Was Iconic Image of Showdown Between Healthworkers and Protesters in Denver Staged?

By AFP Staff

On April 19, a Facebook user posted images of a freedom protest in Denver, where dozens of Coloradoans gathered to demonstrate against the often arbitrary government-mandated lockdowns and shutdowns taking place across the country. During that protest, a woman with a sign that reads “Land of the Free” in an SUV can be seen in a showdown with a man and a woman in medical scrubs wearing a mask. Left-wing news outlets and commentary websites were quick to cash in on the image, claiming it showed the ignorance and arrogance of protesters compared with medical professionals, who are risking their own lives while working tirelessly to help the tens of thousands of sick Americans around the U.S. Now, some are wondering if that image is too good to be true.

UK tabloid “Daily Mail” reported on April 20, “Nurses clashed with anti-lockdown protesters in Colorado Sunday, defiantly standing in front of the cars of demonstrators who flocked to the Capitol in their hundreds to protest  against the state’s stay-at-home orders. . . . But the protesters’ efforts weren’t met without resistance. A group of healthcare workers stood in the street to counter-protest the calls for re-opening, silently obstructing cars as they drove down towards the Capitol.”

The problem is, no one has been able to identify who the man and woman is scrubs is or if they really are “nurses,” as media outlets claimed. They just assumed these two individuals were not donning medical outfits in order to make a show of themselves and garner media sympathy.

Why does it matter if the individuals dressed as nurses were not actually nurses?

Liberal news outlets have been highly critical of politicians and protesters wearing masks out in public while personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and scrubs are being rationed in medical facilities, but none of these agencies and individuals have been critical of the man and woman needlessly dressed in medical scrubs and wearing masks while blocking traffic during the protests.

It is also a matter of credibility. Most Americans no longer trust the mainstream news media because they regularly lie to relate a certain narrative that only fits their narrow view.

A local CBS New affiliate, which talked to and named multiple protesters, also just assumed the man and woman were actually healthcare workers.

“During the protest, some health care workers, donned in medical scrubs, tried to put faces to that belief by standing in the crosswalk of a nearby side street during red lights,” was all CBS, which was on the scene, reported.


Nourishing Diets, Morell


Protesters were not having any of this, though.

A video posted online showed a woman with the sign “Land of the Free” yelling at the man in the nurse’s outfit.

“This is a free country. Land of the free,” she yelled at him while waving her sign. “Go to China if you want communism. Go to China.”

Among other things, protesters were demonstrating against the seemingly arbitrary nature of the lockdown orders from government.

“Pot shops are open, abortion clinics are open, and my church is closed,” one protester who said her name is Mary Conley told The Denver Post.

Another woman at the protest in Denver said she was worried about her family and how they could survive financially during these times.

“My brother owns a small business and I live with him and he’s ready to shut the doors and he has no money coming in,” protester Cari Waldrop told a local Denver CBS News affiliate. “What are we to do?”

The protest in Denver mirrored dozens across the United States, including small gatherings in Austen, Tex., Annapolis, Md., Richmond, Va., and Washington, D.C.