Israeli Firm Helps Rig Election for Mass Murderer in Zimbabwe

By Bill White

Zimbabwe, the nation formerly known as Rhodesia, is broke. Inflation is rampant, there are no jobs and the former breadbasket of Africa requires food aid to prevent starvation.

Yet somehow its ruler, Robert Mugabe, managed to cling to power in elections held over the summer, with his political party taking 61% of the vote. Fraud was rampant, and the London The Independent newspaper has now revealed how he did it—Mugabe hired Zionists to fix the ballot boxes.

This was daylight robbery, Ian Birrell recently wrote. “The election was basically stolen.”

Zimbabwe is a major diamond producer, and the Zionists are major traders in diamonds, diamonds that are increasingly mined by Chinese firms. So according to Birrell, a “shadowy Israeli company” received over $14 million to keep their man Mugabe in power.


One major tactic seems to be false voter rolls. As many as 1 million of the votes cast were from individuals known to be dead, 838,000 voters voted twice, 350,000 voters were over 85-years-old and 109,000 of them were over 100-years-old and one was 135-years-old. Overall, 2,188,000 of the votes cast, or more than half, appear to have been fabricated by the company, which bought false IDs and bused Mugabe voters in from around the country.

Even worse, some of the $14 million didn’t even come from Mugabe himself, but from a special Chinese grant. While Mugabe is nationalizing foreign companies, Chinese firms have been exempted from the requirement that 51% of their shares be owned by black Zimbabweans. Further, the Chinese government has supplied and organized Mugabe’s secret police, the Central Intelligence Organization.

Mugabe came to power in 1980 when Rhodesian prime minister Ian Smith capitulated to a capitalist-communist alliance which had imposed sanctions on Rhodesia and supported Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front, ZANU-PF. Financed by Nicholas Van Hoogstraten, a Dutch speculator, Mugabe imposed communism and racial terror, first exterminating 80,000 black members of the rival Matabele tribe, then slaughtering approximately 25,000 mixed-breed mulattoes, then dispossessing and driving out Rhodesia’s white population of 290,000. He has remained in power through Chinese and Zionist support.

Despite Mugabe’s tyranny, racial genocide and dictatorial oppression of his own people, Western nations have neither sanctioned nor toppled him. Now, despite the bankruptcy of his own nation, Mugabe has begun financing a genocidal anti-white movement in South Africa called the Economic Freedom Fighters, organized by former African National Congress Youth Leader Julius Malema.

After the election, rather than revolt, Mugabe opponent Morgan Tsvangarai capitulated and accepted a junior position in the government.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine.