Epidemic of Fake Hate Crimes Is Spreading

Fake Hate spreads

By John Friend

A former University of La Verne student was recently charged with two felonies and two misdemeanors for faking threats and attacks on herself, the student group she led on campus, and others last year while she was a student there.

Reports of the racially charged threats caused hysteria on campus, prompting the university to cancel classes in March 2019 to hold a meeting to address racial issues within the community. The police investigation determined that the threats were sent by the leader of the student group itself, demonstrating yet again that hate crimes hoaxes are plaguing the country.

On March 6, the La Verne Police Department (LVPD) presented its findings to the LA County District Attorney’s Office, leading to charges against the suspect. Former student Anayeli DominguezPena, 25, was charged with felony perjury, making criminal threats, electronic impersonation and filing a false police report.

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Nick Paz, the La Verne chief of police, said, “The [fake] threats were directed at the University of La Verne, the student group, herself, and members of the group. The investigation concluded that the suspect acted alone, and no other members of the student group were involved with the criminal acts.”

DominguezPena was arrested shortly after the announcement and is being held on $200,000 bail.

The LVPD found the series of threats against the student group as well as individual student members of the group were delivered electronically via email or text message by the suspect herself. The original threat occurred on Feb. 28, 2019, and a series of nine additional incidents followed, all of which were investigated by the department working in cooperation with the LA County District Attorney’s Office.

DominguezPena had also claimed that she was attacked at a dorm on campus and that she found a smoking backpack in her car last year, incidents she also fabricated. The threatening and racially charged messages she sent were designed to impersonate the president of one of the campus fraternities, according to the investigation.

“I think she was trying to instigate some racial issues within the university,” Police Chief Paz said. “She was sending messages to certain people, and the comments that were being sent were of a racial nature.”

“We found the suspect applied for benefits, signed forms under penalty of perjury, and tried to get victim compensation benefits from the state,” Detective Bob Nishimura stated following the announcement of charges against DominguezPena.

If convicted on all charges, DominguezPena could spend eight years in prison.

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In related news, a non-white woman was arrested earlier this month for vandalism after she was caught using a rock to carve a message of “white pride” into the sidewalk outside of a gym owned by a black man.

Mahagany Teague, 41, was arrested after the owner of the gym reviewed surveillance footage that captured her committing the act of vandalism in Gray, a small town in northern Tennessee. As fake hate crimes continue to be documented and exposed across the country with little to no mainstream media coverage, racially motivated violence against whites continues.

Kori Ali Muhammad, a black man accused of murdering four white men in 2017, is currently on trial in Fresno, Calif. for a series of grisly murders that shocked the city. Muhammad shot and killed a white hotel security guard for allegedly disrespecting him, before murdering three other white men. Muhammad admitted to detectives on the day of his arrest that he would murder more.

Muhammad told detectives that if he was “going down for murder” the best thing for him to do was to “kill as many white men” as possible before being arrested.

The Root, a progressive black news publication based in New York, published an article about Muhammad’s case and commendably denounced the hateful actions of Muhammad. However, after tweeting the article on their public Twitter profile, countless Twitter users endorsed and praised Muhammad’s actions and condemned “white supremacy” and “racism,” an incredible display of anti-white hatred not uncommon in an increasingly diverse and anti-white society.

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.