Israel’s ‘Back Door to War’

• Attack on Syria is Israel’s first step in all-out war on Iran

By Ralph Forbes

Israeli warplanes attacked a target close to the Syrian-Lebanese border. Just as Franklin D. Roosevelt provoked Pearl Harbor as a pretext for his war against Germany, so Israel is bombing Syria so it start a chain-reaction resulting in a disastrous war between America and Iran.

As a pretext for the deadly air strikes, Israel announced they were “suspicious” that trucks were transporting “chemical weapons.” The truth is United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey said on February 9 that Syria’s chemical weapons are secure and have not been used. Syria does possess chemicals as a “low cost” self-defense against Israel’s vast nuclear, chemical and biological arsenals. Israel has long been saying that Syria is using chemicals against “its own people.” A December 23, 2012 report, contrived to get the U.S. to attack Syria, was exposed as a vicious lie by the U.S. National Security Council and Secretary of State on January 15, 2013.

Israel wants war with Iran—but it wants the U.S. to do all the fighting and bear the huge costs, just as it did when Israel wanted war with Iraq. But this time, Israeli war planners know they face severe defeat—despite strangleholds on Congress and the media—if the American people, including many Jewish Americans, hold Israel responsible for the catastrophic consequences. All of the top military and intelligence advisors in Israel and the U.S. have concluded if Israel attacks Iran without the U.S., Israel will lose.

So Syria has been targeted as the sacrificial lamb to ignite World War III. A sneak attack on Iran by Israel would backfire. The cries of “wolf,” that Iran is just days away from making a bomb—bellowed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the neocons, ad nauseam —have been monotonously repeated for decades, but of late they have been exposed as war propaganda speech by these serial liars. Dempsey confirmed Iran doesn’t have a bomb, and if they decide to make one, it will take many years.

For years the mass media in the U.S. censored the news that Israeli and U.S. intelligence know Iran has no plans for making a nuclear bomb. Only weeks before the U.S. national elections, Israel’s headlines were Defense Minister Ehud Barak admitted that Israel is in no danger from an Iranian bomb because the output of the centrifuges was used for peaceful purposes, but that . The mass media negligently ignored this news.

Israel’s backdoor plot to get America into war has been waged by proxies, using the U.S. and terrorists, mercenaries and criminals to do their dirty work for them under the false flags of groups like the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

International human rights organizations have documented war crimes by the gangs of foreign fighters, including the FSA—charging them with carrying out kidnappings, tortures and mass murders. Jihadists and mercenaries are swarming into Syria from all over the world, openly financed by the sheiks of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and clandestinely by the Central Intelligence Agency and Israel. Mercenaries from Europe and Asia are often paid $2K a day to fight.

Vatican news agency Agenzia Fides reports that over 10K Christians were “ethnically cleansed” by the FSA’s murderous Farouq brigades. The Daoud Battalion uses captured soldiers in proxy bombings, tying a prisoner of war into a car loaded with explosives and forcing him to drive to a target, where the explosives are remotely detonated. The United Nations reported that rebel forces, including the FSA, also recruit children as soldiers.

On July 19, 2012, Iraqi border guards witnessed the FSA take control of a border post—then cut off the arms and legs of a Syrian army officer, before executing 22 Syrian soldiers. In August 2012, in al-Bab City, Syria, six postal workers were thrown to their deaths off the main postal building by FSA terrorists. In September 2012, the FSA exploded a car bomb near al-Hayat Hospital and the Central Hospital in Aleppo. At least 30 people were killed and more than 64 wounded. In late October 2012, the FSA’s Hawks of Syria Brigade executed more than 20 captured Syrian soldiers—and the atrocities, rapes, tortures, lootings and destruction go on and on. Yet the courageous Syrian people have refused to surrender to the New World Order’s terrorism and dictates.

Ralph Forbes is a freelance writer based in Arkansas. He is also a member of AFP’s Southern Bureau. Contact him at [email protected].