Was Beheading of U.S. Journalist Staged for War?

AFP examines claims that video of American reporter James Foley being executed was a staged fakery.

By Pete Papaherakles

On August 20, the White House confirmed the authenticity of a gruesome video showing the beheading of American reporter James Wright “Jim” Foley by the terrorist group called Islamic State (IS).

The video shows a black-masked IS militant beheading Foley in retaliation for American airstrikes against the group in Iraq. But some skeptics are calling into question the veracity of the video, saying it may have been staged. Could the fake beheading have simply been a ploy to escalate United States involvement in another war in Iraq?

In a press conference, President Barack Obama said: “We will be vigilant. We will be relentless. . . . When people harm Americans anywhere, we do whatever is necessary to see that justice is done. There has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so that it does not spread.”

IS presents a greater threat to the U.S. than al Qaeda and must be defeated, the Pentagon has said. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel added: “They are tremendously well-funded. This is beyond anything we’ve seen.”

The question of who is funding them remains, since most of the equipment IS received is American made, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Mossad trained some of its leaders. It has also been documented that al Qaeda and IS are one and the same.

On August 25, The Times of London interviewed a video expert, who said that the video of a British jihadist beheading an American hostage was probably a fake. While he did not deny that the killing took place, he said it most likely occurred off camera.

I think it has been staged,” a visual forensics expert, who was not identified, told the Times after scrutinizing the four-minute, 40-second film.


“First, although the masked jihadist can be seen repeatedly drawing the knife [at least six times] across the 40-year-old war reporter’s neck, no actual incisions were visible,” the analyst said. “Similarly, there didn’t appear to be any blood spilling from Foley’s throat, and the sounds he made at the moment of his death didn’t sound right.” A careful listen reveals that the sound is akin to a “baah” sound of a lamb being slaughtered.

The Times also wrote that British intelligence agents were close to identifying the masked extremist who appears in the video holding the knife to Foley’s throat. He is believed to be Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, a 23-year-old London rapper and the son of an Egyptian militant.

But beyond the video likely being staged, a comparison between Foley in the beheading video and previous video footage of Foley in 2011, before his kidnapping, shows differences between the two, say skeptics of the video’s authenticity. The voice and speech pattern is different as are facial features and skin tone. The “new” Foley also has a thicker neck and a fleshier face, they insist.

Skeptics are also concerned by the behavior of the grieving parents at the press conference and the reactions of Foley’s siblings, Kate and Michael, during a television news interview with talking head Katie Couric. While brother Michael seems to be wiping non-existent tears from his eye, just like critics say of President Obama after the Sandy Hook shooting event, sister Kate can’t control her laughter and repeatedly giggles throughout the interview, a strange reaction for one whose brother was ostensibly publicly beheaded only two days earlier. Some insist she is a “crisis actor,” while others insist her behavior is absolutely normal.

UK news website “The Daily Mail” reported that Foley may have been murdered by IS a year ago, citing Syrian President Bashar Assad’s official spokesperson, Bouthaina Shaaban.

“James Foley was first arrested by the Free Syrian Army and he was sold to ISIS,” said Shaaban. “You can check with the UN. . . . James Foley was killed a year ago, not now. They only released the pictures now. We have definite information. The UN has the information.”

In light of this, it appears evident that the beheading was a fake. But there is more.

Obama first ordered airstrikes against IS on August 7 due to a story that 40,000 Christians were stranded on a mountain” in Iraq with no food or water while ISIS waited to kill them if they tried to escape. However, in the September 1 issue of AMERICAN FREE PRESS, former Representative Ron Paul told of how the story was fabricated and that only 2,000 people were on the mountain—most of whom had lived there for years and weren’t looking to be rescued.

Was the Foley “beheading” purportedly done in retaliation for the U.S. airstrikes, another staged event by the CIA and Mossad to give Obama and the neocons an excuse to attack Iraq again and then enter Syria to take out President Assad?

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Pete Papaherakles is a writer and political cartoonist for AFP and is also AFP’s outreach director. Pete is interested in getting AFP writers and editors on the podium at patriotic events. Call him at 202-544-5977 if you know of an event you think AFP should attend.

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  1. I do not believe the U.S. anymore after Bush and the U.S. telling porkey to invade for Satan oil. I wouldn’t pass the U.S. to use fake sh*t to start war…pack of wild dogs…I wouldn’t set foot in the USA. Keep your trouble-making army, navy, whatever out off new Zealand. We don’t want you. You lot got banned from our water in ’85. Stay out you a**holes.
  2. Why are people scary, jb? Because they see I question the authenticity? Oh wow, if that’s scary, I’d hate to know what your definition of the word is. Yikes.

  3. Authenticity of this video is questionable. Especially the fact that these videos were uploaded by Rita Katz. If you don’t know who she is, look her up.

  4. Haven’t commented on these yet and haven’t watched ’em either; sickening!

    But beginning to question it a bit. Is this the 9/11 thing we’re worrying over and to get us to love cops again?

    Thinking maybe.

    However momentum is still in our hands I think, but if more of these keep happening it won’t matter. People will hug pigs again like they did after 9/11.

  5. I can care less about heads being chopped off. Little clue, stay out of the Mideast! If China wants the oil, then let them BLEED for Oil and Israel! Disgusting! Neocons are Satan’s spawn.

  6. The current Galactic alignment and CRUCIFIXION OF OUR SUN set the End Time date for 2019, when Earth will shift poles toward baikal Lake and Central Chile, with massive movement of Earth CRUST!!! Rabbi-Pope, Argentinian (silver=female stargate) Bergoglio (Berg = Mount in Yiddish-German) aka Francisco I, told to public that “he is going to be in the god’s house short, only 2 to 3 years’. We all know that he is the Last(rabbinical) Pope-Petrus Romanus.

    The END TIME and 2019-from David Montaigne, Canada, explains all why and when!!! Galactic Chaos is descending upon mankind, so the Blue & Red Lodges will start Earthly Chaos-as above, so below-nuclear WW3, to “purify” our planet for the next cycle and age of life.

  7. The Sotloff and now the Haines videos of fake beheading were both found by MOSSAD asset Rita Katz, the same one who ‘found’ all those phony Bin Laden videos. Katz is also the one who was caught inserting a screen shot from the game “FALLOUT 3” that showed a nuked DC, which she claimed she ‘found’ on a jihadist forum.

    There’s more, lots more about this Israeli psyops specialist at this blog, “The Yellow Brick Road Free Blog” and well worth reading.

  8. “Buckle Up Boyz,” it’s gonna be a Bumpy Ride!

    Could it be Staged? Well it’s not like Obama doesn’t personally know anyone that could pull this off. I mean after all, what dictator would ever be publicly seen with another Monster in his Machine?

    Obama to Fundraise w/Racist Mexican Director Who Promoted the Murder of Opponents of Illegal Immigration

    Background Search will show Heavy Donations to Caesar. Not to mention, I believe Obama is the 1st U.S President to personally address Dreamworks Studios.

    It doesn’t stop there. Being an Amateur Investigator I can tell you you these other anomalies exists. RIP if it be Foley, but looking at his Still Shots On The Job he was a Thin Man normally. In this video he is very healthy looking, no visible injuries. He was shaven save for his light facial growth….nearly a Goatee. Note the Gitmo Orange Prisoner Wear? Shaggy staged edges….Reminiscent of “Orange is the New Black.” The Background Effects in the Video also come into question as its reminiscent of “Omar Sharif” Desert Films! A Layman wouldn’t take note of the Style of Holster he’s wearing. I’ll leave that clue for those of you that can distinguish. After the murder, a still shot clearly shows “Handcuffs” on Mr. Foley. Suddenly the Style of Roping has Vanished? That’s always been indicative of these Mongrels? In the backdrop you will notice his Footwear. U.S Gitmo Jail Shoes. Go compare them. You may Wet Yourself.

    Point Being ~ America…You …Me…Us…We’re All being manipulated like Fools by this Hypocrisy. Just Today, Figures were released about the Wealthy and Poor Separation in Our Nation. Its Not Good. The Middle Class has declined even More while the Upper 10% has seen an Increase of over 22%! That’s just in the last 3 years SURVEYED!

    Right now America is at a Pinnacle ~…Nay say a Pendulum. They say “Equality in Washington.” What they mean is…We Greedy Pigs are first going to own the Top 50% of The United States Wealth. They have Accomplished this and most People didn’t give it a second thought. Their Next Goal is for the following 25% at which time “We will become a Monarchy”.

  9. Lol lol….you people are ducking scary.

    Is there no tin foil hat conspiracy you WON’T believe?

    Stay in your mother’s basement, Peter.

  10. In gov’t executions, why would they need a powerful man, with a heavy ax to strike powerful blows to the neck (sometimes several times) in order to “behead” a person, and why would the gov’t need a heavy steel or iron blade traveling at the speed of gravity from 40 feet up (i.e. guillotine) to behead a person, if you can do it with a few quick slices with an itty bitty knife without blood on the hands of a person who knows nothing about anatomy?

    And why should we go to war with Syria just because a British citizen “beheads” and kills an Israeli citizen and an American citizen?

    And lastly, if the jihadist wanted to televise their “beheading,” then why didn’t they do it, instead of giving us a mere preview and the later fait accompli, or should I say, “fake” accompli?

    Frankly, it was an obvious and crude hoax.

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