New World Order on the Ropes

• Vote for independence splits Scotland 50-50; Globalists losing grip?

By Ronald L. Ray —

Should Scotland be an independent country? That is the question which a record number of Scottish voters will answer on September 18 as AMERICAN FREE PRESS goes to print. But whether Scots answer “yes” or “no,” the election itself is a sign of growing nationalism and separatism around the world, from Catalonia in Spain to Okinawa in Japan, and even in Sweden. And there is no lack of important, unsettled issues, regardless of the outcome.

This newspaper has long supported nationalist and ethnic independence movements because, even when unsuccessful, they are a stumbling block to the New World Order’s (NWO) intended global tyranny. It is also better for homogeneous peoples to rule themselves, rather than be ruled over by foreign interests bent on imposing multiculturalism on the population. The “diversity” icon liberals blubber about is a joke.

Substantial issues divide Scotland from the rest of the United Kingdom (UK). Scotland is far more interested in keeping its money at home to help out fellow Scots, while reducing its military and eliminating nuclear weapons. The UK government is much more interested in sending its military to meddle around the world at taxpayers’ expense. Scots enjoy some home rule, but many important decisions are made by the British Parliament, the majority of whose members do not understand Scottish differences.

To hear the shrieks of the oil and bankster banshees, combined with the howls of militaristic ghouls in governments around the world, one would think that Scottish independence is the end of the world. And perhaps it will be for the one world order types intent on destroying freedom everywhere.

Deutsche Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse and the Bank of England issued dire threats of economic collapse for an independent Scotland, pulling out their money ahead of the game, just to force the issue. Two former banking executives, however, still had the courage to point out how farcical this is in the face of Scotland’s stable economy.


Both Britain’s and America’s military and foreign policy establishments were scaremongering about the risk to defense capabilities, should Scotland go its own way. Nonsense, of course. It’s another sales opportunity for the merchants of death. Even the oh-so-liberal-and-democratic George Soros turned on his intellectual brethren in the north of Britain.

It is doubtful that the real concern is over a free Scotland, since First Minister Alex Salmond has proclaimed loudly already his intent to surrender Scotland’s sovereignty to the European Union (EU) in Brussels, with or without the euro. It seems that the real fear is of a smaller and more conservative, nationalist and independent remainder of the UK. That nation might well pull out of the EU by 2017. It has refused already to join the Eurozone or surrender sovereignty to Brussels—and Britain is a major economic player. But without the Scots’ money, liberalism and soldiers, the UK would be a less useful partner in American and Zionist aggression abroad.

It is almost exclusively the plutocratic elites who publicly opposed Scotland’s independence—and that seems a strong motivation to support it, as it was for the Scottish National Union of Students. But with more than 15% of the electorate undecided, victory for either faction was unpredictable beforehand.

An independent Scotland would have to work out a number of issues before separating from the UK, including currency, loan repayments, defense, EU membership and form of government. While many separatists favor a republic, it is far from certain that the sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, would agree to it. First Minister Salmond wants to retain the constitutional monarchy.

But a Scotland remaining in the UK would still pose significant political problems of further relationships between, and political control in, the respective lands of England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Northern Ireland. Whether Scotland stays or goes, it may foretell the end of the United Kingdom. Moreover, as the UK Independence Party’s leader, Nigel Farage, pointed out, Scotland will not be truly independent if separate from England, as Brussels would then rule. If, though, it remained in a UK which may likely separate from the EU entirely, a truer independence might then result.

With Scotland so evenly divided, however, the issues involved will not soon be resolved or parties reconciled. But the NWO thugs will continue to live in fear of resurgent nationalism. And that is a good thing.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.