Willis A. Carto, American Patriot, Dead at 89

One of the greatest American patriots, Willis Allison Carto, has peacefully passed away at home on Monday, October 26, 2015, after doing more than any one person, for over five decades, to draw attention to the New World Order.

And there’s no question—as even Carto’s most bitter critics will acknowledge—that Carto has unquestionably been, in the broadest sense, the most influential figure in what generally has been been referred to as “the far right” in America.

Willis A. Carto: An Overview of a Remarkable Career in the Global Public Arena

Long at the forefront of the Nationalist movement in the United States and the historical Revision­ist movement (both in the U.S. and worldwide), Willis Allison Carto was born on July 17, 1926, in Fort Wayne, Indiana and raised in Ohio, where the young Carto developed an early interest in journalism.

After graduation from high school in 1944, he went into the Army. In his own retrospective words, Carto’s efforts in the military were “to fight for the glorious democracy of my country, the survival of Soviet communism, a third and fourth term for Roosevelt, a chance to kill Germans by the thousands as desired by Churchill, Eisenhower and the Zionists, part of Palestine for them as a bonus, vast riches for the bankers and war suppliers, coffin makers and flag makers.”

He earned a Purple Heart when he received a memento from a Japanese infantryman on Cebu Island in the Philippines on May 5, 1945. Carto carries the scars of that wound to this day.

In 1953, with Aldrich Blake, he founded Liberty & Property, Inc. and published the first edition of seven which followed of the First National Directory of “Rightist” Groups, and Organizations in the United States and Some Foreign Countries. From 1955 until 1960, under the venue of Liberty and Property, in 1955, Carto published Right, a monthly newsletter that pioneered new thinking within the historic America First movement.

From 1954 to 1958 Carto was active in the Congress of Freedom, serving as its secretary and as a member of the board of directors. This was one of a variety of grassroots populist and nationalist organizations that Carto cooperated with in the earliest days of his career.

In 1955, Carto laid the groundwork for the establishment of Liberty Lobby, the Washington, D.C.-based populist institution, when he established the lobby’s research department in the nation’s capital.

In 1956 Carto confounded the increasingly influential liberal-internationalist wing of the Republican Party when he established a Conservative Republican Headquarters at the Republican National Convention in San Francisco, from which he distributed some 100,000 pieces of literature, including, most notably, a controversial and provocative circular entitled “Ike Renominated In Spite of His Red Record.”

From 1957 through 1961, Carto was a member of the national advisory board of We, The People.

In 1960, with Liberty Lobby now operating on a full-time basis in Washington, Carto launched publication of Liberty Lobby’s official newsletter, Liberty Letter.

Colonel Curtis B. Dall, the former son-in-law of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (and an outspoken critic of FDR’s policies), signed on as chairman of Liberty Lobby’s Board of Policy, the populist institution’s formal membership organization.

In 1964 Carto launched a historical and cultural journal, Western Destiny magazine, which he published until 1966, at which time he merged that journal with the prestigious American Mercury magazine (founded by American iconoclast H.L. Mencken) of which Carto assumed ownership in 1966.

From August 15, 1965 through September 15, 1976, Carto published and edited The Washington Observer newsletter, which reported “inside” news on scandals and other intrigues ignored by the “mainstream” media in America.

During the mid-1960’s Liberty Lobby’s base of support expanded exponentially and Liberty Lobby emerged, beyond question, as the largest independent American populist and nationalist institution, unique for its stand against counterproductive American meddling abroad. In 1975 Carto began publication of Liberty Lobby’s weekly newspaper, The Spotlight, which reached considerably more than a million readers at its zenith. Some 1,350 weekly issues were published over a period of 26 years.

In 1979 he founded the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) and launched the scholarly Journal of Historical Review (of which 48 quarterly issues were published until 1993). He also organized the first International Revisionist Conference in Los Angeles, followed by 10 others. The first issue of the monthly IHR Newsletter was published in January 1981, followed by 90 others until late 1993.

In 1994 Carto founded The Barnes Review, a bimonthly magazine of authentic history, of which he is the publisher and editor.

In 2001, in collaboration with the former staffers from Liberty Lobby, Carto began publication of the AMERICAN FREE PRESS, a weekly newspaper in the populist mode of The Spotlight.

Throughout his career, he has published over 200 titles of books dealing with different subjects, notably his own work, Populism vs. Plutocracy: The Universal Struggle, an historical overview of the populist movement in the United States.

PopulismPlutocracyHardcover, 290 pages


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A wide-ranging selection of Carto’s representative works appears in the book, An Appeal to Reason, assembled by Michael Collins Piper who has been closely associated with Carto since first coming to work for Liberty Lobby in 1980.

AppealToReasonRSSoftcover, 304 pages


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Also included as a special appendix in this volume is an overview of the amazing array of publications Carto has sponsored throughout his career as well as a gallery of some of Carto’s diverse friends and associates with whom he’s worked over the decades.

The idea for publication of this collection of Carto’s own writings originated with Matthias Chang, a Malaysian barrister of Chinese Catholic descent who—from abroad—admired Carto’s longtime contributions to the discussion of international affairs.

Carto lived in Virginia in the company of an extraordinarily large dog. Several cats, previously in residence, are now deceased.

WillisCartoAmericanFarRightRSHardcover, dust jacket, 341 pages, exclusive photos

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23 Comments on Willis A. Carto, American Patriot, Dead at 89

  1. To Interracial love:

    Isn’t it interesting how most anti-racists are powered by atheistic Talmudic Judaism, which is an outright racist ideology.

    Remember what Martin Heidegger said about this mindset?

    The Jews, with their marked gift for calculating, live, already for the longest time, according to the principle of race, which is why they are resisting its consistent application with utmost violence.

    So, why should a real race, the Europeans, the Asians, the Africans, et al, not live according to its biological imperatives?

    There are basic innate human principles that cannot be destroyed, modified, yes, but not destroyed. Such modification occurs through re-education programs. But anyone with any sense of an historical perspective soon realizes that which is today hailed as new development is nothing but a human characteristic dished up with extra spice—but essentially it is nothing new.

    So, Interracial Love, your contribution tells me more about your own personal dilemma that you chose for yourself or was chose by others for you and you need to clarify for yourself what it is that you don’t like about yourself.

  2. Rest in peace dear Mr. Carto. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet him at Project Freedom USA last year and to thank him for his thoughts, courage, and publications since I discovered them in 1989 (“The Spotlight,” etc.) which have been seminal in forming my world view ever after. He spoke the truth, which over the years has been clearly born-out in right and correct counterpoint to what the controlled press obfuscates and poo-poohs as non-significant or does NOT report at all.

    Accordingly, I fear not for where Mr. Carto has passed on to because God loves the truth and those who stand for it, does He not? May we all follow his example and have courage and conviction, – see a lie, – EXPOSE IT!


    Vincent Mineo

  3. Rest in Peace, Mr. Carto. I was fortunate to know Mr. Carto, and I really admire him.

    The amount and variety of important, censored info that has been researched and published thanks to Mr. Carto is mind-boggling. He did the world a great service. Suppressed truth about Zionism, truth about the Federal Reserve, about Big Pharma, the injustice of war and so much more, are such important topics that people need to know about so that we can make informed decisions, not blindly follow corrupt leaders.

    Mr. Carto was a great man. RIP.

  4. We in our “community,” for the most part, know those individuals that we admire, trust, or tend to trust. Some, like the great Willis Allison Carto, and Michael Collins Piper, I have only most briefly been fortunate to have met. While many others, I have never met, and probably never will. But WE know them by their writings, their various forms of output (DVDs, Internet presence and so forth).

    But what I most love about Willis, is that he appears to have done what I sorely regret never to have been able to do, though I often thought about it, and when possible communicated the suggestion to others. Willis did much on his own, but he MOST IMPORTANTLY, knew that he could not do it all, for any number of reasons. So, he cultivated others. Brought them together. Introduced them to each other! THIS IS HOW YOU GET THINGS DONE!

    And all of those that I hinted at or named, SHOULD do likewise! You can still do your own “stuff,” but what happens when YOU are gone?: Dissolution. Dispersal. All that work for nothing!

    I have known two great minds in Maryland and sadly, they have done to perpetuate what they began. For example: Why WRITE a book and yet never market it? That is stupid!

    So, those of you that I am referring to, DO NOT FAIL to make copies of yourselves, so to speak.

    Last, but not least: The verminous bastards, our Enemies—keep a very close watch on them, demolish them whenever possible, and with Knowledge make yourselves immune and ignore them. Do not shut up for Fear of the Jews and their (temporary!) race-weapons allies.

  5. It has been an honor and a privilege to have had some contact with Willis and his publications over the last 40 plus years. Nobody has done more to promote historical truth and justice than he did. I last spoke with him about 2 years ago when he wondered why I was slowing down at age 64 while he was still going strong at age 87. All I could say was that I hoped that I could keep going as long as he had! He was certainly greatly helpful to my little efforts over the years. All my condolences to his wife and relatives. We will not see his like again.
  6. I hadn’t known he’d published so much. It’s a tragedy that nobody subsidized him so he (and the writers) weren’t dependent on sales; this must have cut back his influence. And it’s a pity Internet arrived so late in his life; his YouTube presence for example is small and not impressive. Also of course he showed the influence of the propaganda of his time: his comments e.g. on ‘communism’ don’t seem to me to separate out the ‘Jewish’ component. Sigh. I wish some rich pop star, or government (like Norway’s) flush with cash, or an educational outfit that takes education seriously, could slip money to such people.
  7. The negative outbursts make me laugh. Not just the ones on here, but everywhere, especially from “nationalists.” Its a bit like the 5’5″ accountant overcompensating by buying the biggest truck he can find and taking up three spaces at the Walmart.

    These kinds of poorly-written, pathetic examples of over-compensation for a life saturated with self-hatred and delusions of a consequential future might work on occasion to keep us feeling better about our own lives, but otherwise, it just makes us sad.

    On the other hand, Willis built not one, but several publishing empires, dozens of journals both popular and scholarly, along with conferences, think-tanks, translation projects, and organizations that make all others on the right seem pitifully ineffective.

    Once the system thought they finished him off with death threats, two bankruptcies, slander, betrayal, evictions and assault, WAC, at 80, founded the American Free Press, cultivated another dozen authors, published another million books and and built another set of offices and institutions.

    For those disability-check scammers trying to attack Willis, your problem is that WAC trained an army of writers, polemicists, debaters, hecklers, reporters, and publishers that will make short work of you and the other keyboard bed-wetters. Carto dead? Nope. He’s re-spawned about 1,000 tougher and more tenacious than he.

    Now go beg reassurance from the decade-old corpse of your mother you keep propped up in the corner of your basement.

  8. Seeing some of the hateful comments directed at a man who is not able to defend himself is pretty much the staple of those who hate the white race.

    What we need to do is to take all of the white inventions, contributions and appliances away from these sophists with their vapid platitudes, round them up, strip them naked, and drop them off in the darkest part of Africa.

    I never met Willis, but he was a man dedicated to his cause. He was unselfish in that dedication, and a fighter for what is right.

    I salute Willis Carto. And if someone doesn’t like that, they know where they can find me, just Google me and eat dung you lowlifes.

  9. It’s also great to see you have your adds in with your eulogy. Got to keep the money coming in, right boys!
  10. Gee, John Friend. You are such a kiss-ass. I remember when he fired you for interviewing James Fetzer and as he was throwing tomatoes at you, you were saying how much you’ve learned from him.

    And to AFP. Gee, there’s nothing like telling yourself how great you are! Why don’t you let other people do it if he was really that great. My best guess is that he was always controlled opposition as was MC Bernard (Jew) Piper.

  11. With respect to Steven’s comments:

    If you expressed only white racial pride there would be many people who might consider your statements to be reasonable.

    However, when any person chooses to use a well-known racial slur to describe an entire category of human beings—that reveals something much different than merely pride in one’s own racial background.

    Willis Carto routinely wrote personal letters in which he used the terms “nigger” “kike” and comparable language. He did that not express any “pride.” He did it to express hatred, disgust, contempt, and revulsion—which is also what his publications and associations reflect.

  12. Interracial Love’s comment may seem over-the-top to some people and probably just the mad rantings of a troll trying to get a jolt out of other commenters. It’s not. These crazed maniacs are running amok all over like mad right now as they lose control of the narrative they have been spitting out for the last 50 years.

    The fact is that lunatics like Interracial Love are running all over the place, especially in positions of power and influence where they are causing maximum damage. But though the Jew’s money is funding them, their numbers are falling so fast that they think third world immigration is the magic key that will swell their dying movement. It has instead, awakened the sleeping giant, and the giant is very, very angry.

    The bad news for them is that more and more people are awakening to the poison of cultural Marxism and that SJWs are a joke and a pariah.

    Interracial Love, here’s a fact that will send shivers down your reptilian back: Our numbers are growing and you lefties are losing your grip, a great backlash is forming, not just here in America, but across the western world.

    Here’s the real scary part for full-blown murderous loons like Interracial Love: the pendulum is swinging hard in the other direction. Bolshies like you will be hiding back under rocks or in sewers again because your toxic BS is not going to fly in public for much longer; and if you are stupid enough to spout it off in public, you will be clubbed like harp seals.

  13. Steven:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    It’s safe to say we all miss Mike, but the video leaves out vital information on how the episode unfolded the way it did.

    Sadly there was not enough time to undo what was done.

  14. For now, interracial love, you’ll just have to deal with people who don’t agree with you have the right to choose whom they associate with. You may have to wait longer since there are more people who don’t believe in race mixing that are young.

    The hate in your comment only proves what I have long thought; the anti-white liberals, Jews, progressives, democrats, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Indians, Arabs, etc., are more racist and hateful than any white person could ever be.

    I do hope you learn to like yourself and stop blaming others for your failures. And passing anti-hate laws never works and will only generate hate for those who push for this type of legislation that deny anyone’s right for freedom of association.

  15. Sorry to hear about the loss of a great man. I hope that the AFP and Barnes Review continue to be available for all interested in true history even if that version of history hurts.

    As evident by the last post anyone who is white and expresses racial pride is labeled a racist. Never mind the fact that all other races are allowed to express the same views without any objection from those hypocrites.

    MCP did explain what happened between he and Willis and Willis’s wife. It wasn’t as simple as it was explained here. You can find those at the ugly truth I think. Here is a YouTube video, which is a little over 3 minutes long, where Mike explains.

  16. I am so glad this racist ba*tard is dead. Good riddance! Death is an EOE. I hope this racist, evil ba*tard is burning in hell.

    I will be so happy when old these old evil racists finally all die off.

  17. God bless Willis Carto. Willis was a huge inspiration in my life, and I have nothing but respect for him and his legacy. RIP sir.

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