Father’s Protest, Arrest, Reveals National Educational Pornographic Agenda

‘Soft porn’ novel required reading for America’s public school students

• New Hampshire English assignment reveals how far public “education” has fallen.

By Dave Gahary —

In one of the clearest signs yet of how the youth of the United States of America are being programmed to accept loose morals and pornography at startlingly young ages, a father in the Granite State took a stand at a May 5 school board meeting to protect his 14-year-old daughter from an assigned book that exposed the child to graphic sexual descriptions between a 17-year-old boy and a girl. His objection fell on deaf ears and he was, incredibly, arrested by police and charged with disorderly conduct for speaking past his allotted time.

This tale is a cautionary one for those parents across America who blindly trust public school administrators to appropriately educate their children. It’s also a harsh lesson for those parents who, once they discover the salacious—and violent—material their kids are being forced to read, prepare to speak up against those assigning it.


William Baer, a 50-year-old New Hampshire attorney, unexpectedly discovered the reading material assigned to his daughter Marina’s ninth-grade honors English class “when a friend scanned the book and came across page 313.” The book, Nineteen Minutes, published in 2007, “is about a school shooting, and focuses on the events leading up to and following the incident,” and debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. The author, Jodi Picoult, raised in a “non-practicing Jewish” family on New York’s Long Island, relocated to N.H. at 13 years of age.

Mr. Baer “said he was ‘outraged’ when he found out about the passage and said that it was beyond comprehension that the board would allow a book with that kind of passage to be read by high schoolers.” Baer’s wife Barbara commented, “’I’m speechless, I really am that this was allowed.”

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Here is the passage of page 313 that the Baers, and now so many across the country, found offensive:

They were on the floor of the living room and they were nearly naked. Josie could taste beer on Matt’s breath, but she must have tasted like that, too. They’d both drunk a few at Drew’s—not enough to get wasted, just buzzed, enough so that Matt’s hands seemed to be all over her at once, so that his skin set fire to hers.

She’d been floating along pleasantly in a haze of the familiar. Yes, Matt had kissed her—one short one, then a longer, hungry kiss, as his hand worked open the clasp on her bra. She lay lazy, spread beneath him like a feast, as he pulled off her jeans. But then, instead of doing what usually came next, Matt reared over her again. He kissed her so hard that it hurt. “Mmmph,” she said, pushing at him.

“Relax,” Matt murmured, and then he sank his teeth into her shoulder. He pinned her hands over her head and ground his hips against hers. She could feel his erection, hot against her stomach.

It wasn’t the way it normally was, but Josie had to admit that it was exciting. She couldn’t remember ever feeling so heavy, as if her heart were beating between her legs. She clawed at Matt’s back to bring him closer.

“Yeah,” he groaned, and he pushed her thighs apart. And then suddenly Matt was inside her, pumping so hard that she scooted backward on the carpet, burning the backs of her legs.

“Wait,” Josie said, trying to roll away beneath him, but he clamped his hand over her mouth and drove harder and harder until Josie felt him come.

Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.

Ironically, the school board defended the book, claiming it was an important exposé on bullying, yet they had no problem with acting like bullies themselves, coercing the acting police chief to bully a concerned parent and physically remove him from the meeting for going over his two minutes of allotted time.

Mr. Baer was released on a $700 personal recognizance bond, “has a court date set for June 17 at 8:15 a.m.” and “faces a fine of up to $1,200.”

This reporter reached out to Mr. Baer for an interview and received a message in email stating in part, “I will not be doing any interviews for a while till I resolve the criminal charges.”

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