surprise to AFP readers. But they do offer some much welcome official affirmation to those who contended (and even predicted) that Epstein—a man with a long list of prominent, powerful people listed in his “little black book”—was murdered and would never live to face justice in a court of law.

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  1. Recently a very interesting programme about children trafficking and ritual murders called “The Nineth circle of the Satan” was issued on Allatra TV. The programme is based on testimonials of victims that managed to escape on one hand and witnesses as involuntary participants of these hunts, rites and murders. This goes up to the world elite that believes to obtain power by killing infants and other children. One needs to be strong to watch it till the end.
    This is the fact of Today.

  2. Baden is a known liar, who is very shady. His goal is to maintain the government approved alternative theory that Epstein was murdered in his jail cell, which is pretty dumb. First off, we are told the surveillance cameras failed in the area at the time of his suicide or murder. This narrative is either out of shear convenience/coincidence or it was intentionally thrown in there to muddy the waters. The murder theory also suggests we will never see his murder because this theory too implies either the cameras failed at the percise moment of Epstein’s alleged murder or they were shut off by the murderer. In a high rise prison such as the one Epstein was allegedly held in, with all the other surveillance cameras, security and regular workers on the job, I find both of these narratives to be psyops. If he really was murdered it would be quite easy to find out who murdered him by looking at Surveillance footage but your article nor any other alternative, what I would call controlled opposition seems to care about this. In fact, they are shilling hook line and sinker FOX News propganda. Whilst the leftist controlled oppositions are shilling a different shade of propaganda.

    Have we ever seen Epstein in his court 2019 appearances? No. We only see Kangaroo court sketches. Have we ever seen Epstein in jail? No. How about in the US in 2019? No. We only see photos of him in his 1st court appearance 10 years ago. He knew he would be arrested if he stept foot on US soil again, so why would he fly to the US? Did he fly back to the US? Something tells me he’s not an idiot.

    Was he ever in the jail cell to begin with? Scratch that, can you prove he was even in the US at the time?

    I think he is alive, a reversal role of the Bin Laden psyop. Bin Laden died of Kidney faliure in 2001. The convenient fake murder of him during the Obama re-election year was a psyop. L

    In Epstein’s case. He’s alive and never returned to the US. The psyop story of murder or suicide is just their playing card of the Revelation of the Method.


  3. Im commenting on your paid advertisement for the so called upcoming debt jubilee which people can be safe from if they buy the book or something! Blah Blah Blah. What I suggest is not just a Jubilee that just resets kicking the can down the road but something much more historic and Millennial a total reset of consciousness and a comprehensive solution that empowers 100% of humanity not a partial reset with winners and losers. Using our future Fund now and our Quintrillion Quantum wealth effect.

  4. This “pathology expert” was the same expert that covered up for the lone gunman scenario in JFK’s murder, they prefer to push this FF because the suicide story is palpably unbelievable, many people said that Epstein had too many dead man switches to kill and that he would be spirited away to Israel for plastic surgery and a continuation of his old life in relative safety. Why are you pushing lame stream media propaganda?

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