Man Says He Has Proof He’s Been ‘Chipped’

By Victor Thorn

Last year, retired Sacramento paramedic and firefighter Jesse Beltran says he visited a dentist for what he thought was a standard procedure. Upon waking nearly four hours later, unbeknownst to Beltran, he believes a Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) chip had been implanted in the rear area of his mouth where the lower and upper jaws connect.

During a November 29 interview, Beltran told this writer, “A recent girlfriend of mine that was associated with law enforcement took me to a dentist that I’d never before visited. Without my consent, the dentist used a very unusual looking syringe and knocked me out for between three and four hours. Since I’d been in the medical field for over 20 years, I’m familiar with syringes, and this large-gauge needle looked like the old-style equipment that military doctors used.”

The horrors got worse during this procedure. Beltran continued his account: “When I regained consciousness three to four hours later, my entire chest was drenched in saliva. Supposedly, I had received two root canals and had two teeth capped. But after visiting a different dentist earlier this year, his X-rays revealed that only one root canal had been performed, and no crowns put in place.”


In an extensive portfolio presented to this newspaper, Beltran provided a series of X-rays and MRI scans that show what appear to be two foreign bodies in the back portion of his mouth. Beltran claims two different doctors have confirmed these results.

When asked if he has experienced any physical afflictions as a result, Beltran replied, “A former Marine told me that similar RFID chips are used by the U.S. military on prisoners in Afghanistan to send and receive information. The device in my mouth is approximately the size of a grain of rice, and depending on the frequencies being transmitted, I undergo nausea, vertigo, hearing loss and swollen glands. Plus, because [I have a] technical background, I can hear a ‘60-cycle whine.’ ”

To clarify this phenomenon, Beltran explained, “This 60-cycle whine is an electrical sound emitted from the device, but with a higher pitch that I hear originating from around my right ear, but not exactly.”

When Beltran visited a local district attorney with his X-rays, he was told, “This was done because of something you know that somebody wants, or they don’t want you to say something.”

The district attorney then told Beltran about S.B. 362, introduced by state senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto), which states that “subdermal implantation of RFID chips in the state of California against a person’s consent” is illegal. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed this legislation in 2007.

“Why would there need to be such a law in the first place unless these procedures were already being performed?” asked Beltran.

The obvious question at this point is: Why would someone want to implant an RFID device in Beltran’s mouth? This is where the story gets eerie.


Beltran provided the answer. “In 1991 I was the supervisor for a private ambulance company in Sacramento when we were dispatched to the scene of a high-speed pursuit involving the potential kidnapping of a four-or five-year-old girl,” he said. “The suspect was apprehended and dragged from his car by law enforcement officers and then beaten to death. However, it turned out that the suspect was actually the little girl’s father, and it wasn’t a kidnapping, but a custody issue. So, this child’s father was beaten to death with billy clubs before her very eyes.”

He added: “After I tried to write a report about what I’d witnessed, my supervisor told me to keep my mouth shut or I’d be blacklisted. That’s when the cover-up began.”

Still, why would this incident affect Beltran nearly two decades later to the extent that an invasive medical procedure was perhaps conducted without his knowledge and against his will?

Beltran filled in the final blanks:

“The motive leads back to me witnessing a murder that now affects the candidates (in a local 2010 sheriff’s election) who were in charge of the cover-up,” he said. “Last year, I emailed one of the candidates and asked: If a law enforcement officer is informed of a murder, are they required to report it? Twenty minutes later I received a phone call from one of the officers associated with the cover-up of this murder. If this information is divulged, it will completely ruin the sheriff’s election [in November 2010]. A colleague has also told me that the sheriff’s department and local FBI are behind what has happened to me.”

Although California politicians such as Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Representative Dan Lungren (D-Calif.) have offered no help, nor has local media, Beltran says TruTV and Jesse Ventura have shown an interest in filming the surgery when the RFID device is removed from his mouth. Beltran  has also met with an area district attorney, who has yet to decide whether the crimes committed against him fall under local jurisdiction or that of the USA PATRIOT Act and domestic terrorism.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. I found think link cuz I had a cavity filled on the left upper side today.Can a rfid chip be installed in a filling? He asked the nurse for 6 AA batteries before he numbed me I’ve had fillings before and this was different. Numb,grind,fill as usual then he broke out a device with a blue laser light on the end and was touching teeth on the right side of my mouth.I dunno wth this profession thinks it’s doing for the feds.They are piss ants errand boys sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill…I have a high frequency tester so if you need to borrow it just dial my frequency…

  2. I have two different types of subdermal rfid chips implanted 1 type by my dentist, the same type and the new micro mind that looks like pepper. I was being followed for over a year and a half and have a data base made of the license plates of the cars around me. It took constant 24 hr video survelience that I installed in my vehicle. I tried to go to the newspaper about it wrote an article that they said they would review and never got a response once it was sent. I happened to come in contact with some people that are a part of a theft ring when items in my storage unit were stolen after it was broken into. The theft ring is too huge for the city of Austin and its police dept to not be aware or either involved in. When I called the police about this theft ring and about my stolen items in a budget truck, and with a member of that ring willing to make a statement. The police confiscated my self defense pepper spray, stun gun, and baton then told me to get off the property. This is the short version and a lot of things I witnessed, heard, and dealt with won’t be made public because of the freedom of information act allows law enforcement, city officials, and our government to pretty much have Carte Blanche and jurisdiction to implant anyone under the guise of investigation or supposed terrorism while streaming their illegal operations and corrupt criminal activities that some are involved in. It all comes back to a sting on Back page for supposed human trafficking and prostitution rings, which I’ve never been a part of. I did body rubs only.3 years under investigation and they haven’t found any illegal activity on my part and never will. That’s misappropriation of funding, blackmail, bribing, stalking, and corruption of city officials.
    Criminals taking bribes in the form of early release, severed adjudication, or time off probation to follow me when their sentences should have been way more savere. I just thought I had stalkers. Funny thing is criminals will roll on the Judge who instigated this If I can ever get it to go public without my venue getting a gag order or threatened. I have spends hundreds and hundreds of hours hanging detailing and surveling my past 3 years of life. In the hopes that once public acknowledgement starts I can begin my retribution for my human rights being taken away and champion for the rest of humanity to make sure those who abused their power loose it and pay for their illegal, inhumane, criminal activities.

  3. Where the hell are all the doctors who could be removing these damn things. Let me know if you know of any anywhere in the world.

  4. This is a real phenomena, i know because gangstalking religious fanatic terrorists in Tuscaloosa Alabama U.S.A., have imoplanted myself. At least twice. One a biorythmics chip beneath my heart & another an RFID chip in my right back shoulder muscle.

    The religious nutters use it for tracking their gangstalking victims to coordinate attacks.

    Be aware, they are using psychotronics & energy weapons on citizens among other things.

  5. For cleaning out your jaw bone or dental sites. A dental cavitation surgery is what you need. The dentist goes in and cleans and scrapes all the infection or whatever else out of the jaw bones. Typically, after surgery they take he findings and put in small container, hands you a package that is prepaid and you send to the pathology lab to identify the contents.

    70% of unknown illnesses are related to dental issues, so if you are sick for a long time and working with a integrative MD or top chronic illness expert may suspect dental issues with many patients. A naturopathic doctor may also recommend getting dental cavitation surgery, so there a few REAL biological specialized dentists and you can find a list on the Web; you might have to travel hopefully not. Anyhow, hopefully this will help someone get to where they need to go.

  6. That is creepy I was dating a Filipino woman, and I went to the dentist to have a crown put on. I have had a gum infection for going on six months now. I have had a mouth infection in my left jaw where the jawbones meet for six months. Took multiple rounds of different antibiotics. I read one of her text messages that talked about being involved in some sort of a harvest and her life being at risk. I was pulled over in Clackamas county by what seemed to be fake police about a week ago. They took me to a tiny locked room and mentally tortured me for hours. In the hallway I heard them talk about kidnapping and raping my daughter. They gave me a $30,000 bail then released me. Who investigates this sort of thing? Can someone contact them and give them my information?
  7. Had one in my lower cavity filling for years knowing something wasn’t right, but unable to tell exactly why. It was in the tooth right before the molar and could screw my whole body and mind out of whack unless I was alone or smoking weed all day to relieve the physical pain it caused. Anyway, I stopped smoking weed and cigarettes for a week or so and felt a pain in that tooth and heard a high-pitched frequency and knew instantly something wasn’t right. So I bought some vice grips and managed to chip the tooth a little and then took a big ass paperclip to the filling area and it popped out of my tooth and flew across the room and I never found it. It’s been almost two months and I feel alive like I haven’t felt in 10 years (I’m only 25) and my dreams have improved substantially. Also no more sluggishness or weakness in my body or dependence on pain-relieving drugs. Hope you get yours out, as well. Peace.
  8. They’re doing this in Marshfield, WI either in a dentist’s office or in a doctor’s office in the Neillsville area! And we have neighbors who claim the cops are doing this to certain people for harassment, but I know different because there is something odd going down over near Lindsey and Chili WI! It’s like mind control where you can also hear your own voice near a running motor or any kind! There are a group of people here who think they run everyone’s life and they will harass the hell out of you forever and even do threats of weapons and unnoticed by cops situations and do stuff to make you wonder and fear for your life and damage property and break in your home and do stuff that leave you wanting to leave! We are going to get a lawsuit started over this with the people have this—military and leaders if they do not monitor areas and Internet businesses that sell this stuff for mind control and electronic harassment or intimidation and threats to anyone or (harassment by anyone or of any kind! Our new President is going to get a letter. If we have to send millions in one or 10 ECT big bags full of letters!) about this because it is putting many people/young people also even kids and animals (pets) because they are doing this to them now and not through the vets either as what I read in difficult and dangerous situations of all kinds! This is an assault to our lives in many ways! And it breaks every State’s electric laws harassment laws and privacy laws and family and hospital care facilities laws also!
  9. I wonder if this is what bin Laden or that other one captured (Not Sure!) was talking about? The news man described a plan that was spoken about by one of those guys he and now look what is happening! All these people being electronically harassed have been practice sessions!? This is the “dome” T.V. show they are talking about a one at a time Nano-spy and attack type situation implanted person take down! And Spy unauthorized or unnoticed UFO lookalikes drones or the new updated not in space spy satellite…are another one that they can use to satellite intentional voices or whatever and sent through underground old telephone and or intermittent hooked into lines! I hope the military can figure this out and hear these threats to all these innocent victims because this would be neglect to our country and its people! But we have laws about telepathy harassment and Nano implants harassment! I believe and I hope the military is sticking to these, but now with all this technology, someone or some group may be on the lurk and using unauthorized given to doctors and dentists and others without law even knowing what is going on! And our younger people or thugs or (criminals a-like! ~~~U-KNOW what I mean!?) can buy all this stuff on the spy and law net Internet stores and get it through illegal ways or criminals can order this stuff acting like cops or doctors or even now fake FBIs!? And now they are illegally using Neurology/mouth internal type (hearing and talking mind read!) Internet or spy implants and other types to hear you, stalk you harass you with voice and technically do the worse in a digitized military way!? This is what I am starting to wonder about! And they are letting this happen? This also what Mr. Hawking’s was warning people about, but this has been happening all along for years now the whomever persons or groups updated their activities!
  10. I have a chip implanted in my upper jaw, too. I have not had any luck getting this removed. I also have liquid crystal in my neck and a for-gin device in my stomach. If anyone reading this is a dentist or a doctor or knows of someone willing to take this out of me, please email me [email protected]. May God Bless You!
  11. I can tell you for certain that the psychic insurgency does not need to do all this to chip you. You wouldn’t even know, and it’s not visible.
  12. Update: I have been informed by the new dentist that I had heard “wrong.” He meant a “chip with antibiotics” that is used for convenience and that has since dissolved on its own. Whatever.
  13. I had a dental procedure in 2004 at Meriter Dental Pool in Madison, Wisc. Lower front surgical procedure to treat gums and root canal on a tooth. I was told they put something over the gum to see if bone would grow back. Now it’s worse except I have two bone growths in my back lower gums. I have been having many similar problems I’ve read about.

    About a month ago a new dentist asked me if I knew I had a chip implanted in my mouth. I said “no,” and as we left the room the old dentist was standing there. At the next appointment I requested a copy of my X-rays and got them. However, the dentist left immediately after the new procedure was completed, though I wanted to talk with him, I was rushed out.

    I am stuck in my house and sleep very strange hours. I’m on lots of meds for pain and other problems by medical doctors. I have been told I am a pioneer and should feel good trying out new meds that will help others. I live from one appointment to the next for meds. I’m isolated and alone. I had a doctor who would repeat things I said in my own apartment and when I try to leave I feel pulled back. It’s been surreal. I’m considered psychotic by many. I would appreciate any help finding out how to remove it. Thank you.

  15. I have an involuntary implant in my bicuspid jaw socket. The best I can figure I remember the dentist implanting it during dental surgery/tooth extraction. I knew of a lot of extreme criminal activities conducted by many branches of the federal government including Capitol murder, but never spoke of that stuff I witnessed in my youth. My ex-wife as I now know was Air Force Intelligence; at the time I had dental surgery I didn’t know that she was a spook and when she recommended the dentist I didn’t know he was a “Company” DDS – CIA as I found out just a few years ago during all this outta control divorce conspiracy. The worst thing is I have contacted over 20 DDSs and I can’t find a single one willing to remove this device. Being constantly bombarded with attempt altering radio frequencies and being live-time GPS tracked and stalked sucks almost as much as finding out your ex-spouse never liked you, she was just assigned to make sure you never climbed high up the ladder as she pretended to be a housewife with bad shopping habits; two supposed to be biological children aren’t really yours, and you have experienced several assassination attempts on your person as a result of being an honest taxpaying citizen and I could go on and on but I just need this removed so I may be able to leave the U.S. and live a normal life in an honest country. Sad when you think the KGB never treated their people this poorly. I cannot honestly believe I am a blood descendant of a U.S. Constitution signer, and had so many politicians in my family tree and this is the way our now Communist government treats me and I am sure millions more, I just need an extraction and ye ‘RED’ bastards can keep this totalitarian dictatorship!

  16. I believe that I have one of these tracking device in my teeth, as part of a military experiment for HIV.

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