How I Learned the Truth About War

• Former Marine discusses how he came to realize the true purpose of foreign intervention

By John Friend

Angelo John Gage was just 17-years-old when he committed to joining the United States Marine Corps shortly after the 9-11 attacks. Now, more than 12 years after serving in the elite military unit and completing two tours in Iraq, he is speaking out in a major way against the “Global War on Terror,” the outrageous racial hypocrisy and double standards on display in the mainstream mass media and political establishment, and a number of other important subjects Americans are rarely exposed to.

Mr. Gage, like countless other patriotic Americans who joined the military in response to the attacks of 9-11, felt he was doing the right thing by joining the Marine Corps, seeking to protect and defend the nation he loves. After investigating many of the inconsistencies and fabrications relating to the official narrative explaining the events of 9-11, and critically analyzing the fraudulent nature of the Global War on Terror, Mr. Gage quickly realized how unjust, immoral, and destructive the wars the American military was—and remains—engaged in truly were.

“Most of us changed our views of the war after we returned home and got to see the lies decimated on television; that there was no weapons of mass destruction and there was no links to the supposed ‘terrorists’ who attacked us,” Mr. Gage explained to this reporter. “Everything I have ever learned was a complete lie.”

After completing his service with the Marine Corps, Mr. Gage began a seven-year journey to find out exactly what he had been lied to about and by whom.

“I came to the realization that Zionists run America, and have instigated and benefited from the Global War on Terror that thousands of Americans have fought and died in, not to mention the millions of innocent Iraqis, Afghans, and other Islamic peoples killed as a result of the wars America has prosecuted.”

Mr. Gage identified a number of problems presently confronting patriotic Americans concerned with the future of their nation, foremost among them “the media and its power to crush opposition with its hypocritical labels,” he stated.

“It is also the school system, banking systems, and just about every single system out there that makes sure it has a tight watch on us, by brainwashing us to police ourselves and make sure everything is ‘kosher’ and in order.”

The role of the Internet and social media in allowing Americans to express themselves and raise awareness of critical issues important to them is often overlooked. Mr. Gage made a number of YouTube videos recently addressing a variety of subjects, one of which has already received almost 10,000 views as of this writing.

“It is the only thing that allows us to still fight; without it, I think we have no chance,” Mr. Gage said, referring to the Internet and social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, and Twitter. “It is one of the most important weapons we have to fight against this global tyranny because within seconds we can post years of research and videos” for millions of people to view and contemplate.

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John Friend is a writer who lives in California.

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