Western Media Just Propaganda Shills for War-Hungry Masters

U.S., Western media outlets claim Russian troops destroyed by rag-tag Ukraine military militias after ill-fated invasion to whip up war fever among people of America, Europe.

By Paul Craig Roberts —

The Western media have proved for all to see that mainstream news outlets comprise either a collection of ignorant and incompetent fools or a den of prostitutes that sells war for money.

The Western media recently fell in step with Washington and blamed the downed Malaysian airliner on Russia. No evidence was provided. In its place the media used constant repetition. Washington withheld the evidence that proved that Kiev was responsible. The media’s purpose was not to tell the truth, but to demonize Russia.


Now we have the media story of the armored Russian column that allegedly crossed into Ukraine and was destroyed by Ukraine’s rag-tag forces. British reporters fabricated this story or were handed it by a CIA operative working to build a war narrative. The disreputable BBC hyped the story without investigating. The German media, including Die Welt, blared the story throughout Germany without concern at the absence of any evidence. Reuters news agency, also with no investigation, spread the story. Readers tell me that CNN has been broadcasting the fake story 24/7. Although I cannot stand to watch it, I suspect Fox “news” has also been riding this lame horse hard. Readers tell me that my former newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, which has fallen so low as to be unreadable, also spreads the false story. I hope they are wrong. One hates to see the complete despoliation of one’s former habitat.

The media story is preposterous for a number of reasons that should be obvious to a normal person.

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The first reason is that the Russian government has made it completely clear that its purpose is to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine. When other former Russian territories that are part of present day Ukraine followed Crimea, voted their independence and requested reunification with Russia, President Vladimir Putin refused. To underline his de-escalation, Putin asked the Russian Duma to rescind his authority to intervene militarily in Ukraine on behalf of the former Russian provinces. As the Russian government, unlike Washington or EU governments, stresses legality and the rule of law, Russian military forces would not be sent into Ukraine prior to the Duma renewing Putin’s authority to do so.

The second reason the story is obviously false is that if the Russian government decides to invade Ukraine, Russia would not send in one small armored group unprotected by air cover or other forces. If Russia invades Ukraine, it will be with a force capable of rolling up the rag-tag Ukrainian forces,most of which are semi-private militias. The “war” would last a few hours, after which Ukraine would be in Russia’s hands where it resided for hundreds of years prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Washington’s successful efforts in 1991 to take advantage of Russian weakness to break apart the constituent provinces of Russia itself.

The third reason that the story is obviously false is that not a single Western news organization hyping the story has presented a shred of evidence in its behalf.

What we witness in this fabricated story is the total lack of integrity in the entirety of the Western media.

Eventually it came out that, after pretending that the Russian humanitarian truck convoy contained a hidden invasion force, the stooge Kiev government was forced by facts on the ground to officially acknowledge that the trucks only contained aid for those that the Kiev stooge government has been bombing and attacking with artillery.

A story totally devoid of any evidence to support it has been broadcast worldwide. The White House has issued a statement saying that it cannot confirm the story, but nevertheless the White House continues to issue accusations against Russia for which the White House can supply no evidence. Consequently, Western repetition of bald-faced lies has become truth for huge numbers of people. These Western lies are dangerous, because they provoke war.

The same group in Washington and the same Western “media” are telling the same kind of lies that were used to justify Washington’s wars in Iraq (weapons of mass destruction), Afghanistan (Taliban equals al Qaeda), Syria (use of chemical weapons), Libya (an assortment of ridiculous charges) and the ongoing U.S. military murders in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

The city upon the hill, the light unto the world, the home of the exceptional, indispensable people is the home of Satan’s lies where truth is prohibited and war is the end game.

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of The Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for BusinessWeek, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost: From 9/11 to the Police/Warfare State.

7 Comments on Western Media Just Propaganda Shills for War-Hungry Masters

  1. Right on Ruben.

    I feel for you Aussies having a U.S. Lapdog as a Prime Minister; we kiwis share your pain. In fact, in just another fortnight, we face another 3 years of lies and misrule by another war-hungry psychopathic oceanic puppet of Obama and his cronies. Call us a democracy? Not when Obama props up an incompetent and corrupt criminal hellbent on destroying our country for the sake of the American elite.

  2. We are at the END TIMES.

    Into 9/11 were encoded two key dates; 2013 twice and 2019 twice. We all know that the Zionists (Blue Lodge) of the West will start WW3 with nuclear weapons against Russia-the Dragon Slayer. America is female—Dragon continent of Blue color. East is always Red as the place of Sunrise and Rebirth/Resurrection. Ukraine is used by all masons for one purpose: it has dual meaning. The Latin meaning of Ukraino means Harvester—God who shall soon harvest our ripe world. It has Trident and Blue-Gold/yellow colors associated with Feast of Tabernacles (Harvest) and then, after purification of earth golden age to come. Since Satan is also associated with the West, they lie as Satan (Western politicians) to whole world, deliberately! And USA (with its ZOG) is the Great Satan, no doubt! But Russia (with China) shall slay this Serpent/Dragon-Satan country, and such are the masonic roles to play out!!!

  3. It’s time that the American government faced war crimes of incitement of war and false facts. It’s up to the people to choose to shut down this propaganda.

    If so many countries are afraid of terror attacks, then stop repeating the deception and untruth that America makes up.

    How much war does America need to start to stimulate their own economy, and how many people need to die until we all understand that America needs to stop starting worldwide war?

  4. It would be great if we could have real evidence of what Russia is doing compared to the propaganda that America makes up. Still there is no proof that Russia were responsible for the downing of the MH17.

    If America wants to start war against Russia so they can stimulate there declining country’s financial status, why get the rest of the world involved including our Australian prime minister who seems like a puppet on a string?

    America just seems to be the aggressor inciting war in many countries at any one time.

    In my lifetime I see civilians fighting on a worldwide front according to what they believe compared to the government deciding to send innocent people to kill innocent people so America can stimulate their economy.

    All the countries that have agreed to sanction Russia are now in big trouble, as Russia has now sanctioned the same countries, and this will cause many businesses to suffer because the big bully America inciting war and sanctions is now affecting many companies around the world, except America because they will sell arms regardless.

    Oh hang on, it’s OK for America to do anything to whom they choose, but why and on what facts other than propaganda?

  5. Indeed, Dr. Robert’s article impresses and demands accountability in media, which unfortunately has vanished, particularly in the mainstream.

    It is easier and more convenient to hype a report in order to increase the bottom lines of the conglomerately-owned presstitute.

  6. Another outstanding article by Mr. Roberts, one of our most cherished writers.

    But since more citizens are now obtaining current events via Internet sources, lets hope Washington’s non-stop lies will fall upon deaf ears. The ‘Saddam has WMDs’ yarn is still fresh in our collective memories.

    I hope I’m not being overly optimistic.

  7. This is why journalists no longer enjoy the “neutrality” status that they worked so hard to achieve in the early 20th Century. “Our” foul leaders have destroyed it by bribing journalists to feed them info.

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