Read Newly Released House Memo Blasting FBI Here

Regular readers of AFP know that U.S. law enforcement regularly abuse their powers to investigate and arrest everyday Americans. It is no small comfort that law enforcement at the highest levels now stands accused of committing similar contentious acts against a presidential contender who was a threat to the establishment.

By AFP Staff

On Feb. 2, the House Intelligence Committee released a secret memo alleging the Justice Department abused its powers to surveil the Trump campaign.

As per the law, President Donald Trump was required to authorize the release. He could have chosen to redact key parts, but the billionaire president decided to release it in its entirety so the public could see for themselves the abusive process.

The memo was originally compiled by House Intelligence Committee staff, led by Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), from classified documents provided by the Department of Justice.

The Justice Department and the FBI both objected to its release but the House and the president overruled them. Read the memo by clicking the link here.

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  1. If anything looks like soomeone in Our shadow Government of FBI/CIA/NSA State Ran “Boogie Man” rail-roading a sitting POTUS,this is it! Especially,Strzok,& GF Page. There is clearly a DNC politicized branch of “cry babies” in the DOJ/FBI that wanted Witch Hillary to have won the 2016 campaign & Not Trump! The same type of Jerks,like, Jack Lewis,who sat on the house floor,banging his fists on said house floor because the house in 2016 wouldn’t pass any gun control restrictions, like a spoiled 2 yr old! Mueller If one did their “home work” as I’m sure You’ll do in a future article,will follw the “paper trail” of his employment by the Clinton’s on the POTUS bids,back in 92 & 96; & find Out that Mueller was part of Bill’s “Bimbo Squad” during both Presidential bids. So people would know he’s still working hand-in-glove with’em!!!

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