AUDIO INTERVIEW: Taking on the Fast-Food Giants


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Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan, banned from entering a McDonald’s franchise near her home, gives an update on her quest to get legislation passed to ensure that the thousands of indoor playgrounds at fast-food restaurants across the country are safe for children.

Her national sampling analysis complete, spurred on by horrific discoveries while visiting the insides of a few indoor playgrounds located in McDonald’s, Burger King and other retail fast-food outlets, Carr-Jordan details the legislative progress made over the past year, in this interview, (10:04). It’s important to note that the legislative changes already instituted in Arizona are the result primarily of this one person’s actions, a true testament that in America, it can be done, sometimes against all odds.

Be sure to listen to the first interview (1:16:11) with Erin, where she explains why she started Kids Play Safe to conduct a nationwide survey and details the challenges she confronts in trying to gain legislative support to include the playgrounds on the nation’s health inspectors’ watch lists. She explains why “correcting the problem has the potential to make one of the most significant improvements in overall children’s health in the nation in a very long time because so many children play in there; 50 kids per day per place. There are 15,000 places that have indoor play areas, that’s 270 million children per year.”

Her Facebook page is updated frequently, with videos, photos, and text.

Prior interview with Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan:


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