Major Media Suppressing Obama Assassination Story

By Michael Collins Piper

As AMERICAN FREE PRESS predicted in the February 6 edition, the call by the publisher of The Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, for Israel’s Mossad to utilize its American-based assets to assassinate Barack Obama has been almost entirely suppressed by the mainstream media. In contrast, the story has been big news in Israel and widely reported in Jewish community newspapers all across America.

Most astonishing—in response to Adler’s provocation—is that there are many Jewish writers openly acknowledging there is a deep hatred for Obama within the Jewish community, which most Americans presume to be strongly supportive of the president.

A widely circulated analysis originating on January 24 with the influential Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), admitted Adler’s remarks were “an extreme expression of a viewpoint that carries great currency among Obama’s Jewish critics: that the president represents a serious danger to Jews and to Israel,” adding that “while few of those critics might go as far as Adler, it doesn’t take much discussion in certain Jewish circles to find those who see something far more sinister in Obama than a president whose policies are bad for the Jews and Israel.”

JTA quoted Randy Silver, a Glenview, Illinois businessman, who asserted that he believes “Obama’s overriding goal is to have Israel destroyed. [Obama] put steps in motion to bring about the destruction of the state of Israel.”

A New Yorker told JTA that “[Obama is] not a Hitler in the sense that he’s anti-Semitic and wants to put every Jew into a concentration camp—at least not as we see things right now.”

JTA noted that “many longtime observers of the Jewish political scene” say the Jewish opposition to Obama reveals “an unprecedented level of vitriol.”

Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, told JTA: “I’ve never seen as much enmity toward a president by American Jews as I do toward Obama. . . . Among those who care about Israel, he surely is to blame for it. Every chance he gets, he blames Israel.”

And although there have been attempts to paint Adler’s Atlanta Jewish Times as being somehow without influence, one of Adler’s regular columnists is Chuck Berk, a leader of the Republican Jewish Coalition, who—as recently as December 30—was pictured in the Times in the company of Israel’s consul general in Atlanta, along with the governor of Georgia and several state senators.

In the meantime, Scotty Reid—columnist for a black-oriented Internet site,—raised important questions: “Are there Israeli assassination teams in the U.S.? If Israeli Mossad agents are based in the United States, what they are doing?”

Reid also noted that, “Adler is not just some crazed or mentally impaired individual publishing outlandish conspiracy theories.” Instead, Reid emphasized, Adler is not only publisher of a weekly newspaper but also producer of a local television show on which he has interviewed a number of Israeli government officials.

While JTA suggested most Jews still claim to support Obama, it did not mention that polls showing significant Jewish opposition to Obama could be enough to cause Obama to lose the electoral votes of key states, particularly in the Northeast, where politically active Jews in large numbers reside.

Michael Collins Piper

Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.


Israel Has Long History of Political Murders

By Edward R. Fields

As this newspaper has reported, The Atlanta Jewish Times publisher Andrew Adler, in an editorial on January 13, suggested that Israel’s Mossad should consider assassinating President Barack Obama. The Secret Service should take serious note of this, as Jewish and pro-Israeli groups have a long history of advocating and even carrying out assassinations of top officials deemed a threat.

Of late, Iran’s nuclear scientists have been specific targets of Israeli assassins. At least six have been murdered in the past few years. On January 11, 2012, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan was killed in broad daylight after an explosive was placed on his car in downtown Tehran. On November 29, 2010, Majid Shahriari was killed when terrorists on a high-speed motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to his car in busy traffic. In a separate attack that same, day another bomb exploded, severely wounding Fereydoon Abbasi, who now heads Iran’s atomic energy project. A year earlier, on January 12, 2010, Massoud Ali Mohammadi died when terrorists set off a bomb as he walked out of his front door. Three others have been murdered in similar attacks.

Two years ago, a prominent Hamas diplomat from the Gaza Strip was murdered in his hotel room in Dubai by several Jewish agents. They held a pillow over his head, smothering him to death. Some 13 conspirators were involved, all of whom used stolen foreign passports, including one from America.

Victor Ostrovsky was a case officer in Israel’s Mossad. He defected to Canada in 1990 and wrote the book By Way of Deception. Ostrovsky states that the Mossad has 1,200 employees and a special assassination unit called the “Kidon.” He writes that they do not need a large number of agents because: “There is a significant and loyal cadre of the worldwide Jewish community.”

Political Assassinations by Jews is a book by Nachman Ben-Yehuda published by State University of New York Press. It studies over 100 major attacks by Jewish terrorist groups going back to 1902. The more prominent cases include:

• Swedish peace negotiator Count Folke Bernadotte wanted to give western Galilee to the Jews and the Negev and Jerusalem to Jordan. On September 17, 1948, his car was passing through Jerusalem when a jeep blocked its way. Four Jews in military dress got out of the truck with tommy guns and riddled Bernadotte and his French aide. Yitzhak Shamir’s Lehi group was responsible. Shamir would later be elected Israeli prime minister.

• British Baron Walter Moyne was minister for Egypt and Palestine. On November 16, 1944, two Lehi agents, Eliahu Hakim and Beit Zouri, waited in the bushes near Moyne’s home. When Moyne and his driver arrived, the pair jumped out and shot both to death. The Lehi killers later released a statement that: “Moyne was personally responsible for Britain’s anti-Zionist policy.”

Dating back to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Jews played a major role in the assassination of the czar’s leaders. The Social Revolutionary Party assassinated six of the top officials of the imperial government from 1901 to 1911. The Russian premier, Pyotr Stolypin, was shot in cold blood by Jewish lawyer Mordecai Bogrov in 1911.

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Edward R. Fields is the publisher of the Georgia-based political newsletter The Truth At Last.