Take On Police State Now, Says Author


• Gutsy Virginian details raft of shocking police-state abuses.

• Warns that checks on executive branch must be restored.

By John Tiffany —

Many spokesmen in the patriot movement make a habit of warning that a police state is coming in America. Author Cheryl K. Chumley in the new book, POLICE STATE USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming our Reality, has bad news: Bill Binney, the “brain” who forged the future for massive data spying technology for the National Security Agency, said in a December 2013 interview that the United States had already turned into a police state. Ms. Chumley shows us the facts we may have missed.

A central theme in POLICE STATE USA is that our rights come from God. The government does not like that. They want our rights to come from the government, so that the government can take them away whenever it feels like it. This may explain, in large part, why the government seems to be on the warpath against Christianity. Anything to destroy our existing culture.


What makes us a police state?

In June 2013, Robert Mueller, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s director, admitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee the agency flies unmanned spy aircraft—drones—over U.S. soil. He said it was to aid in criminal cases—but who knows? Spy drones now exist the size of a hummingbird, and Big Brother is perfecting models the size of a housefly.

In March 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder boasted that President Barack Obama has the “right” to authorize a fatal drone strike against Americans on U.S. soil.

On July 10, 2011, Anthony Mitchell of Henderson, Nevada received a phone call at his house from the police, who asked to use the home to spy on his neighbor, whom they suspected of domestic violence. He refused, yet minutes later five cops were standing at his front door demanding to be let in. Eventually, they forced entry with a battering ram. Once inside, they ordered him at gunpoint down on the floor and gave him bizarre orders—crawl over here, lie down, stay still. They shot him and his dog with “pepperball projectiles,” cursing at him the whole time. Pepperballs have been known to kill people. Unbelievably, they charged Mitchell with obstructing a cop and jailed him for nine hours.

PoliceStateUSARSHardcover, 263 pages

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The earliest Christians had no such thing as a church building—that idea was borrowed later on from the pagans. But in July 2012, a Phoenix, Arizona pastor was jailed for 60 days for holding prayer services in his home. Local government tinpot tyrants said by illegally operating a church in his home he was violating 67 zoning laws.

POLICE STATE USA also looks at the problem of Obama and other presidents out of control. Our founding fathers wanted a central government of limited powers. As Thomas Jefferson put it, “The 10th Amendment is the foundation of the Constitution.” Those limited powers were to be divided in a system of checks and balances.

But today a president can create law with the stroke of a pen through executive orders and national security directives. Consider President Bill Clinton’s multiple orders to label millions of acres of land as national monuments, with accompanying land use restrictions, with strokes of his pen—clearly an unconstitutional usurpation. In one executive order alone Clinton created a gigantic 1.7-million-acre national monument, the Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah, on September 18, 1996. This was done without congressional approval and without consulting the government of Utah.

And it is not just grown-ups who have to deal with Big Brother. The police state has ways of meddling with our offspring. In 2010, a star athlete in her last year of high school was charged with a misdemeanor and faced a possible six months in jail for bringing a paring knife to school to cut up an apple.

Concludes author Chumley, “If we don’t soon take back control—if we don’t right this rudder and steer our ship back to a godly course—the vision of America, the shining city on the hill, will go dark.”

The concept of God-given rights will be gone, and we will be stuck with an imperial government doling out only those privileges it sees fit—a government not by the people but by an elite.

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John Tiffany is copy editor for AMERICAN FREE PRESS and assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and has done postgraduate studies in law, biology and computer science. He is devoted to the truth and lets the chips fall where they may.

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  1. Oh we will be taking control back and the elite are shaking in their boots – especially when hundreds of millions of us get together and go after them in their underground hide-aways. No mercy today by the elite means no mercy tomorrow by the people of the world against the elite. Enjoy your moments while you can elite, because they’ll be over soon enough – count on it.

  2. Your MASONIC and Talmudic “Forefathers” were slaverors who framed you up for generations, in fact-till the END OF TIME!!! Currently,the fat, lazy and obese people of Amerika (Kosher) can’t even breathe, not yet change something there. And your approx. 6 million laws, statutes and regulations hardly makes you the “most free people in the world.” It is a self-imposed lie. You are slowly approaching your own gulags. Your Talmudic “Department of Injustice” has sentenced for decades for silly little crimes or rebellions. Any intelligent foreigner who knows your “kosher” Talmudic regime knows it. Our bi-polar world has moved, USA to China and USSR to Brussels. The current Zionist corporate USA is entering its new cycle of Dark Age.

  3. Can we clone Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and any other forefather that helped form the original Bill of Rights? If so, lets, because they would be appalled at the shape things are and take upon themselves to leas us back into liberty. No one else seems willing because of prison or death, but they might. They might be in aw of the technology, and other such developments, but most certainly would be appalled. First off, those old enough to remember the episode of “Bewitched” where they brought back Franklin he was appalled at the idea he could not peaceably assemble without a permit. People don’t realize, but this was back in the 60s, too.

    People defend against it, too, in modern day society as if it’s more important to just abide rather than rebel, or use what was the purest form of assembling back in the day, which was to get a soap box and start bitching openly. People are too bothered by that, which is a shame because that was the purest form of peaceably assembly.

    Any more all I care about is Daniel 2 vs 44, now where no human gov’t rules no more. People stop using excuses of working too hard, no time, etc., and feel it’s time. Then sure, I’m there, not this game crap either full-out bearing arms against tyranny!

  4. The fat, lazy, multicolored and degenerate Yanks can’t even tie their shoe-laces.

    It’s over. Rot in ZOG hell.

  5. Police State Amerika

    Published On July 16, 2014

    Date of Interaction: March 10th, 2014

    Are Americans a free people or are they not, that is the question. Do Americans still have the right to petition their government for redress of grievances, or do they not?

    These questions were answered on the morning of March 10 when this writer received a knock on his door. Outside stood two men, one clad in civilian attire, the other in the uniform of a Muscogee County sheriffs deputy. The first deputy was grasping a small stack of envelopes. “We need to have a word with you sir,” he said.

    The envelopes contained copies of an article I had written for The First Freedom, an article that was published in the December, 2013 edition of this alternative newspaper. Almost 200 copies of this article were made, and subsequently mailed, to every judge in Columbus, as well as all 10 city council members. The article recounted the exploits and travails of then-Columbus, Georgia-based white rights activist Michael Weaver, and was juxtaposed with the story of Jeffrey Foxx, a black racist rogue Columbus police corporal who resigned from the police department in May, 2013 amid charges of racial profiling and the violation of the civil rights of white citizens. While on patrol in the northern part of Columbus, Foxx told a female friend to whom he was talking on his cell phone: “They make me work these white areas, somebody’s going to pay the price.” He added, “I’m hooking these white folks up with tickets.”

    Although Foxx violated several state and federal laws via his targeting of white citizens, he was never prosecuted.

    The two-tiered system of justice that prevails in Columbus, Georgia treated Michael Weaver much differently. Weaver’s politically incorrect activism had for years been a thorn in the side of–a source of frustration to–local law enforcement and other Columbus power-brokers. They eagerly awaited their chance to silence him, put an end to his activism by whatever means necessary.

    Their chance came late one afternoon when Weaver, sitting in his car after leaving a friend’s house, was accosted by two black thugs who attempted to carjack his vehicle. Weaver sprayed one of the thugs with pepper spray, then fled the scene. He returned to his friend’s house about an hour later, where he was arrested by a black cop who entered the house without a warrant. Weaver was charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor. The “victim” sustained no injuries from the spray and declined medical treatment. Weaver’s bond was low, and he was released from jail a few hours later. He was assigned to appear in State Court the following month.

    The power-brokers who befoul Columbus had other plans for Weaver, though. At the urging of Cathy Bush, a white female police detective who had hated Weaver for years, his misdemeanor case was referred to the district attorney’s office. Weaver now faced a felony aggravated assault charge.

    Weaver’s hearings before Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters on Nov. 14 and 15 of 2011 were a Soviet Union-style travesty–mockery–of justice. Weaver’s public defender, Robin King, told him that his case was a slam-dunk, an easy win even for a first-year law student. She and her co-counsel, Ray Lakes, were eager to go to trial. Judge Peters and the prosecuting attorney, Michael Craig, were not. They knew they had a weak case at best. They knew that both of Weaver’s attackers had long criminal records, and were on felony probation at the time of the attack. They knew, too, that even the testimony of then-Columbus-based Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin would be of little actionable value. It is not illegal to conduct an online debate with an opponent. Salkin now resides in the area of West Orange, New Jersey, where he heads that state’s chapter of the infamous Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

    The jury forewoman contacted Peters. The jury was awaiting its call. Peters shifted nervously on his throne, then called a recess. He beckoned Craig and counselors Lakes and King into his chambers.

    A few minutes later the four emerged from Peters’ chambers. The dynamic of the hearing had suddenly and very dramatically changed. King, Weaver’s lead counsel, had changed her mind about going to trial. She now insisted that her client plead guilty to the aggravated assault charge. Frightened by the gravity of his situation and confused by the abrupt change in the direction of the hearing—Weaver agreed to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit.

    It is abundantly obvious that deals and promises were made in Judge Peters closed-door chambers, and that Weaver’s “defense” attorneys betrayed him, sold him out, an egregious violation of their oath of office and the right of a defendant to a fair trial.

    Before leaving this writer’s house, the deputies “requested” that, should he seek to correspond with his taxpayer-funded “public servants”—he should send his correspondence to the Muscogee County Sheriffs Department, whence they will forward it to its intended recipient. Yes, of course they will.

    To be free or not to be free–that is the question . . .

    Rev. Pat Tracy: “As our sacred rights as Americans evaporate, it is important to support our most gifted and outspoken defenders of our rights. Mike Weaver is one of those defenders. Mike is a true American with every right to express his beliefs. That is the only reason why he sits behind the wall today. This tyranny will not stand. Truth and freedom will prevail. Support Mike Weaver!”

  6. Is this a republican media vehicle? Big brother is not just the Democrats.

    From an Independent looking for news and facts, not opinions.

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