AFP PODCAST: Civil Forfeiture Laws, ‘Perverse Financial Incentives’


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In October 2011, AMERICAN FREE PRESS writer Keith Johnson wrote an article about a motel owner in Massachusetts who became the innocent victim of the United States Department of Justice and his local police department.


Russ Caswell, an ordinary, hard-working, law-abiding American citizen, is caught in an evil, unconstitutional legal game that could cost him everything him and his family have worked for their whole lives. Russ didn’t break any laws, has never been arrested nor convicted of anything, but that’s not gonna stop the federal and local government team from trying to steal his mortgage-free property, legally, using so-called civil forfeiture statutes.

AFP PODCAST caught up with Russ and Scott Bullock, a senior attorney for the Institute for Justice, who is representing Russ pro bono, in this 40-minute interview.

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