FBI Creates Terror

By Michael Collins Piper —

An explosive 214-page investigative analysis from the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) confirms precisely what this newspaper has reported for years. In the words of HRW’s Andrea Prasow: “Americans have been told that their government is keeping them safe by preventing and prosecuting terrorism inside the U.S. But take a closer look and you realize that many of these people would never have committed a crime if not for law enforcement encouraging, pressuring and sometimes paying them to commit terrorist acts.”

Charging United States terrorism prosecutions are “often an illusion,” HRW notes that while there have been some 500 counterterrorism cases investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and prosecuted by the Justice Department since the September 11 tragedy, nearly 50% of those have resulted from informant-based situations in which “almost 30% of those cases were sting operations in which the informant played an active role in the underlying plot.”


Although HRW acknowledges many FBI inquiries had properly targeted individuals actually planning or financing terrorist attacks, “many other [FBI operations] have targeted individuals who do not appear to have been involved in terrorist plotting or financing at the time the government began to investigate them.”

In fact, HRW pointed out: “In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by conducting sting operations that facilitated or invited the target’s willingness to act.”

HRW found that, “at times, in aggressively pursuing terrorism threats before they even materialize, U.S. law enforcement overstepped its role by effectively participating in developing terrorism plots—in at least two cases even offering the defendants money to entice them to participate in the plot.”

According to HRW, federal authorities “aggressively sought out terrorism suspects, sometimes before the individual concerned [had] expressed any intention to use violence,” and that “individuals who perhaps would never have participated in a terrorist act on their own initiative and might not even had the capacity to do so,were prosecuted for serious, yet government-created, terrorism plots.”

Since the September 11 attacks, AMERICAN FREE PRESS has covered this issue extensively. For more on AFP’s previous coverage of this matter see articles written by AFP writer Bill White in the April 16, 2012, March 26, 2012, December 5 & 12, 2011 and November 14, 2011 editions as well as a series of articles on phony terrorism probes by writers Richard Walker, Keith Johnson and this writer.

Michael Collins Piper

Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

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  1. Further to the above:
    There HAD been a Prosecution Witness against us. He was John Tuttle, a small-time criminal from Boston whose brother was facing charges for killing two women (one a nun) by running over them with his car.
    While in Chicago, Tuttle kept Agent Buckley busy “springing” him from police lock-ups across the city, mostly for drunken driving, but also for breaking the noses of two women; one in a fight over rent, and the other against the windshield of a car he was driving.
    When, in Case US91CR911, Judge Lindberg ordered Agent Buckley to produce his witness; Buckley replied, “Your Honor; the last I heard from Tuttle was a phone call from him in a Minneapolis police station after crashing a car he had stolen in Chicago.”

    Also regarding MI5/FBI Agent Buckley. In the Dublin frame-up trial of Michael McKevitt, life-long criminal (according to a NY State Police Affidavit)David Rupert voluntarily testified that during their 1994 to 15Aug98 period in Ireland that Buckley left him alone there to fly to the Atlanta Olympics bombing murder site. So it was Agent Buckley and FBI colleagues who performed his specialty there, too. As Buckley had done in Chicago, Winnetka, and Omagh, he got the news media to blame that Atlanta murder on yet another innocent; the Security Guard Richard Jewell.

  2. All Americans ought to be deeply grateful to AFP and M.C. Piper for exposing examples of FBI crime. However the cases cited involved foolish complicity by the FBI-targeted persons.
    The Warning: In my cases and that of my wife, the FBI did not charge us with with anything we did or said; they fabricated everything. Before the FBI crime spree began, FBI Agent Joseph Doyle urgently informed my wife and me that MI5 had bribed and subverted some of his FBI colleagues. I replied; “Joe: you’re in the FBI, we’re not. What are YOU doing to stop those crimes?” When, despite his Oath of Office, he said he couldn’t do anything, that “It is all happening over my head.” we couldn’t believe him and I changed the subject.
    Triple Murder: A few weeks later high-schooler David Biro, using FBI Agent Lewis’ gun, murdered the Langert family. That afternoon the Winnetka, IL police met and listed all suspects; a list with only “David Biro” on it. FBI Agent arrived the next day and prohibited the police from pursuing Biro, and framed me for that triple murder.
    Ultimately, Biro saved me by blabbing through his FBI cover into Life Without Parole.
    Case US91CR911: The day that Biro was convicted, Agent Buckley incarcerated my wife, two others, and me in Chicago’s Federal Jail and tried to imprison us for the rest of our lives on a completely different set of equally bogus charges. It took us a fortune and fifteen months of litigation, but eventually, on 15Jan1993, US Prosecutor James Fleissner was forced to plead Judge George Lindberg to be allowed to abandon all charges against all four of us and our nightmare was over. What forced Fleissner to abandon all charges was scientific proof that the only evidence against us, an FBI audiotape, was a criminal fabrication.
    The following year (1994)MI5 ordered FBI Agent Buckley to operate in Ireland against the IRA where he remained until “mission accomplished” on 15Aug1998 upon the murder of 29 innocents in Omagh to be blamed, as he did the Langert murders, on the IRA.
    It turns out that all of these FBI crimes for MI5 were required to drive home the Good Friday Agreement that surrendered to Britain Ireland’s contested Six Counties. Sovereignty over that territory was Britain’s price for making its army available to the Neo-Cons’ then-planned wars in the Middle East.
    Feel free to challenge me to provide evidence of any of the above.

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