Who’s to Blame for the State of Many Black Communities?

By Bill White

United States Attorney General Eric Holder made one thing very clear when he visited Ferguson, Missouri in early September: All that military equipment the government has been handing out for free to local police is to be used only on white folks.

As mobs of angry, poor blacks hurled Molotov cocktails at police and burned businesses, President Barack Hussein Obama and Holder intervened to stop Ferguson police from controlling crowds and made them face armed mobs unarmed and unarmored.

The disorder began after 18-year-old Michael Brown robbed a local convenience store and then was stopped by Ferguson police while wandering around through traffic. Brown tried to grab the sidearm of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who then shot and killed Brown. An unnamed witness has alleged that the fight for the gun had stopped and that Brown was trying to surrender when Wilson shot him, though the police say that Brown moved aggressively toward Wilson, which forced him to use deadly force on Brown.


The riots were the latest nonsense coming out of black communities, which have spent the past decade marching, looting and killing over the “right” of young black men to assault, rob and murder. This trend in the civil rights industry began in 2006 when a mob of black youths was arrested after trying to kill a white youth in Jena, Louisiana. Blacks marched in the streets and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the “right” of blacks to kill with no repercussions, claiming that their poverty and the fact that they are “disenfranchised” from society should put them above law and order.

In 2012, the movement coalesced around Trayvon Martin, a young burglar in Sanford, Florida. Martin assaulted George Zimmerman, a mixed race man of Latino and white heritage, who then shot and killed Martin.

While people should not be shot for obnoxious public behavior, black culture in America has become oriented around making a public nuisance of oneself and then challenging someone else to do something about it. Then, when someone reacts, a confrontation ensues, and the black male who was stumbling around intoxicated or driving around with a ridiculously loud stereo and making belligerent and threatening noises is shot and blacks riot, insisting that they have the “right” to be that way.

Ferguson has been a particular flashpoint. There is a continuing racial problem in St. Louis, Mo. Black neighborhoods in St. Louis comprise a little spot on a map of 90%-100% white communities. In the midst of St. Louis’s black areas is a dead zone of abandoned, ruined buildings and streets stalked by packs of poor, angry, unemployed youths.

These social ills come from the refusal of the liberal American multi-culturalist system to admit that peoples, races, ethnicities and nations are different and do not naturally mix into one people. The insane demand that racial differences be eliminated by forcing integration on people while simultaneously undermining America’s disempowered white working class leads inevitably to the anti-white violence seen in Ferguson.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. Bill is also the author of a new book entitled National Socialism: Yesterday & Today. Proceeds go to White’s legal defense fund.

9 Comments on Who’s to Blame for the State of Many Black Communities?

  1. As a person who’s seen and been to Africa and knowing the real perils of it. Jews have played the biggest in the great African Holocaust.

    Racial “miscegenation” is actually of benefit if you knew your basic biology you wouldn’t be hating colored people at all; think about it? What happens if I fu** my sister? Also, the concept of the World being overcrowded and colored people being super fertile is retarded too, population growth rates are determined by infrastructure/national developments: culture has very little say and White females are just as fertile as Indochinese females anyways???!

    The only issue I have here, is that yes in Europe there is forced-integration whilst I think integration & diversity is an international thing, when we all fix the world and start building to colonizing planets we can really live in global prosperity (no, no race is more intelligent than the other, too many variables indicate the opposite).

    Don’t get tied up into race, blacks get played by Jews because of their lack of education especially in South Africa and America? Also, my Jamaican grandfather has every right to live in Britain after fighting for then in WW2.

  2. MelnNC:

    Trayvon Martin was suspended from school for 2 weeks because jewelry was found in his locker from a nearby area that had been burglarized, and the items matched the stolen items. The school did NOT report it to any authorities because they didn’t want a negative mark against them. But that’s why his mother sent him to stay with his father (who was living with a female in the gated community where Trayvon was killed.)

  3. This is a good assessment of black attitudes in American society. But these are the blacks who draw attention to themselves by being obnoxious. There are plenty of very good and kind black people who work regular jobs and are trying to live a good life. Most of them are Christians, not Muslims.

    But two things cause black people to be the victims that they are:

    (1) the Jews who stir up racial hatreds so as to destabilize society, and
    (2) both the legal and illegal Mexicans whom the Jews have encouraged and financed to enter the country.

    Jews are behind all of the racial problems in both America and Europe because they can hide behind a mixed-race society better than behind a mono-racial society and thereby take advantage of everybody. It started with the lying Jew anthropologist Boas.

    Such traitors of black people and Jew-lackies as Barack Obama, allow millions of Mexicans into the USA so as to steal the jobs of both the black people and the white workers who have been dispossessed from their own jobs by the Indians and Chinese who have also been allowed into the country by the Jews.

    Jesus and Hitler told the truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

  4. Black community?
    White community?
    Spanish community?
    There is only one race. The human race.
    Prejudice and discrimination are right and proper against liars, thieves, bullies and murderers.
    That is what constitutes MORALITY.
    Courts of common law grand jury arraignment have been abolished here in AMERIKA.
    There is no racial divide. You are all slaves ruled by the military which has abolished your government.
    The 5th amendment to the U.S. constitution requires GRAND JURY ARRAIGNMENT IN ALL CRIMINAL CASES.
    Liars (lawyers), thieves (bankers), bullies (police), and murderers (soldiers) rule over you cowards who “judge not lest they be judged.”
    You don’t want to be citizens in a free society.
    You want to be dead and living in heaven with your bullshit savior Jesus.
    You have no devotion to anyone. You pretend to love a pretended god. You have no real devotion to real people as your fellow citizens.
    You will believe any stupid lie you are told.
  5. I got one thing to say. When gentiles focus gentile hate on other gentiles, a Jew always wins. Like it or not, many cultures are here and finding reasons to score points about. Your proven to yourself theories on race won’t make things better and also create enmity with a common foe of the Jew whether they know it or not. Haven’t ya noticed this whining going nowhere the last 10 years? Think maybe the Jews like the sounds you make while pretending you are an evil anti- Semite, as he hands your leaders cash under the table? You race obsessers bore me and are a poor copy of the Jew.

  6. You know what? While I stand by my opinion, I have actually reread this, and realize, I don’t agree with you. Now it’s obvious that you truly are racist. You’re no better than Al Sharpton and the thugs and hooligans. All of you are what’s wrong with America. At first as I read this, I had respect for your opinion, because I thought you were coming from a place of equality, but the last paragraph totally proved that wrong.

  7. As a black woman, I am in total agreement with this. This isn’t racism, it’s truth. This is why long ago, I broke away from the “group think” of a lot of blacks, got educated and form my own opinions. I only associate with other blacks of the same sort. Until it becomes less about RACE and more about respect for all of humanity, then this tug-of-war will continue.

    BLACK MEN ON THE WRONG PATH – YOU CANNOT ANTAGONIZE THE WORLD, YET EXPECT ALLIES!!! Society is fed up with you, and unfortunately there will be more of you caught in compromising situations, that are of your own doing. Straighten up or you’re doomed. I have dealt with a lot of you closely during my life, as a black woman, and I am fed the heck up with you myself!

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