Should Hillary Be in Jail — Tell Us What You Think

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey, Jr. held a press conference on July 5 to announce that the FBI will not recommend that criminal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information on her private email server.

While Comey said there was not enough evidence to prosecute Hillary, he added that she had a minimum of 52 classified email chains passing through her unclassified server. This violation has led to sanctions being filed against other federal workers and contractors.

Comey did take a few slaps at Hillary, saying: “To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.”

But, ultimately, Comey concluded: “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

Do you think the FBI believes that Hillary is too big to jail. Please take a moment to tell us what you think.

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And while you’re at it, why don’t you leave a comment below to tell us what you really think about Hillary, the Teflon presidential candidate?

65 Comments on Should Hillary Be in Jail — Tell Us What You Think

  1. Hillary, nobody gives a rodent’s rectum what you think! Sit down and shut the hell up!!

  2. After all the hype about Hillwitch and others like her, really we should all be ashamed for allowing murderous hags like her to exist.
    Our ”democratic” system that is really too soft, gives opportunities to people like her to flourish.
    We are much too tolerant and open to greed and corruption.
    She deserves nothing less than a bullet to the brain after she is ”coerced” to telling us about all the murders she and her disgusting husband were involved in


  4. guy walling:

    How does it feel to KNOW that you are in the minority? (And don’t quote the lyin’ polls)

  5. M. Summeril:

    Are you:
    a. A Hillary troll?
    b. A horse’s ass?

    Must be one or the other.

    C.J. Hounshell

  6. Over the years, the Clintons have put together a powerful and detrimental dossier on almost everyone in a high-ranking position. If anyone on that list comes after her, she threatens to take them down, too. If they are not one the list, they just appear to commit suicide or disappear.
  7. You people on here are nuts!

    I think Hillary was guilty of being not particularly IT savvy…she is a pretty old woman, after all. I know women her age who can’t even use email! But there was no malicious intent and she was not hacked…so, no harm/no foul. And she HAS admitted that if she had a way to do it over, she would not have used her personal server. What I wonder, if it was so dangerous, why did none of the government IT people tell her not to use the personal server?

    This is my first visit to this paper….probably, my last, since you guys seem to be worshipers of Trumplethinskin…..who is LOSING! Because he is A CRAZY SOCIOPATH WHO IS IN THIS TO FLEECE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. I can’t wait to see his tax returns…then maybe, you peppercorns will be hollering: LOCK HIM UP!

  8. Hillary Clinton seemingly has the odd effect on those who know her of causing them to die by their own hand. Moreover, such deaths are often carried out in the most bizarre ways; such as numerous execution-style gunshot wounds to the back of the head.

    Let us review the tally:

    On February 15, 1977, Suzanne Coleman committed suicide. She is alleged to have had a sexual affair with Bill Clinton during the time he was Arkansas State Attorney General. Coleman was seven and one-half months pregnant at the time of her death when she shot herself in the back of the head. No autopsy was performed and there is consequently no scientific proof the baby belonged to Bill Clinton.

    On August 10, 1991, Danny Casolaro committed suicide. He was an investigative journalist who had been working to uncover the leads of several then-rumored Clinton scandals including activities at the Mena Airport in Arkansas. Casolaro was found dead in his hotel bathroom with both wrists opened though he had repeatedly informed his family and friends if he met such a fate it would not be suicide.

    On November 8, 1992, Ian Spiro committed suicide. An international businessman and commodities broker as well as government associate-operative, Spiro was involved in collecting evidence in the INSLAW Affair which connected with Bill Clinton and wife Hillary. He told friends he had been receiving numerous death threats although when the bodies of his wife and five children were discovered by authorities in their home, and Spiro’s body dead of cyanide in his car, it was ruled a murder-suicide.

    On May 19, 1993, John Wilson committed suicide. A Washington D.C. Council Chairman and Civil Rights activist, Wilson was claimed to be involved in the Whitewater Scandal which focused on questionable land deals and money laundering tied to the Clintons. There is speculation Wilson was prepared to testify in regard to these matters when he instead hung himself in the basement of his home. He left no note.

    On July 10, 1993, Vince Foster committed suicide. Foster was the Deputy White House Counsel at law. His body was discovered in Fort Marcy Park although no bullet was ever located. An initial witness stated there was no gun at the scene though one was later found prominently displayed on the body. Foster was an associate of long-standing with the Clintons who was concerned with Clinton campaign finances.

    On August 15, 1993, Jon Walker committed suicide. He was an investigator for Resolution Trust Corporation into the Whitewater Affair, and specifically the Morgan Guaranty scandal. Walker apparently jumped to his death from his apartment balcony.

    On November 29, 1993, Edward Willey committed suicide. He was the husband of Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer who stated on television that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her by forcing her to kiss him as he groped her. Edward was found dead by a gunshot wound to the head in his parked automobile. His wife Kathleen suggests he was murdered by operatives for the Clintons.

    On January 8, 1994, Gandy Baugh committed suicide. Later attorney for Dan Lasater who was a previous client of Hillary Clinton as well as contributor to the Bill Clinton campaign and according to Arkansas sources was described as his “partying companion.” Lasater was a distributor of illegal drugs and also involved, represented by Baugh, in a case of alleged financial misconduct. Baugh unexpectedly threw himself out of a several-story building.

    On May 14, 1994, Kathy Ferguson committed suicide. She was the ex-wife of an Arkansas State Trooper who was the co-defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. She had a gunshot wound to her right temple.

    On June 12, 1994, Bill Shelton committed suicide. He was the fiancée of Kathy Ferguson who killed herself one month earlier and who was connected to the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against then-President Clinton. Shelton was a Sherwood Arkansas Police Officer who had been vociferous in his allegations his wife-to-be had not committed suicide and had in fact been murdered. Shelton was found sprawled across Ferguson’s gravesite with an allegedly self-inflicted gunshot to the back of the head.

    On June 24, 1994, Stanley Huggins may have committed suicide. Huggins was a principal lawyer in the firm of Huggins and Associates located in Memphis. He was investigating the Morgan Guaranty scandal in relation to the Whitewater Affair. Despite numerous requests from his wife, no hospital records were evidently released; having been sealed by order of Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno. During the same weekend as his death Huggins’s office was burglarized and his files with 300-page report stolen.

    On July 28, 1994, Calvin Walraven committed suicide. Walraven was a police informant who had testified in a trial for the sale of cocaine by the son of Clinton Surgeon General Joycelon Elders. The cause was a gunshot wound to the head.

    On May 16, 1996, Jeremy Michael Boorda committed suicide. Naval Admiral during the Clinton administration he flew numerous combat missions during the Vietnam Conflict and awarded several medals of distinction; some reclassified later in his career. When questioned over authority to wear them he responded there was no intent at deception and he would desist. Yet he apparently killed himself over the matter only weeks later. Detractors believe the Admiral in fact refused to transport Chinese and other foreign troops on U.S. ships for “training” on American shores and became a liability.

    On August 2, 2016, Shawn Lucas committed suicide. He was the man who served a legal complaint, a nationwide class-action suit for fraud, against the Democratic National Committee (later proved to have conspired against Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary election) and Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. His girlfriend found his body on the bathroom floor.

    On August 1, 2016, Victor Thorn committed suicide. He was the author of a trilogy on supposed nefarious dealings by both Clintons and a writer for alternative media website American Free Press. The cause was a gunshot wound to the head. Incidentally, it was his birthday. Any correlation to the imminent election involving Hillary Rodham Clinton is alleged to be entirely circumstantial.

    Although only a partial list the above account for 15 suicides of people closely connected with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Likewise, there are literally dozens of other deaths which find the Clintons as their nexus. (One of the most compelling being the death of Clinton Commerce Secretary Ron Brown who publicly implied he was willing to testify against the President when his plane crashed…the air traffic controller later, as one might suppose, having committed suicide.)

  9. I tend to believe that FBI director Comey and Congressman Gowdy did the right thing by recommending that charges not be levied on the Cacklin’ Hag. With that unscrupulous regime in charge, the Mau Mau and that idiot who looks like Al Sharpton wearing a dress, firmly in charge of the Justice Department, there wouldn’t be much point in preferring charges. Even if charges were brought and successfully concluded in a conviction for any of the crimes she has committed, the Mau Mau would simply pardon the conviction like it never happened. Once that was accomplished she would be safe from further charges for any of her charged crimes, forever. Perhaps Comey and Goudy actually thought this through and are waiting for the Trumpster to be elected.

    Another possibility is that the Screechin’ Hag is going to have a terminal epileptic fit on camera and the event given wide dissemination to the voters. Either event would work for me. Who in their right mind would vote for sick old Hag with zero scruples? And….on it goes!

  10. Never Killary. She should never win. She’s the worst presidential candidate in American history. Lock her up for her crimes.
  11. Hillary and Bill Clinton are as bent as bananas, liars and cheats fueled by greed and power. I have been following all the publicity and YouTube clips and I am at loss to even think how anyone else could get away with even a fraction of their corruption. As long as they have Obama, Lynch and Comey wrapped around their little fingers they will continue to live above the law. And I can tell you now that if Hillary gets to the White House nothing will change, no election promises will be kept and she will just continue to be a money and power crazy mongrel. And as for Bill, he will be laughing all the way to the brothel. MARK MY WORDS!
  12. The entire Clinton tribe, including Chelsea, belong in prison. However, Bill and Hitlery have committed treason and a multitude of crimes against women and children, as well as their fellow human beings. They deserve to be lined up before a Department of Justice/INS/NSA/FBI/Secret Service/Special Forces et. al, firing squad, and pumped with lead until they stop jerking.

    Then, all their victims, if they are still alive, should have the pleasure of putting the final rounds in them.

  13. Hillary is a narcissist. She has never admitted to a mistake in her life. She is probably a psychopath, as they are very precise in their actions, as opposed to a sociopath who is basically ragtag. LOCK HER UP! Hope she rots and dies in prison of a horribly painful death. Good for her for making us all so happy!
  14. Mr. and Mrs. Hillary Clinton need to be tried before a new Inspector General from the FBI.

    They leaked and are selling Top Secret CIA secrets to China.

    They both need life sentences and on the chain gang in Federal Prison.


    from GOD’S DEVIL DOG


  15. Hillary Clinton is not the problem. It’s the invisible hands (the real global power) behind the curtain pulling the levers. Clinton is just one of their puppets.
  16. Washington politicians that will go to prison over Clinton Foundation bribery and treason charges will be so great a number that America will require fundamental changes in its citizens beliefs. That will not happen. Some Americans will see the evil Illuminati, Freemasonry and Jesuit elite as being behind all wars and banking currency manipulation for 900 years. Most will not. Many citizens will remain angry communists wanting violent revenge. They had stolen America from its foundations, how dare conservatives take it back. Civil war may happen in America. Despite the debt Jubilee that will happen, street violence will tear America apart.
  17. She and all behind her (Zionists) should be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay. A little waterboarding will get a full confession.
  18. This Cackle Hag is guilty of many, many felonies including extortion, murder, money laundering, lying under oath, fraud, violation of national security, theft of government property, destruction of government property, insider trading, gross negligence, and the list goes on. Additionally, this Hag is a pathological liar as well as thief. Besides all of that, she is almost 70 years old and ugly as hell, the kind of ugly that makes one want to puke just looking at her. She and all of her cohorts should be tried and jailed or executed depending on the severity of the crime. One can only hope the Trumpster will prevail and take care of this situation in its entirety. This country and the world will suffer greatly if this Hag is elected.
  19. Useful idiot, just think for a moment and realize that there is no way the Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs of the Federal Reserve System, and the owners of the MONEY MAKING MACHINE will trust you, the average useful idiot, to select and elect your own Public Officials.
  20. Useful idiots, I hate to be a party pooper, but in reality the DNC convention and the GOP convention are the gatherings of swindlers, clowns, buffoons, puppets, and lying paid whores of the Mainstream News Media, organized and perpetrated by the Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs of the Federal Reserve System, with the sole purpose of deceiving you, the useful idiot, into thinking that you have a say in the selection and election of your public officials. However, the Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs will install Hellary Clinton in the White House on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 as scheduled, just like the Oligarchs installed Obama and his predecessors, all the way back to and including President Woodrow Wilson. With the exception of President John Kennedy, which the Oligarchs killed like a dog for signing Executive Order 11110 intending to do away with the Federal Reserve System.
  21. The Clinton Foundation Secrets Espionage and Treason will be revealed after November and that information will secure her arrest. It’s not a matter of when she goes to prison, it’s a matter of how long.

    Don’t believe anything you hear in the media or from the Hitlery Camp or the Osama Bin Laden Administration.

    FACT!!.. Hitlery will not be president under no circumstances as she does not have any support and will be LUCKY if she receives any more than 2% of American votes. Hitlery is a known criminal and steps have already been taken to secure her arrest as soon as Donald Trump is sworn in as President. Make no mistake about it, Hitlery is facing 40 years behind bars, the lying vile repulsive career criminal will die in prison and Osama will follow her. It’s already a done deal.

  23. Like all the criminals of the “prior administrations” the criminals who should be prosecuted from “this one” and ostensibly “the next one”, should be prosecuted, without pardon, or commuting, excepting for judicial error.

    That’s how an “Old School” retired cop, who would never think of shooting a human on the basis of skin color sees this.

  24. Another possibility as to why FBI Director Comey didn’t recommend prosecution of Hillary:

    Comey knew if he recommended indictment, it wouldn’t happen anyway; Lynch would table it. And there is the real possibility that Obama would pardon Hillary “to remove the cloud hanging over her candidacy.” So Hillary would get off scot-free.

    So, Comey laid out all the egregious breaches of national security and Hillary lying about it. In other words, he gave a good prosecution argument which, in court, could convict her. But then he recommended against prosecution. Why?

    Answer: So that it would seriously damage Hillary’s chance of getting elected (some good campaign ads for Trump in Comey’s sound bites), show the American people what a lying scumbag she is, and show that she is a national security risk. Then when Trump is elected, he can appoint a special counsel to go after her. If she was pardoned by Obama, she would be forever free of prosecution for this.

    Could it be that instead of Comey being a “turncoat” or politically swayed, that he is doing the only possible thing to eventually bring Hillary to justice?

    Just my two bits.


  25. YES, Hillary belongs in jail! Lynch should resign or at the very least excuse herself from this case. All I can say is Comey must have been paid handsomely or else he’s afraid he will wind up dead.

    Bill sold out to the Chinese years ago and that is treason. And because of voter fraud and the corruptness of Hillary, she will be elected whether she is voted in or not. She will find a way to win.

    Imagine what would happen to one of us regular people if we did a small portion of the criminal activities that these two have done, we would be imprisoned for life!

  26. I ask myself if this happened to me, would I be treated like Hillary? If you feel that you will be treated the same as her, then you should vote for her. At the very least, she should not be allowed access to classified information. Anyone that claims they have no idea that the way they handled classified information was extremely careless will most likely do other things in a extremely careless manner and in this situation lead our country . . .
  27. Another globalist favored by media. She would probably make a worse president than her husband.
  28. Americans are so dumbed down that they have become totally unaware of what is going on in their own backyard! Of course the whole Bush/Clinton Clan should spend the rest of their miserable lives in jail, that would give them time to think about all the misery they have created all around the world. And if you think differently, you should be in jail as well. Your government is so corrupt that to dismantle it would not solve all the troubles we have today. America was great once, but that is now history. And I think we are looking down the barrel into a sad future with these criminals at the helm. How many of those well meaning healthy and honest young man will have to die for the elite few in control? Fighting wars in all corners of the globe. Think about it: who are the real terrorists here?
  29. Hillary Clinton and her philandering husband are murderous criminals going back to his years as Governor of Arkansas. There in Arkansas they allowed drugs to be distributed, through the infamous, Barry and the Boys cartel and had inside witnesses murdered. When they were in the White House, Vincent Foster, a Clinton aide was going to be indicted on criminal charges and realizing the illegal activities, couldn’t live with a guilty conscience, and when the Clinton’s found out his intentions to testify before Congress, they murdered him in the White House and disposed his body in a park, and made it look like, he shot himself. Hillary and Bill Clinton should be tried and convicted to life in prison, with no parole. Let them rot in hell and released to the general population, for FINAL JUDGMENT!
  30. Criminality aside, how can someone so careless and egotistical be considered as a prime candidate for the presidency? Oops! History is repeating in short order—Ladies and gents, the fix is in… Get used to the idea that you are garbage and have no say in the process—which isn’t even a process anymore—it’s bread and circuses and you are sitting in the front row sucking down the peanuts. Kabuki and striptease fan dancing at it’s finest, we now engage in the 2016 elections. As a diversion to the dishonesty, you can look to the Olympics for comic relief. Beaten to death, here’s a relevant quote from Joe Stalin—one of our bankers best friends.

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

    Bye suckers… enjoy the Diebold experience.

  31. Since we didn’t investigate VP Dick Cheney under “oath” for the 9/11 attack on Building #7 and the Pentagon, which changed the USA
    drastically since then, why should we charge Hillary Clinton for such a very unproved minor episode compared to what Pres. Bush and Cheney instigated as treason and murder?

    Why don’t you all investigate something that is worthwhile, which would bring trust and truth back to our government in its public governance for the sake of all us?

  32. Lady Macbeth and Slick Willie have left a long trail of corpses and abused victims ever since their marriage/merger in ongoing criminal enterprises. They are both so crooked that when they finally die, they’ll have to be screwed into the ground.
  33. When they called for help why did she not respond? If a normal person did this he would have drawn and quartered.
  34. How does our society vote for such despicable people? Most are so immoral it is not funny, no ethics what so ever! When will this crap end?
  35. No doubt in my mind, Hillary belongs in prison for the balance of her commie/socialist, criminal life. She is just a wicked individual to the core; she exhibits profound evil.
  36. I am just surprised that so many people are surprised about Shillary and what is happening. The ‘presidency’ as well as many other offices have been given to the ‘selected’ for a long time except, occasionally a surprise happens. I knew when she was campaigning against Mr. O and she dropped out, that the deal had been made that she would drop out if she got the next one…..She and Bubba have set up their power base from the start, making deals through any means they could and getting rid of those who were/are threats. That is why she is so arrogant and has been thumbing her nose at us all, easy-peasy. She has even stated the American people are dumb. She is right, most have been dumbed down for years and the media, being also bought and sold helped her right along.

    Realize this folks, she is just the next ‘step’ in the take down of America by the elites. We have been poisoned in our food/air/water/drugs, we have been lied to, our jobs (thanks to Hillary/Bill and NAFTA) have gone overseas. When the cancer rate is about 1 out of every 2, you have to realize this is on purpose, to fulfill Agenda 21.

    The poll results keep saying she is ahead of Trump, but we know those polls are not telling the truth are they? But when someone reads those bogus results, it makes them lean towards her. Unfortunately Donald, though well-meaning as he knows what is really going on, is not the best conveyor of the truth, speaking before thinking things out. He doesn’t use teleprompters, does he? Shillary gets her own questions asked and has her answers laid out for her. She knows exactly how to manipulate/use things for her own benefit.

    Should she be in jail? Sheez, she and Bill should both have been in jail a long time ago. That they are backed by powerful people/corporations/countries is in our faces and even the FBI backed down, so that should give Americans a big clue as to who is running the show. Years ago Bill himself stated a shadow government was here (can’t remember the exact words), and that was most likely a slip on his part, and the truth.

    George Washington considered this ‘republic’ form of government an experiment, but would shed his blood to give it a chance. I would say to George, well, it was a good try but it is a ‘failed experiment.’ That Shillary is even in the running is evidence of that….read ’em and weep kids.

  37. She and Bill should be jailed for murder and tampering with evidence from back in the Little Rock days. The American people are clueless about this couple’s background.
  38. Bradley Manning is still in jail and he did the right thing. Betraus got a fine and he was giving away secrets. Hillary has everything from stealing to mysterious murders.

    Ever since Reagan started this left/right idiocy and people no longer vote for what’s best for the country but instead for a party right or wrong.

    WE ARE DOOMED if we don’t break this cycle of passing the football every four or eight years. As of right now we are Nazi Germany circa 1937.

  39. All of the above. Orange jumpsuit, behind bars, sent to a desert island with no way back. Whatever it takes to get rid of this bat!
  40. She needs to be treated the same way Ceausescu was in Romania back in 1989: tried for treason and then executed along with her husband and Sid Blumenthal!
  41. The communist bit*h should be tried for treason, espionage, war crimes, murder and especially for trying to incite race war by a common law jury of her peers and hanged by the neck until dead after she is found guilty. So should Bill, the Bushes and the communist mulatto traitor currently defiling the White House.
  42. No, she should not go to jail. She should be sent to her homeland Israel on the first flight out, first class, all expenses paid, with all the money she wants digitally transferred to her account by the FED with the stipulation that she can never return. In the long run this would save a lot of money and probably countless lives.
  43. Hillary is GUILTY. Most thinking Americans should be wondering what the Sam Hillary she was thinking, holding the highest security position in the nation, yet insisting on doing things her own way. Her intention was to hide her actions, ideas and shenanigans from scrutiny under the Freedom of Information Act. What she succeeded in doing was exposing State secrets to the wiles of foreign hackers, Russia, for one, who, ironically care more about truth and honesty than she ever could.
  44. Notice: In the latter days, Right will become Wrong and Wrong will become Right. If the absence of Truth is not visible in the investigation of Hillary, then we have reached that plateau. May the Father Forgive them for they know not what they do!
  45. Killery ought to have an urgent appointment with Mr. Guillotine. It’s never too late, especially with traitors.

    Horst Baer

  46. I think Trump is more of a criminal. He acted with intent by swindling Americans through his defunct Trump U. Don’t overlook this and only conduct a witch hunt. There are two sides to every story. Don’t stay ignorant keep an open mind by checking facts.
  47. What does it matter if she goes to jail? She will probably get elected POTUS whilst doing her stretch.
  48. Hillary is the puppet of the bankster/corporate cabal. That’s why she wanted her own server; to keep her criminal machinations secret. Her behavior is very overt, arrogant and obvious, while she lies about her crimes. She needs to be jailed, along with the rest of the cabal…including Cheney, Obama, both Bushes, and her husband. All are operatives for the criminal mafia that controls the world and are leading it to nuclear war and all the profits it will bring the parasite class. Hillary, if guilty of even what Comey accused her of, has broken the law with unbelievable arrogance. The case does NOT require proving intent, unlike what he said. So that was a colluding lie. The collusion between the DoJ, the FBI, the president, Hillary and her sleazy husband is completely clear and in-your-face. Yet America is not rising up to refuse it. I believe Clinton will be the next president and America will prove it’s not worthy of a democracy because for a hundred years, since the inception of the Federal Reserve Act, it has not bothered to defend it.
  49. Hillary is thoroughly EVIL in every way. She should be forced to pay for her innumerable crimes. She is the classic example of the Marxist maxim: “The ends justify the means.” This woman is a psychopath and will try her best to kill or destroy anyone who gets in her way. She has ice-water in her veins. She should be hanged for treason.
  50. Hillary is an inveterate liar and anything she says or does is self serving. She cannot be trusted as she is a pathological murdering war criminal, with bloodlust in her heart and blood dripping from her hands. She is evil to her very core. There will be WWIII if she is allowed to steal the election.
  51. Pillory for Hitlary

    I had a (fantasy) DREAM! It went like this: I was at the DNC Convention in Philly…

    Just as Hillary was stepping up to the podium to speak, a large crowd encircled the stage. Out of the crowd emerged a group of people, made up of disgruntled law enforcement types, the few honest politicians left, and representative groups of American Citizens, young to old, who commandeered the stage.

    “As representative Citizens” they placed Hillary under ‘Citizens arrest’! “To hell with our corrupt system”, they said, “We’re not waiting anymore for someone up there, with the ‘stones’ to do what needs to be done”!

    “Bernie, you take over the DNC, we’re taking Hillary for a stroll.” They then take her outside and ‘perp walk” her all the way to Independence Mall, through cheering crowds that make the Mummer’s parade look like a block party. They then took Madame Taker to the room where the Constitution was framed, and read ALL the numerous charges that she was party to. That in itself took quite some time! She was properly De-Throned next to the Mint! (Dethronement)

    Finally they took her out to the square and put her (appropriately) in stocks. Of course they had to put her in a ‘safe’ space, a ‘free speech zone,’ behind free speech fences, where her peasants could tell her exactly what they thought of her, and her cadre of criminals. I don’t quite remember if rotten eggs and tomatoes were being sold by nearby vendors, or if that was just wishful dreaming, but I know they left her there three days, for conversational purposes. I think three times as many people showed up than came out for the Pope!

    I don’t remember much more except the cheers, and the drinking and celebrating. I think I passed out with joy.

    I know that this is probably just another one of my fantasies, BUT; You can’t LIVE a fantasy if you don’t HAVE one.


  52. vShe belongs in an orange jumpsuit. Not qualified to sweep the floors of political offices.

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