AUDIO INTERVIEW: A Patriot for Our Times


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M.J. “Red” Beckman, a long-time supporter of AMERICAN FREE PRESS, has been on the front lines of the patriot movement in America for decades now. Red is a highly successful businessman and author of numerous books dealing with some of the most controversial and misunderstood aspects of the United States Constitution, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Sixteenth Amendment.

John Friend spoke with Red in an exclusive interview with the aging American patriot. Red discusses his background and involvement in the patriot movement, the fraudulent nature of the Sixteenth Amendment, his stance against the IRS and the federal government generally, the corrupt federal judiciary, and the Oregon standoff, in this important interview (36:00).


John Friend is a California-based writer who maintains a blog.

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1 Comment on AUDIO INTERVIEW: A Patriot for Our Times

  1. I find it ironic, and rather disturbing that Mr. Beckman seems to believe that Russia is the model the United States should be striving for. He talks glowingly of Vladimir Putin, completely ignoring the fact that Putin has virtually destroyed all semblance of the burgeoning free society that emerged from the chaos of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Putin has murdered dissidents, at home and abroad, completely shut down the free press, imprisoning some journalists, killing others. The Duma is nothing more than a puppet assembly that rubber-stamps everything Putin wants. There is no more democracy in Russia. Putin has made himself “president for life” by engineering changes to the Russian constitution that was supposed to prevent the return of the Tsars. He even installed a puppet president to do an end-around term limits. Now that the terms have been extended to six years, he won’t need to worry about that again for another eight years.

    And that’s all before we consider the fact that he’s invaded another state’s sovereign territory and engineered a referendum result of the sort you only ever see in dictatorships as justification. If the U.S. government was anything close to being as bad as Putin’s government, every one in the patriot movement would have been disposed of years ago if you tried to exercise your right to free speech as you do today.

    Maybe it’s age, but Mr. Beckman still seems reasonably sharp on other subjects, but if he is a shining example of what the American patriot movement is supposed to be, then no wonder people call you crazy and uninformed.

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