GOP Elite Abandoning “Jeb” Bush

• As Bush’s chances fizzle, Republican handlers turn to Florida senator for White House bid.

By Victor Thorn —

Elite GOP planners banked on the likelihood that former Florida Governor John Ellis “Jeb” Bush would easily scoop up the Republican Party’s 2016 nomination. After all, not only had Bush already raised $100 million from corporate super-PACs, his father and brother occupied the Oval Office before him. In addition, well-paid pols like Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer and magazines like The Weekly Standard celebrated Jeb’s inevitability as the GOP frontrunner.

But then something happened. Because Jeb possesses the personality of a potted houseplant and can’t generate any buzz among the public, his handlers realized that they needed to groom another manufactured candidate that would carry their water for them. Thus, enter one-term Florida Senator Marco Antonio Rubio.


Although many conservatives, constitutionalists, and traditionalists were glad to see Jeb’s demise, they weren’t pleased to see Rubio’s rapid ascent. One of these people is former presidential candidate, radio talk show host, and columnist Pastor Chuck Baldwin, whom AMERICAN FREE PRESS interviewed on November 12.

Framing this matter in succinct terms, Baldwin told AFP: “A Hillary Clinton versus Marco Rubio contest in 2016 means the globalist insiders have completely monopolized and hand-picked the candidates. As for Rubio, he’s a quintessential neocon and as big government in his ideology as Democrats. Neocons and liberal Democrats seek the same ends: globalism and one-world rule.”

Baldwin’s opinion of the rising Republican star took on other elements.

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“Marco Rubio is the poster child for the amnesty of illegal aliens,” Baldwin emphasized. “When combined with new House Speaker Paul Ryan [R-Wisc.], also an amnesty supporter, U.S. borders will be erased. Such a move will change the entire culture and constitutional makeup of this country.”

Looking backward a mere two years, Baldwin reminded AFP readers: “In 2013, Rubio came out with a plan that was overtly pro-amnesty. The shortness of people’s memories is frustrating. Today, one of Rubio’s biggest donors is a man named Paul Singer who’s a rabid proponent of totally open borders. Financially, Singer has also pushed for the legalization of same-sex marriage.”

Part-and-parcel with his beliefs, Singer recently made a six-figure donation to George Soros-funded think tank, the National Immigration Forum. This organization championed Rubio’s 2013 plan to provide 33 million green cards to foreign nationals by the year 2025.

None too pleased, Baldwin remarked: “Rubio’s donors like Paul Singer, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and Oracle wouldn’t be supporting him unless they believed he’d push their agenda. That’s why they picked him to be their racehorse. Rubio is the heir apparent to Jeb Bush. Big donors have shifted their focus to Rubio because he’s a clone of Bush.”

Highlighting this point, Baldwin quoted a maverick GOP candidate.

“Donald Trump recently said [to Breitbart News], ‘Senator Rubio works for lobbyists, not for Americans. That’s why he’s receiving more money from Silicon Valley than any other candidate in this race. He’s their puppet.’ ”

As for next year’s election, Baldwin reiterated: “Obama, Hillary, Jeb Bush and Rubio are all part of the same package. The two major parties have manipulated our political system for the last 150 years. The globalists trade Democrats and Republicans back and forth while their agendas continue to be realized.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

5 Comments on GOP Elite Abandoning “Jeb” Bush

  1. I continue to be amazed by how many supposedly traditional conservatives are unable, or perhaps, stubbornly unwilling, to see through the charade of Ted Cruz.

    Cruz is, for starters, a bought and paid for treasonous rat who is totally owned by the State of Israel. Which means, Sheldon Adelson has one of his dog collars wrapped around the neck of Ted Cruz. And, is it even necessary at this point to point out that Sheldon Adelson is obsessed with the Jewish agenda to complete the genocide of White European Americans, preceded, of course, by the reduction of Whites to minority status inside every historic White European nation, and by their permanent subjugation to being ruled over, exploited, financially raped, deprived of their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, and then terrorized by their new, third world non-white majority masters?

    Adelson does not give his money or his support to any candidate unless that politician is on board with the Jewish White Genocide agenda. Ted Cruz is therefore lying through his Cuban teeth—when he makes noises about being opposed to open borders, amnesty, or resettlement of non-white refugees to America. He and his owner, Adelson, have seen how the Trump message has boosted Trump to the top of the heap and I am convinced that Adelson has given Cruz his permission to lie about his true positions so as to snooker the White conservatives who are Trump supporters to believe that Cruz would be a suitable substitute.

    Now, please do not assume that I trust Trump to follow through on his stated positions—if he winds up winning the White House, because I am a hardcore cynic and I’ll believe it when I start to see Trump keeping those promises. But, as far as Cruz is concerned—the guy is an opportunistic con-artist and I do not trust this Israeli stooge at all.

    Cruz in the White House would be a guaranteed war with Iran, and probably Russia, too—because the guy is OWNED by Israel.

  2. Great article. I have not yet found one person who claimed to actually like “Jeb”—not in real life, not online. No conservative, and no leftie.

    One of the greatest things about Trump is his ruthless winnowing out of squish candidates, like Jeb.

    At any rate, Trump has impressive poise and will, I don’t think he has the mental dexterity to actually rule.

    Ted Cruz remains the greatest pick for conservatives.

  3. I think the electorate are smarter than they have ever been. We have learned a great deal about how the media and globalists operate. We know they pick candidates who will do their bidding, that is why Trump is way ahead of everyone. If they would put true polling out about Trump it would be 40%+ but they are polling more Dems in some polls than Repubs. A vote for Rubio, Jeb, Christie, Kasich is a vote for the globalists’ agenda. And by the way, Soros was run out of Russia, and for good reason.
  4. ALL of the ‘candidates,’ republican/democrat are treasonous, traitorous ‘Israel’ firsters. They have EACH, pledged support (MY tax money) and blind loyalty to anti-Christ ‘Israel.’ No matter who is selected, unfortunately, it is business as usual.
  5. Jeb Bush, just like his brother GW Bush, are part of JEW WORLD ORDER, criminals, who should face firing squad. Day will come, and I can’t hardly wait.

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