China Counters Rothschilds in Asia

• Rothschild-controlled banking nations now facing deflationary pressures.

By Bill White —

China, working with the governments of the United Kingdom and other European powers, has moved further to boot New World Order-controlled institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank from Asia, another sign of declining United States financial power.

In March, the United Kingdom declared that it would join China and 27 other nations including India, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Qatar and Iran, in founding the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), an instrument of Chinese foreign policy in the region. Days later, the UK was joined by Germany, France, and Italy. Led by China, members of the bank would lend money to developing nations in Asia for roads, ports and other infrastructure projects.

The bank builds on expanding Chinese influence in Asia, including Chinese-government-funded projects to develop a “New Silk Road” through Central Asia, and Chinese government investments in ports in Sri Lanka and East Africa.


China has also been working with Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa to develop the BRICS system, bank and currency investment agencies, which would operate outside of the Bretton Woods system. The long-term goal of these investments is to reduce American power as the world’s creditor nation and make China independent of the Bretton Woods system established after World War II, which made the world dependent on the U.S. dollar as the medium of global exchange.

Part of this growing independence has also been allowing central banks in nations from Australia to Switzerland to begin issuing Chinese currency, the yuan. Previously, many Chinese financial transactions had to be conducted in dollars and were dependent upon the Federal Reserve System.

The U.S. responded to its rapidly diminishing power in East Asia by demanding that allied nations repudiate their agreements with the Chinese. American concern about diminishing power was cloaked in concern about “banking standards,” with the U.S. claiming that the Chinese will use its banks as the U.S. uses the IMF-World Bank—as an instrument of foreign policy.

“We hope and expect that the UK will use its voice to push for the adoption of higher standards,” Patrick Vertrell, a spokesman for the National Security Council, told the press.

Britain’s decision to join the AIIB followed the failure of the U.S. to prevent its ally, Australia, from joining. Australia initially embraced the bank, then reversed position after a personal appeal from President Barack Hussein Obama. Now, Australia stated it intends to go forward in joining the bank.


Similarly, U.S. ally South Korea, which had been pressured to repudiate the AIIB, seems likely to repudiate America and join.

The continued economic reorganization of the U.S. has followed from the country’s 2008 economic collapse and the failure of Obama to revive the economy. While some major employers have recently raised wages in highly publicized moves, the U.S. economy has entered a deflationary period with prices now falling at a rate of 0.5% per month, matching an 8% fall in wages since 2008 and a strengthening of the U.S. dollar internationally.

The Rothschild-controlled Federal Reserve had been staving off deflation by issuing trillions of dollars in additional currency, but, with that having ended, deflationary forces have taken over. Deflation is deadly to usury-based economies, particularly ones as heavily in debt as that of the U.S., because it makes debts more difficult or impossible to pay.

The rise of Chinese and other banking alternatives has also mirrored the reversal of U.S. power on the ground.

Since 2008, the Chinese have pushed the U.S. and its allies back 200 miles from Chinese shores, while Iran’s effectively pushing the U.S. and its allies out of Iraq and Syria, and Russia has successfully resisted a U.S.-backed coup in Ukraine.

To distract Americans from these failures, the U.S. government and its mass media have incited racial problems, devoting most TV and print news coverage to largely imaginary black grievances.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. Bill is also the author of a new book entitled National Socialism: Yesterday & Today. Proceeds go to White’s legal defense fund.

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  1. In my humble opinion no individual nation is evil on its own, the poison that forces individual nations to destroy itself are the Khazarian East European Jews, which are the ones that rule Israhell.

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    Notice that Buddhism, Satanism, Hinduism, etc. are not religions that Jews ever mention amongst their enemies. They still kill them because they are not Jews, but they have them as tools that are used on certain occasions.

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  2. Rothschild finance advise ALL governments! Israel is supported by Cameron, etc. Rothschild advised Ottoman empire, too! You people are so stupid! Rothschild advise Putin as they advise ALL governments. At least check this fact via Rothschild finance first.
  3. I live in China, and it’s weird to me that China is willing to fund other countries for things like repairing roads and buildings when most of China is a fu**ing mess. The roads are all broken and shi**y. Buildings are falling apart. They have poor sewage and so on. The Communist Party only cares about the money they will make by making their own Federal Reserve-type control grid. They don’t care about their own people and how they live. It’s disgusting.
  4. If I understand well, it is proposed to push down a system based on money and corruption and to put another one based on another money correlated to gold? To replace a corrupted system with a future one? What people are searching for, a universal central bank? Is it supposed to show us the road of freedom? But there is no road to freedom, freedom is the road!
  5. There is a much bigger story here which is off world players involved here. The New World order is merely part of a larger offworld collective. Please Google Corey Goode whistleblower. Mr Goode was an intuitive empath—a MILAB victim and part of the Cabals off world bases on Mars (Aries Prime) and the Moon, alliances formed with Draco bloodlines originally from Orion. This in essence is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE. Mr Goode, was part of the SOLAR WARDEN fleet, identified by English hacker Gary McKinnon (who the cabal were trying to extradite to the USA for treason). Corey Goode has been interviewed and vetted by alternative media and is now telling the whole sordid story. FYI I am a whitehat—ex Booz Allen Hamilton (a Cheney/Kissinger/Bush SNR Corp.) I am ex NSA—a microbiologist who did contract work in the ’70s mainly at Pine Gap in Australia—which is a joint alien/human base.

    In Peace
    D.r Roy Baines Gordon

  6. A power transition model from the U.S. Department of Defense that came to the World Bank in 2003 has been predicting with 90-95% likelihood that the Network of Global Corporate Control identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich is defeated by the coalition for the rule of law. This coalition is the BRICS, Germany, the G-77, the U.S. minus the Fed, and the rest of the U.S.’ allies.

    The U.S. minus the Fed will ultimately join the AIIB as well: 1:53, 4:00, 5:20

    The New World Order planned by the Network of Global Corporate Control is not happening.

  7. The Rothschild dynasty is over. When Russia abandoned Europe for Asia, it closed the door for any sustained growth to the Rothschild empire while opening up a tremendous Russia-Asia market. Russia and China and Iran are much too strong for NATO and America. The Rothchilds depend on war as Dracula depends on blood. Israel is collapsing and increasingly marginalized by the world. The Western economy is being desperately propped up with fiat money in order to delay its impending and inevitable collapse; this is the Rothschild empire. It will collapse, Europe will collapse, Israel will collapse and all thanks to the greed and blindness of our politicians and their master Neocons. By 2020 the rich will be jumping out of buildings, so watch your head.
  8. This article is truthful TO A POINT. But do not be deceived by the idea that UK and similar countries are taking China’s side. England is still one of the biggest EVIL EMPIRES on Earth. If you really think that China and Russia are going “off the grid” from Rothschild, then you are fooling yourself. This is all a big game. If they can’t continue on with the dollar, that doesn’t matter to them. They will just weasel their way into the other side if necessary. And the last thing America needs is for our country to be sold out to China, which is what I am suspecting at some point. Putin is in bed with Kissinger, which is a red flag.

    The people of America are very high-spirited and revolutionary at heart. But they have gotten lazy until recent times. And it’s high time that all people got off the couch to bear arms. We have the will to solve our problems without war. But if it becomes necessary to fight our own police and military, so be it. I’ll be damned and dead before I will let anyone enslave this country further.

    We, the people, are brothers and sisters. Regardless of our color or whatever else. We all have the desire to live in peace and raise our families. But we cannot seem to do that because there are greed-infested criminals and “whores” that are a cancer to the world. And they must be destroyed. One way or another. There is no other way to look at it. 75% or more of all news in the world is nothing more than a “distraction” away from what is truly important.

    It has been stated many times that the strongest army will rule the world. Well. The people of America can be the strongest army together. We are armed to the teeth with willful intelligence and strong spirit. Of course we have our guns, too. But we don’t want to rule the world. We would rather leave it alone. The people of all nations want to live in peace. THAT IS THE TRUTH. It is the political leaders that are all dirtbags. The filthy rich make whores out of people. Namely the mainstream media.

  9. Anything that reduces the power of the Zionist New World Order cabal should be beneficial to the world. The Rothschild banking system is waning and will eventually fall.
  10. IMF is Jewish owned and operated, not American. If China can break this stranglehold, I will honor it forever. The crack in the holocaust industry is getting bigger and is very welcome.
  11. Simple [obviously hasbara] reader wants to whine about Joogle and adsense?

    Hillary herself said that they cannot have the alternative media around any more because it screws up their propaganda matrix. And they want the alternative media to die with a whimper by sending the alternative media phony traffic to keep it blind to the fact it is being attacked while they censor it heavily to prevent real people from seeing it.

    THE zio clan controlled FCC HAS ALREADY SHUT DOWN MUCH OF THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA truth movement in America.

    Overseas still works, only America got whacked by the FCC.

  12. Bill White needs to retract his statement “imaginary black grievances.” Racism isn’t imaginary, it’s real! Just because you are white does not mean it doesn’t exist—just that statement alone proves that it does!
  13. Public awareness has put the spotlight on the Yids dominance in the field of wealth accumulation. There have been many complaints to political leaders to block this dominance. It would come to a halt if there were a million dollar cap on each yids assets. This solution is not perfect but it is a start.
  14. Strongly biased article presenting no proof of assertions being made.

    “Imaginary black grievances”? WTF.

    How can this website be called AmericanFreePress?

    How did it even get on Google search results?

    Plus, tier 1 advertisers like Farmers advertise here through Adsense?

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