Holder Accused of Lying About Harassment of Journalists

• Eric Holder on the hot seat yet again for crimes at ‘Injustice Department’

By John Friend

Readers of AMERICAN FREE PRESS are likely familiar with the wide array of dubious and arguably criminal scandals United States Attorney General Eric Holder has been involved with in the past. This includes most recently the Fast and Furious” scandal, which has been presented as a botched federal firearms sting operation that led to weapons passing into the hands of murderous Mexican drug cartels—a scandal Holder has been accused of lying about under oath. Now, Holder finds himself in the hot seat once more.

Holder has again been accused of lying under oath during his recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee relating to the Justice Department’s seizing of the private communications and personal records of journalists.

Holder’s Department of Justice (DoJ) had argued that the long-standing practice of confidentiality of sources—a central aspect of ethical and responsible journalism—has no legal basis and the government has the power to force journalists to reveal their sources, especially in cases of national security and espionage, or face criminal prosecution.

It has recently been revealed that the DoJ obtained the private phone records of Associated Press reporters and James Rosen of Fox News in order to investigate and prosecute potential espionage in a much broader war on government whistle-blowers and press freedom undertaken by the Obama administration.


During sworn testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Holder denied knowing about the actions carried out by his DoJ, claiming the implementation of these oppressive policies is “not something that I have ever been involved in, heard of or would think would be wise policy.”

On May 29, Representatives Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), House Judiciary Committee chairman and Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations Subcommittee chairman, sent a letter to Holder, charging him with lying under oath during questioning before the committee on May 15. The letter reads in part:

The media reports and statements issued by the department regarding the search warrants for Mr. Rosen’s emails appear to be at odds with your sworn testimony before the committee. We believe—and we hope you will agree—it is imperative that the committee, Congress and the American people be provided a full and accurate account of your involvement in and approval of these search warrants.

This newspaper contacted the DoJ for a statement on this matter but several emails and messages have not been answered.

Holder, a career insider and serial liar, owes the American people an explanation for his behavior. Time will tell if the current House Judiciary Committee investigation and congressional political pressure is merely another dog and pony show—or a real investigation leading to a long-overdue prosecution of the nation’s top lawyer.

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John Friend is a writer who lives in California.