Cultural Marxists Employ Terror Tactics, Violence to Intimidate Trump Supporters

By John Friend —

The 2016 United States presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most monumental elections in the past 50 years. The presumptive GOP and Democratic nominees stand in stark contrast to one another, polarizing America’s electorate along cultural and ideological lines.

Donald J. Trump, the maverick populist who received more primary votes than any other Republican candidate in history, pledges to build a wall along the southern border with Mexico to curtail illegal immigration, deport illegal aliens residing in the U.S., end or re-negotiate America’s disastrous free trade deals, protect the Second Amendment, and put America first when it comes to foreign policy. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, panders to minorities, wants to grant citizenship to the millions of illegal aliens currently living in the U.S., supports more gun control measures, and champions a variety of other leftist causes the Obama administration has promoted during its eight-year reign.

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Mrs. Clinton and her supporters have repeatedly denounced Trump as a racist and a bigot whose rhetoric is undermining America’s values. The mainstream mass media and a variety of political pundits also regularly denounce Trump and his frank, straightforward approach to politics.

The rallies Trump has organized across America have drawn massive crowds along with obnoxious, confrontational, and often violent counter-protests that are no doubt fueled and instigated by the media and pundit class hysterically attacking and deriding Trump.

In March, America first witnessed just what anti-Trump protesters are capable of. At a large Trump rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago just days before the Illinois primary, before he could even take the stage to address the audience, campaign officials had to cancel the event due to protests and fights breaking out both inside and outside the arena. After consulting with local law enforcement officials, it was decided that carrying on with the event would put too many people at risk. Violence and mayhem ensued despite the rally being canceled, and anti-Trump protesters were seen chanting, cheering, waving Mexican flags, and harassing Trump supporters.

The chaos seen in Chicago has been replicated in cities across America throughout the primary season. This reporter attended a massive Trump rally in Costa Mesa, California in late April, where some of the worst violence and chaos of the primary election season ensued. While the rally itself was peaceful, outside the venue protesters burned American flags, harassed and assaulted Trump supporters, damaged private property, and even destroyed a local Costa Mesa police vehicle. Few arrests were made, despite a strong presence of local and county law enforcement officials.

In early June leading up to the California primary election, Trump held a series of rallies across the state, including in San Jose, which experienced shocking levels of this behavior. Video emerged of anti-Trump protesters violently assaulting Trump supporters outside the arena where the rally was held in downtown San Jose while local law enforcement officers stood by and watched.

Protesters were seen confronting and assaulting Trump supporters, snatching the signature “Make America Great Again” Trump hats from the heads of supporters, burning both the American flag and Trump hats, and proudly waving the Mexican flag. Some held signs declaring California Mexican territory while others ludicrously compared Trump to Adolf Hitler. In one ugly scene, a woman was surrounded by anti-Trump protesters, pelted with eggs, spat upon, and cursed at. Other supporters were sucker-punched from behind by the protesters, and one young man was chased down by an angry mob. Protesters were also filmed jumping on police vehicles, kicking and damaging supporters’ vehicles as they left the area, throwing traffic cones, and generally causing destruction. Many of the protesters openly described themselves as illegal aliens.


Thus far, San Jose police have apprehended nine anti-Trump protesters, including four juveniles. Those arrested have been charged with assault and battery, vandalism, and robbery.

Trump later described the protesters as “thugs” and criticized Sam Liccardo, the mayor of San Jose, for not keeping the peace and protecting the rally-goers. Incredibly, Liccardo—who is a Democrat and proud supporter of Mrs. Clinton—blamed the violence on Trump’s rhetoric, implying he was to blame for the criminal behavior at his rallies.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Liccardo told the Associated Press by phone.

Amazingly, political pundits and leftist activists have justified the violence, joining Liccardo in blaming Trump himself for causing it. Jesse Benn, a writer for “The Huffington Post,” a left-wing outlet that has hysterically attacked and demonized Trump for months now, published an op-ed recently arguing that a violent response to Trump’s candidacy is “logical” and even justified, given the controversial positions Trump has taken on a variety of issues, especially as they relate to immigration.

The lines are clearly being drawn in this election season. The political left in America is showing its true colors. Rather than responsibly engage in the political process, elements of the left are resorting to violence and terrorism to intimidate Trump supporters and negate their First Amendment rights. The chaotic and violent scenes from places like San Jose and Costa Mesa are an indicator of what happens to a country that allows millions of hostile, unassimilable, Third World people—including millions of illegal aliens—into their territory.

This election truly is about the future of America. Will we continue to devolve into a Third World cesspool or will we start enforcing our immigration laws and place the interests of the American people first?

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John Friend is a California-based writer who maintains a blog.

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  1. Elections are all rigged; Trump and Crypto Family clearly beholden to Soros and Jewish Illuminati Financing . . . to pretend elections are real is not the mark of a Realist—it is the MARK of Controlled Opposition, Disinfo, and Intel. Clearly, it will take MUCH MORE than a phony election to save America and Western Civilization.

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