AUDIO INTERVIEW: Wolfgang Halbig Gains Some Ground


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Wolfgang W. Halbig, who gained worldwide recognition after an interview conducted by this newspaper, still doesn’t believe anyone was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, and he finally got a chance to get some answers, from Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Commission.

Dave Gahary had a chance to sit down with Wolfgang, who gave an update on his first two hearings in front of the commission, which revealed several blockbuster bits of information about that December day, his ongoing quest for answers, and his plea to supporters, in this interesting interview (27:16).


Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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6 Comments on AUDIO INTERVIEW: Wolfgang Halbig Gains Some Ground

  1. Yes, Wolfgang Halbig is a dickheaad. NO, he is NOT a Mossad operative (SMFH). I went to high school at Lake Brantley H.S. in a suburb of Orlando in the late ’80s. Halbig was an administrator there. He was actually my Drivers Ed instructor during the summer before I started my freshman year. He was a school administrator, and also coached some girls sports, either volleyball or soccer. I cannot remember exactly.

    I know he was a cop before he was a school administrator, because during the class portion of Drivers Ed he would always tell us stories about f’ed up stuff they did when he was still a cop. He thought the stories were funny, but they just made it apparent that he was the type of cop you hope never pulls you over. Even dumb stuff, like pulling over limos regularly just to see if anyone of notoriety was inside. He followed me into the boys bathroom and busted me with a tiny amount of marijuana at school. He had the school cop Deputy Dale handcuff me to a handrail outside the office and kept me there for hours before they took me to Juvenile Detention for processing.

    I remember him saying he was born in Germany or Austria or something, and came to the U.S. when he was a little kid. He didn’t seem Jewish at all. Like I said, he is a dickhead certainly…but a Mossad agent? No.

    20 years ago the problem was that I couldn’t get anyone to believe that there was an NWO agenda, today the problem is the opposite; people say EVERYTHING is a False Flag conspiracy, and anytime two people disagree on something, people start accusing each other of being shills, and conspirators, and collaborators. It has gotten completely ridiculous, and it is detrimental to the cause of seeking truth to inject more false information into the ether. You cannot get people to focus on important things like 9/11 or Oklahoma City because of the millions of YouTube videos of conspiracies about aliens, hollow earth, shapeshifters and whatever other nonsensical garbage I have forgotten.

  2. The United States is a nation of laws, not men…except for Connecticut where the devil rules the judicial roost. Halbig has such excellent and obviously professional critics, (Federal Bureau of Insults) I’m going to send him some of the money the VA gave me for PTSD and herbicide poisoning. “Everyone Must Check In!” is our battle cry.
  3. Presumably government paid shills like Steven Lewis and Jerry Bullsh*t ( I mean Bulduc) must be legally and clinically mentally retarded if they and/or their government handlers believe anyone familiar with the Sandy Hook Hoax is going to let them discredit the valiant and proven American patriot, Wolfgang Halbig.

    The stage names, Steven Lewis and Jerry Bulduc will now be discarded after another propaganda failure, and the half-wits hired as government shills will appear on blogs with fresh stage names and equally transparent and impotent attempts to misdirect the intelligent followers of Wolfgang Halbig’s courageous crusade.

  4. Thanks so much for following up with Wolfgang. I donated to him early on, with the knowledge that the funds were going toward hiring an attorney and travel expenses, and needless to say, I’m quite happy with the progress he’s made. I’m thankful to both Wolfgang and Fetzer for staying focused on Sandy Hook. For those interested, here’s a great documentary on some of the problems with the official story “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.”
  5. AFP interviewed Halbig quite a while ago…he was begging for money then and I, like an a*s, sent the fat bas*ard $100 because he said he was going to produce a “documentary.” Two years later, no documentary…yet the tub of lard is looking for more money?

    O, did you hear? Tub-a-lub was “run” off the road and his Chinese food made a horrible mess in his car. That poor man!

    He’s a scu*bag Mr Gahary…and I’d like you to ask him to return my $100!

    And Henry Fetzer? A few weeks ago Fetzer was accusing a self-admitted liar, Gordon Duff, of being a liar. LOL. Poor Henry…it took him four years to figure it out…even after Duff made it publicly known that his words can’t be trusted. And then Fetzer accused Kevin Barrett of going to the dark side…can you believe this sh*t? And here’s the kicker…Henry’s their pal again. LOL.

    Damn! No wonder you call your newsletter an “underground newsletter.” That implies that you are a loser and so you had to go underground! Well, I am NOT GOING UNDERGROUND with you because I haven’t lost…I’ll stand and fight. You can run and hide.

    This whole thing with Stew Webb, Kevin Barrett (the guy gives up on “Christianity” and converts to “Islam”…apparently not knowing that both of these freakish religions originated from the same freakish Jewish book.. unreal!), Veterans Today, Veterans Truth Network…all of it is half-truths meant to deceive and mislead, and steal money from the naive!

    Fetzer throws books together like he’s making a baloney sandwich…why? Because people are stupid enough to buy the things! Halbig sees that and begins to salivate…but Halbig is too dumb to write a “book,” so he just begs for the money on cheap Internet podcasts.

    Here’s a documentary on Sandy Hook where Fetzer gets about 15 seconds…over 2 1/2 hours and o’ Henry manages 15 seconds and Halbig still hasn’t produced his.

  6. I disagree with Halbig for the simple reason that he’s a Zionist shill. I gave him the benefit of the doubt until he made these comments, has some shady company, and is engaging in dishonesty. Also I’m finding out that as soon as someone doesn’t believe the hoaxer’s version and believe people died without believing in the whole official story they are immediately branded as a heretic and attacked in a way that Jews and deranged liberals operate.

    1) Obama threw Israel under the bus

    2) His father was in a Nazi concentration camp

    3) Jews were treated badly by Hitler (not his exact wording but it’s what he meant)

    4) He believes 6 million Jews were gassed

    5) He is running a money scam

    6) Fetzer promotes him

    7) Mossad Agent Wolfgang Halbig Infiltrates Sandy Hook Truth Movement

    8) More Proof that Wolfgang Halbig is a Zionist Mole

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