Jim Traficant Is Coming Back to Washington!

Join me in D.C. and let’s talk about how my new program can free us all

The time has come for a new financial program to empower all Americans and save our great nation which is now in great peril.

This is the plan of my new organization:


Eliminate all income and payroll taxes; replace income taxes and payroll taxes with a flat 15% national retail sales tax on all new goods and services; repeal the 16th Amendment; abolish the Internal Revenue Service; cancel the contractual relationship with the Federal Reserve, thus placing all monetary policy back under the control of Congress; pay purchasers of our bonds and T-bills; repudiate all debt owed to the Federal Reserve; give Congress the power to issue debt-free money backed by our gold, silver, national assets and the full faith and confidence of our powerful American economy.


PROJECT FREEDOM USA plans to: End all withholding—workers would get their entire pay, empowering them to make their own financial decisions; end inheritance and gift taxes; end taxes on savings of any type; end corporate income taxes. This tax is already paid by consumers in the final analysis. It makes America’s companies weak and non-competitive, forcing them to go overseas; end capital gains taxes. We want to reward those who invest in America; end taxes on used goods. End taxes on Social Security and Medicare; and end taxes on investments.

As of today, only 53% of eligible taxpayers actually pay any income tax. How much more can workers pay? The sales tax would be paid by all. Drug dealers, illegal immigrants and foreign visitors would all be paying into our general fund and Social Security and Medicare Trust funds.

There would be no more tax evasion. The vast criminal underground would now pay taxes. Visitors from Europe, Japan and China would all pay taxes with their spending privileges. The rich spend more. They will pay more taxes.

There will be no more: tax forms, liens and levies, seizures, tax trials,wage garnishments, federal tax lawyers, IRS accountants, April 15 deadlines, late charges, penalties, fear of the IRS or tax slavery.

There’s much more to say, and that’s why I am coming to D.C. on July 18-19 so I can explain it all in person.Won’t you join me? The cost of the conference is just $15. That includes a “meet-and greet” and the one-day conference. 


Target Traficant

Project Freedom USA launch

• When: July 18-19, 2014

• Meet-and-Greet: Friday 6 p.m.-10 p.m., July 18

• Conference: Saturday 9 a.m.-6 p.m., July 19

• Where: Capitol Skyline Hotel, 10 “I” Street SW Washington, D.C. 20024 (202-488-7500)

• Price: Just $15 per person

• Tickets: Contact AFP, Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• Phone 202-544-5977 or email [email protected]