Police State Goes Completely Nuts

February 26, 2016 AFP 0

• New Jersey presses charges against woman who saved abandoned baby squirrels. • State agency admits it routinely monitors social media to ferret out “criminals.” By Dave Gahary — In one of the most nonsensical […]

Russia Readies for War With Turkey

February 26, 2016 AFP 9

• Saudis, Turks warned about arming terrorists. • Turkey seems determined to start world war. By Richard Walker — While Turkey ponders the risk of invading Syria to establish a foothold in areas close to […]

AMA Urges Ban on Drug Ads

February 25, 2016 AFP 0

• Doctors group concerned Big Pharma more worried about profits than cures. By James Spounias — It is with irony that in November 2015 the American Medical Association (AMA) urged a ban on direct-to-consumer advertising […]

Systemic Abuse of Prisoners in U.S.

February 25, 2016 AFP 2

By John Kiriakou— Two federal prison guards in Florida recently agreed to plead guilty for beating a prisoner and then covering it up. One officer faces up to three years in a federal prison, while […]

Bundy Family Targeted

February 25, 2016 AFP 13

By John Friend — In a move no doubt calculated to demonstrate the power and vindictiveness of the federal government, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and four individuals close to him were indicted by a federal […]

Clinton Sex Victims Fear for Their Lives

February 15, 2016 AFP 7

• If you hear that any of Bill’s “lovers” have killed themselves, think again. By Victor Thorn — Like a parade of Bill Cosby’s accusers, the victims of Bill Clinton’s 40-year-long history of sexual terrorism […]

Planned Parenthood: Murder for Hire

February 15, 2016 AFP 0

• Baby body parts and buying influence at America’s largest abortion provider. By Ronald L. Ray — Over the past several months, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has released a number of video recordings […]

Christianity Under Siege From Mideast to N. Korea

February 15, 2016 AFP 2

• U.S. policies create backlash against Christians. By Victor Thorn — Does Christianity face extinction in the Middle East? Some religious scholars fret that within the next decade, Christianity will cease to exist in the […]

AUDIO INTERVIEW: A Patriot for Our Times

February 12, 2016 AFP 1

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW M.J. “Red” Beckman, a long-time supporter of AMERICAN FREE PRESS, has been on the front lines of the patriot movement in America for decades now. Red is a highly successful businessman and […]

Equal Opportunity Poisoners

February 11, 2016 AFP 0

• Government, big business seem apathetic to drinking water concerns. By James Spounias — Is it too much to assume that American corporations and governmental bodies are responsible enough to ensure the water we drink […]

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