INTERVIEWS: Ukrainians Speak #2

AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s own Olga Belinskaya, a native of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine, conducted a series of raw, unedited interviews with ordinary, peaceful people from Ukraine’s war zone, who told Olga what life was really like in the war-torn country.

Over the course of this year, Olga will be interviewing more residents of her former homeland, giving AFP readers the cold, hard truth, not the sanitized, New World Order-approved pabulum oozing from the mainstream media.

In this the second in the series, Olga spoke with 34-year-old Olesya on February 3, 2015.


I am a resident of Donbass. I live in Khartsyzk. My name is Olesya, I am 34-years-old. I am the mother of two children. Now I am on maternity leave.

My city is located 24 miles from Donetsk, and 12 miles from Ilovaysk. In August 2014, the Ukrainian army bombed Ilovaysk terribly, now it is bombing Donetsk terribly. We wake up and fall asleep with the scary sounds of shells that Ukrainian army lets out on civilians. They consider that we and our children are terrorists and separatists. The government that is in Kiev now is a killer.

Donbass is at an economic blockade now, which was staged by the Ukrainian government, banks do not work, there are no benefits (pensions, child benefits), my 65-year-old mother and I haven’t got any since June. Ukraine bans importation of medicines, and my mother had a heart attack. So our husbands took weapons to protect us from the crazy Kiev authorities. There is no Russian army, according to Kiev, just our husbands and relatives.

I really want to let everybody know that Ukrainian authorities just want to wipe out us from off the face of the Earth. It takes down our houses, killing children and the elderly at bus stops, in hospitals, at homes. Our children are hiding in basements and shelters. That is not shown on TV channels, you can only see on the Internet.

And if America give Ukraine a total weapon now, Ukraine will simply kill us with the help of America.

I can tell a lot, but I want Ukrainian army leave us and our children will survive to old age, and we won’t be afraid of going to bed and waking up by the fact that the Ukrainian army is killing us. We want peace. We want to live in a country where there is no crazy government. And we chose Donetsk People’s Republic, which protects us.

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Olga Belinskaya is a native of Ukraine and is AFP’s former bookstore manager. She is currently a peace and monetary reform activist now based in Virginia.

3 Comments on INTERVIEWS: Ukrainians Speak #2

  1. anon:

    Many of the weapons come from weapons factories located in Donbass, not imported from big bad Russia.

    You accuse Olesya of being a bad mother. Others explained why they stay in the war zone: it is their homeland; Ukrainians hate them (ordinary people who have little affect on politics—just like you and yours). Ukrainians hate them because they hold them responsible for the dead sons from all over the country. They hate them because the mass of people are totally brainwashed out and don’t know about he*l going on there. There are old people who cannot leave, so their families stay. Some people have no money, they cannot afford to leave. They know that Ukrainians will not hire or rent to them because of the hatred.

    The reason people stay that most stands out to me is that the region is their homeland, and they will stay there through thick and thin.

  2. And for f*cks sake: everyone knew that this war will be long! If she’s such a good mother, then why she didn’t left to other parts of Ukraine, or maybe even Russia? It’s not that the borders were/are closed or something. There’s villages in Ukraine that have cheap houses, have jobs (lowly payed, but nonetheless), they could’ve asked people to rent those houses for low prices (there are a lot of good people), etc. Essentially, they say they are poor and innocent while not doing a thing to change the situation they are in: they stay in those cities, in which they themselves brought a war, support it (she acknowledged that herself!), yet hate Ukraine authority because it tries to reclaim its territories.
  3. Yep, and nice people from Donetsk People’s Republic have a heavy weapons because…they bought them on a backyard sale? They may say whatever they want, but the truth is that the whole deal with separatists is extremely shady, there’s no denial that Russia is involved and had plans to take those lands for a long time (for about 5 years after Putin came to power) and supplies DNR with weapons. And don’t give that BS that Russia’s only protecting “its” people—it cannot protect its current citizens that live outside of Moscow (watch YouTube and you’ll see a lot)!

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