Opening the Gates of Hell

• Obama immigration policy unleashes possible national apocalypse.

By Michael Collins Piper —

Once again, Congress—and the Obama administration—seem unable to act in the face of a major crisis largely of their own making. The very real (although officially unspoken) fight over who can best appease the presumed interests of America’s ever-growing bloc of Hispanic voters has taken first place, ahead of America’s economic and national security interests.

With only a few exceptions—those who say in no uncertain terms simply, “Send them home”—Democrats and Republicans alike are stymied on how to deal with the flood of illegal aliens—mostly unaccompanied youngsters—now pouring in through the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, the latest in the continuing drama of illegal immigration. Estimates range from 11 million to 30 million already within our borders.


Hundreds of thousands are said to have crossed in the past several months and more are now believed to be coming north, provoked by rumors spreading throughout poverty-stricken, crime-ridden countries in Central America claiming the United States has eased immigration restrictions for young people.

In fact, these rumors are largely founded on the fact Barack Obama used the presidential power of executive order to ease citizenship rules for young people already in this country illegally, brought here as children by their parents. Obama effectively made law provisions of the so-called DREAM Act, which is stalled in Congress because there are enough Republican critics of untrammeled immigration who have stood up to the pressure to pass the measure.

Now Obama wants $3.7 billion in emergency funds from Congress to deal with the crisis, which would include deploying more Border Patrol agents to round up and—presumably—deport the aliens. While this sounds good, there are those who note the handling of these illegals will require housing and feeding them at existing U.S. facilities, as well as building more detention centers and hiring more officials involved in the processing—an expensive bureaucratic nightmare.

The ongoing illegal immigration crisis has already cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of jobs. There is a simple solution, though.

No-holds-barred defenders of U.S. sovereignty and the interests of American taxpayers should say: Just send them home. Nonetheless, Democrats and those Republicans who are more concerned with how Hispanic-surnamed voters in America may feel about the matter continue to bicker, and the crisis just keeps getting worse.

Michael Collins Piper

Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

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  1. They’re all bought off. They see the end in sight and want to make as much as possible right now. The Mexican cartels buy them off. Obama buys them off. The Muslims buy them off. The Jews buy them off. They’re all for sale and will vote any way you want if you can afford it. They’ll sell us down the river faster than they can say “show me the cash.”

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