Exodus of Illegals Good for Economy

• But U.S. government refuses to admit illegal alien flight is actually happening.

By Bill White —

Almost one million illegal immigrants, 8.2% of America’s peak illegal immigrant population, have left the United States since the banking structure collapsed the economy in 2008.

But not only have American governing institutions like the U.S. Census Bureau continued to project nonwhite demographic growth, publications like The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) have begun publishing false and misleading economic figures to demand the renewed degeneration of mainstream American society.

Since 2008, Arizona has driven out 200,000 illegal immigrants, some into Mexico and some into other U.S. states, 40% of its peak illegal population of 500,000. But its population figure of 6.7 million continues to grow, as USCB projections ignore the changing assumptions and actual head counts. In reality, the Arizona economy is doing well with renewed job growth and prosperity being seen among white workers.

“Even if the size of the state’s GDP decreased, the decrease in immigration redistributed income from employers to employees, particularly at the bottom of the labor market,” said Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Arizona has barred illegal immigrants from receiving government benefits, hospital care, drivers licenses, and college education, while prohibiting them from receiving some damages in legal actions. As a result, many left the state. Illegal immigrants WSJ found hanging around a local Home Depot parking lot claimed that they couldn’t find jobs.

But immigrant-friendly states like California and New York have also seen widespread immigrant flight. Some 12.5% of California’s illegal population and 25% of New York’s illegal population have also left. Many went to Texas, one of the few states to see a growth of illegals, at 6.5%.


What Arizona is seeing happen as a result of shedding its largely parasitical illegal population is what nations like Japan have seen. A population shrinking less quickly than its shrinking GDP will see an increasing standard of living.

In Arizona, for example, its population should have shrunk about 3%—though due to the fantastic nature of government figures, this cannot be confirmed. Meanwhile, wages for low-income white workers increased 6% even in the worst years studied, 2008 to 2009. Farm owners say that they are increasing wages over 50% to accommodate the changes.

Rob Knarr, a farmer contacted by WSJ, said that he fired illegal aliens, who were willing to work for $13, and hired white workers at $20 an hour to operate harvest machines. Though Knarr only planted 120 acres of peppers instead of 550 acres, the price of commodities didn’t increase nationwide; in fact, consumer food price inflation is almost zero.

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Knarr added that he sleeps better having legal citizens working for him.

“I don’t have to go to bed and worry about whether harvesting crews will show up,” he said.

Landscape and construction jobs have also seen wages increase. Average industry wages are now at $14.60 an hour, almost a living wage, as opposed to $10 an hour eight years ago. Meanwhile, real-estate prices have fallen 44% from their peak, as the U.S. economy continues to deteriorate. Some of the price drop, especially in the Southwest, has been attributed to illegal aliens heading home.

“Where did everybody go?” one real estate agent, who used to specialize in selling homes to illegals, asked WSJ.

Of course, visibly empty illegal neighborhoods find no reflection in statistical lies. While 11 million has been “the” number for illegals in the U.S. for 15 years, the Center for Migration Research revised the historical number upwards to 12 million to claim 11 million illegals are still in this country.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. Bill is also the author of a new book entitled National Socialism: Yesterday & Today. Proceeds go to White’s legal defense fund

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  1. Every country feels entitled to protest USA immigration policies and therefore its sovereignty. And so far no one in the regular media or alternative media questions Mexico’s immigration policies. Mexico has much tougher immigration laws than the USA, the Mexican constitution DENIES all protection and privileges to legal and illegal aliens. In Mexico aliens can not obtain work permits, driver licenses, own property, sue in court, go to public schools or universities. And many blacks in America that have been pushed out of the skilled, semi-skilled, blue collar jobs, either ignore or overlooked the fact that in the Southern Atlantic coast Mexican states JIM CROW is still the unofficial LAW of the land. In these OIL rich southern states blacks live in abject, cruel poverty. The revenues and profits from oil stays within a few Christian, Spanish aristocrats, the traditional landed gentry their descendants. By the way, Mexico DOES not take in ANY refugees from anywhere, ever, in order to PRESERVE their Mexicanness socio-cultural hegemony.

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