Bigger than the Internet bubble, the housing bubble, and the credit crisis…(Ad)

Dear American Free Press Reader:

If you’re wondering what’s behind the market’s recent (and massive) volatility, then I suggest you check out this report.

But before you do, a quick word of warning…

If history is any guide, then the prediction you’ll find inside the report may be a bitter pill to swallow.

It details a single shocking event that’s JUST NOW starting to play out…

Recent triple digit swings in the stock market, the currency fighting throughout Europe, and hidden fees and taxes popping up in cities and states right here in America… prove that this isn’t some distant far off event.

It’s here. Right now.

If this event moves forward, it will radically change how you look at Wall Street.

It will change what you’ve come to expect from United States government. It’ll cause you to rethink the personal freedoms you’ve been promised from politicians.

And it’ll even change the way you look at generating and maintaining your savings.

I’m well aware that most Americans will deny this event could ever take place…

But know this:

The best selling author behind this prediction is the same man who urged readers to buy gold in early 2000s.

People called him crazy for recommending such a “barbarous relic” at the time. But you know how gold’s performed over the past decade…

Then the mainstream called him crazy in 2004, when he issued the seemingly “insane” warning that the housing market was on thin ice.

But again… you know how that prediction turned out.

It’s his latest prediction, however, that many people find to be the MOST controversial warning he’s ever issued.

With the warning out of the way, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if he’s right or not…

Check out his urgent warning, right here.

Good luck,

Joseph Schriefer

Publisher, Agora Financial