Deep State Conditions Public for War

Deep State Conditioning Us for War with Russia

News flash: It’s America, not Russia, that is the real danger to world peace.

By Paul Craig Roberts

The Russian embassy in Washington has prepared an accurate 121-page report, “The Russiagate Hysteria: A Case of Severe Russophobia.” Everyone should read this report. It documents the fake news, lies, violations of diplomatic standards and international law, and gratuitous aggressive actions taken against Russia during the period beginning May 18, 2016 and continuing through the issuance of the Mueller report.

Without explicitly saying so, the report shows that neither the U.S. government nor the American media has a nanoparticle of integrity. Both are criminal organizations that are willing to risk war with Russia in their pursuit of narrow politicized agendas.

This is important information for Americans and the rest of the world to have. Every person, every government, and every private organization that supports Washington’s Russophobic policies is contributing to the growing threat of nuclear war.

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One hopes also that the entirety of the Russian government, media, and population also read the report, as it has equally powerful messages for Russia. The messages are no doubt unintended, but they nevertheless emerge from the embassy’s report.

The Russian government should marvel at its naivete in trusting Washington, U.S. institutions such as Citibank, and U.S. adherence to international law. For 121 pages the report lists transgression against Russia followed by transgression and lie followed by lie, yet the Russian government continues to send diplomatic notes that are never answered, requests for meetings that are never answered, requests for evidence that are never answered. One would think that month after month of abuse would have caused the Russian government to wonder, where was the intelligence, “cooperative spirit,” reason, and “common interest in global security” that Russia’s responses to Washington assumed were present in Russia’s “partner”?

The Russian government’s naive and gullible response to Washington played into Washington’s hands. By responding to Washington’s orchestrated Russophobia as if it were some kind of mistake based on bad information, the Russian government allowed Washington to keep the process of demonization alive and thereby contributed to the ongoing demonization of Russia. If, instead, the Russian government had denounced the demonization of Russia as Washington’s act of preparing Americans for war with Russia and had taken a belligerent rather than a complaining stance, the realization that Washington’s policy had serious cost would have spread throughout the U.S. and Europe, and voices would have arisen against Washington’s dangerous and reckless policy. Today, in place of the uniformity of voice against Russia, there would be dissent opposing Washington’s irresponsible provocations.

The danger of Russian self-delusion is not over. The embassy’s report expresses the hope that now that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Donald Trump and his campaign has concluded that the much-heralded collusion has no basis in fact, relations between Washington and Russia can be normalized and cooperation achieved.

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There is no such possibility. The Democrats are screaming “coverup” and demanding the resignation of Attorney General Barr and Trump’s impeachment. The presstitutes are claiming that the Mueller report vindicates their reporting.

In addition, Trump continues to use U.S. foreign policy to commit criminal acts. He has declared that the president of Venezuela is the person he picked, not the one Venezuelans elected. He has given to Israel part of Syria as if Syrian territory is his to give. He threatens Iran with war as Israel requires. In other words, American arrogance rises to ever higher heights.

At some point the Russian government and Russian people are going to have to accept the fact that to reach an understanding with Washington Russia must either surrender her sovereignty or become as belligerent as Washington and replace Russia’s useless refutations of Washington’s accusations with accusations of her own. Otherwise, Washington is going to keep pushing until war is the only possible outcome.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury under President Ronald Reagan and was associate editor and columnist at The Wall Street Journal. He has been a professor of economics in six universities and is the author of numerous books available at AFP’s Online Store.

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  1. The way I figure it, the larger the national debt of a nation, the more controlled by the international banking cartel. Ergo, Russia is a much more independent actor than most industrialized nations.

  2. One wonders if there are puppeteers manipulating both sides of this shadow box. Somebody wants war. Deep State. Or Deep International Elites. Someone always profits immensely from war, so maybe we can just follow the money, but the money is everywhere controlled by the few and the few are very good at covering their tracks or pointing to others. Only exposing the liars gives us any hope.

  3. A war with Russia, would be, of course, a civil war, since both countries have the exact same government. Gotta have a bogey-man for the dreadful masses, and play the chess game, though,

  4. Does this fool think that Russia is innocent in all of this? Russia isn’t our friend. They weren’t our friend after the Soviet Union dissolved.They haven’t ever been our friend. russia has forever been working against our and the rest of the worlds interests.Remember that sir.

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