AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: Amazon Bans Book on Sandy Hook


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Perhaps no recent event has ignited more controversy than what did or did not unfold at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

Dave Gahary sat down with prolific conspiracy researcher Professor James H. Fetzer, who discusses why he decided to edit the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, the heavyweight contributors to the book, the anomalies of the official account, and the “suppression” of the book by and their print on demand subsidiary CreateSpace, in the first public exposure of the banning, in this disturbing interview (40:19).


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Amazon Begins Banning Books

• World’s largest online bookseller on a witch-hunt for politically incorrect titles

By Dave Gahary

In a disturbing development for free speech lovers across the globe,, Inc., the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States, has taken a series of unusual steps to ban the publication of various books for sale worldwide.

Although no information is in the public domain detailing how many titles the world’s largest online bookseller has blocked for sale, evidence suggests that these unusual moves may be the beginning of a larger purge of written material Amazon feels should be, for whatever reason or reasons, kept out of the public purview.

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Even more disturbing is the reach and influence of the mammoth retailer. This year Amazon leapfrogged past Walmart’s market capitalization, or the total market value of its publicly traded stock. Despite the fact that the company can barely squeak out a profit, Amazon’s stock trades at close to $700 per share, although as early as August 31, 2009 it traded at under $100.

Amazon’s anti-American policy was first brought to the attention of this writer by renowned conspiracy researcher James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, former U.S. Marine Corps captain and artillery officer, and Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus. Fetzer is also the author/editor of over 30 books.

One such book recently edited by Fetzer, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, is a 425-page compilation by 13 contributors, including six current or retired Ph.D. college professors, of the alleged December 14, 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The book posits that the school had been abandoned by 2008 and was used to conduct an elaborate drill, and that no children were present and therefore no children died. The reason for the drill, the book claims, was to promote the gun control agenda of former Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Hussein Obama.


Fetzer self-published the book using Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace, which was cleared for printing on October 22, 2015, and was met with brisk sales and rave reviews, topping over 500 copies in around a month’s time. Then, on November 19, Fetzer received an email from CreateSpace, detailing, in part, that the title was being censored: “During the review process, your work was found to contain material . . . that is in violation of CreateSpace content guidelines. As a result, this content has been suppressed through your account and removed from all sales channels.”

Although CreateSpace promised to apprise Fetzer of why the book was pulled, its “Content Validation Team” has yet to reveal what guidelines the book violated.

“The banning of this book indicates that if you disagree with the government version of anything, Amazon can remove your book,” Fetzer told AMERICAN FREE PRESS, in the first media interview on this matter on November 22.

“Because the banning of books in American history is so rare,” Fetzer continued, “this book is going to be studied in every journalism class in the country in the future.”

Fetzer has since republished a “Banned by Amazon” version of the book through another printer that has no interest in suppressing the title. Distribution, however, is still banned by Amazon.

Two weeks after Fetzer’s book was banned, on December 3, author Patrick Cloutier, who translated the book Raciology, about the science of the hereditary traits of peoples and races, told this writer that two of his titles were being suppressed by CreateSpace, per a request from Amazon Europe, for distribution by Amazon’s UK and Germany units, because the covers include Nazi flags with the swastika emblem.

“The Content Validation Team seems to be little more than a censorship board under a different name,” Cloutier told this newspaper, “with censorship now being referred to as ‘content validation,’ and book bans as ‘suppression.’”

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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  1. for all your Staged False Flag Crises Actor Needs. Rent one today; ATF, FBI and FEMA discounts available.
  2. Thank you Mr. Spencook. As you can see from Dr. Fetzer’s deranged remark, you are not Dr. Wood and I am not Dr. Wood. Is Dr. Fetzer really Dr. Wood? LOL What a clown!

    Fetzer the Clown


    No shill here, just a 63-year-old that is built like a brick shi*house from daily visits to the gym.

  3. Sandy Hook Truth aside, there’s something very wrong with “Jim Fetzer.”

    This is a guy who has spent his entire adult life badmouthing things like White Nationalism and those who would dare question the Holocaust during his time as a politically correct university professor. He even recently referred to American Free Press as an “Op” as in “Controlled Opposition.” To now see and hear Fetzer, who for most of his life ran in Left/Red social circles from the time he came back from Vietnam, to up until very recently, now speak out on the Internet about such things as JADE HELM is quite surprising. Did Jim Fetzer really change his deeply held, life-long opinions about these types of things just recently? During his retirement? Or is something else going on here?

    Anyone try to do a FOIA to find out which intelligence agency he had worked/works with?

  4. This is a very sick person who posts under several names, including “Emmanuel Goldstein,” but who is widely believed to be Judy Wood. I have a long history with Judy, who long since lost her way. Here are two articles in which I discuss her bizarre history and tactics online, originally published 20 August 2012:

    “Judy Wood and DEWs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

    “9/11 Truth will out: The Vancouver Hearings II”

    Responding to one of her recurrent attacks upon me, I did a “reply all” and one bounced. It was striking that it came from the ADL. I now believe she has always been running a limited hangout to distract attention from the use of mini nukes and the role of Israel on 9/11.

  5. You must be a shill. Don’t refer people to a video you commented on under a different name Mr Goldstein. Lol, let me guess, you’re a true descendant of Judea tribe?
  6. Some people like to argue about their opinions of their ideas of theories of speculation of opinions of views but there is no evidence that “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.” Even Dr. Fetzer knows this. The “tell” was Dr. Fetzer’s and Mr. Halbig’s meeting in front of the Sandy Hook School Board. Dr. Fetzer, in front of the School Board, did not say “nobody died,” but the contrary. Dr. Fetzer acknowledged that people died at the Sandy Hook shooting event. Again, this was in front of the school board. So it appears that Dr. Fetzer doesn’t want to be charged with “defrauding the government” by lying in front of the School Board. But on Dr. Fetzer’s radio show and other “entertainment” shows, Dr. Fetzer claims that nobody died. So the evidence reveals that Dr. Fetzer knows it is a federal crime to defraud the government. 3:44 to 6:03

    Sandy Hook School Board Meeting with Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, and Others (05/06/2014)

    Maybe Dr. Fetzer should request a court order to exhume the children’s bodies! LOL


    Here is some information Dr. Fetzer can disseminate to his tin soldier army to overthrow the U.S. government because they want to take our guns away.


    Dr. Fetzer is taking donations for three statues in his honor to be erected! One is planned to be prominently displayed in Dealey Plaza, one on exhibition at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and one in the courtyard of the new Sandy Hook school. For years to come people will flock in busloads to honor the great Dr. Fetzer and leave tokens of their appreciation.

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