Gun Rally Negates Leftist Propaganda

Tens of thousands of people rallied for gun rights last week in Richmond, Va.—and not a single person was gunned down by a “racist.”

By Paul T. Angel

On Monday, Jan. 20, tens of thousands of peaceful pro-Second Amendment activists descended on the state capitol in Richmond, Va. in a powerful statement directed at Democrat Gov. Ralph “Nutjob” Northam, who had months earlier threatened the law-abiding citizens of Virginia with a door-to-door gun confiscation using National Guard troops. And here’s the shocker (at least to leftists anyway): Not a single shot was fired and not one person was gunned down by a crazed white supremacist.

This must have infuriated the new Democratic government of the Old Dominion and Virginia’s Viceroy of Victimhood, as Northam had declared a state of emergency after “credible threats” emerged that one “neo-Nazi” group, “The Base,” planned to attack and kill any antifa members it came across. All of this was nothing but pathetic propaganda. Turns out the group had already been infiltrated by the FBI weeks earlier—and the minute we hear that, we smell a setup. One former FBI agent has alleged the group was “more dangerous than ISIS.” That’s laughable, as ISIS itself is a creation of the U.S. government, just like The Base may very well be. Those arrested looked more like teen-aged posterboys for pimple cream than they did dangerous terrorists—and, by the way, no members of antifa even showed up. This happens nearly every time leftist terrorists hear that anyone but helpless citizens will be anywhere in attendance.

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In sharp contrast to the hooliganism of antifa—in which shop windows are routinely smashed, businesses vandalized, cars set ablaze, and innocent civilians attacked—people in Richmond said the city streets were actually left cleaner than before the massive rally, the thoroughfares having been cleaned of trash by the gun-rights marchers. Never before has this writer been so proud to be a Virginian.

On another note, Kyle Jurek, a campaign staffer for socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has been recorded threatening that American cities will be set ablaze if Donald Trump is reelected. Others affiliated with Sanders, according to Project Veritas, have called for “gulags” for non-conformists (conservatives), “violence against free speech,” and “attacks against policemen.”

Our suggestion? Rotten Ralph should declare a state of emergency and shut down any scheduled Bernie Sanders rallies in this fine state to prevent possibly thousands of innocent people being massacred and/or sent to death camps by the senator’s obviously unhinged neo-Bolshevik supporters. (Well, I have to admit, that last bit is propaganda, but I learned it from the left.)