Michael Brown Case: Open & Shut

• All the evidence confirmed to the grand jury that Wilson shot Brown in self-defense.

By Pete Papaherakles —

The long anticipated grand jury verdict in Ferguson affirmed what AMERICAN FREE PRESS has been reporting and what rational Americans knew all along. On November 24, prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced there was insufficient evidence to indict officer Darren Wilson of any wrongdoing in the killing of Michael Brown.

McCulloch went on to detail the three-month long process of evidence gathering and testimony, which led to this decision. The evidence included three separate autopsies, including one independently done by the Brown family, Wilson’s testimony as well as those by scores of witnesses, physical evidence, police reports and hospital reports.

All the evidence confirmed to the grand jury that Wilson shot Brown in self-defense.

Although Brown has been portrayed by the media as “an unarmed, innocent, black teenager gunned down by a racist white cop” the evidence shows otherwise.

Here is what we now know.


According to the evidence, Brown, who was six-feet, four-inches tall and weighed 292 lbs., and a friend, Dorian Johnson, entered the Ferguson Market and Liquor, a convenience store, on the morning of August 9. Brown was then captured on surveillance video reaching across the sales counter and taking several packs of Swisher cigarillos without any attempt to be surreptitious. These mini-cigars are often used to make marijuana cigarettes knows as “blunts” and judging from the yellow socks adorned with green marijuana patterns Brown was wearing that day it would be safe to assume this was the intended use of the cigarillos.

When the store attendant tried to prevent his exit, Brown grabbed him from the shirtfront and shoved him out of the way into a potato chip display rack next to the entry door, before exiting with the stolen goods.

It is revealing that Brown and his friend were not concerned that they had just robbed a store and assaulted a clerk and that police would be notified.

After leaving the convenience store, they proceeded to walk in the middle of nearby Canfield Street on the yellow line with the stolen merchandise in hand, forcing cars to drive around them.

When officer Darren Wilson asked them to move to the sidewalk not only did they refuse, they made no effort to conceal the stolen goods. Whether they were on drugs or acting out an attitude of “gangster” bravado, they were clearly looking for trouble. This is critical to understand because what follows is truly surreal.

According to Wilson’s testimony, he was trying to be non-confrontational and asked them, “Hey guys, why don’t you walk on the sidewalk?” They refused, replying, “We’re almost at our destination,” they told him. “But what’s wrong with the sidewalk?” Wilson patiently insisted.

Wilson said that Brown answered him: “Fuck what you have to say.”

As Brown and his friend walked past Wilson’s police car, Wilson noticed that the two men matched the description of the individuals wanted in the convenience store robbery he had just heard about on the police radio.

After calling for back-up on his radio, Wilson backed up his police SUV and parked it at an angle in front of their walking direction.

As they approached, Wilson, waiting for back-up to arrive, told Brown he wanted to talk to him and went to open the door of his vehicle. At that point, Brown asked him, “What the fuck are you going to do about it?” and slammed the door shut. Wilson tried to open his door again but Brown slammed it shut and leaned into the vehicle and punched Wilson in the face.

“I tried to hold his right arm and use my left hand to get out to have some kind of control and not be trapped in my car anymore,” Wilson explained in his testimony. “And when I grabbed him, the only way I can describe it is I felt like a five-year-old holding on to Hulk Hogan.”

Brown punched Wilson once more hitting him squarely on the jaw, Wilson said. Unable to reach his mace or his police-issued “asp” club, he pulled out his gun and told Brown to back off or he would shoot.

Brown immediately grabbed the top of Wilson’s gun while taunting him, “You’re too much of a pussy to shoot me.” Brown then twisted the gun against Wilson and was trying to get his finger into the gun’s trigger guard to shoot Wilson in his thigh or groin area. After a tussle resulting in two misfires Wilson got a shot off on his third attempt as he barely managed to push the gun away from him and down into the door panel, shattering the window glass.

Startled by the shot and broken glass, Brown stepped back momentarily only to come attacking again.

“He had the most intense, aggressive face,” said Wilson. “The only way I can describe it is he looked like a demon; that’s how angry he was.”

Wilson shielded his face as Brown hit him again. Wilson then shot one more time. At this point, Brown ran away from the car. Wilson said he called dispatch one more time and got out of the car to go after Brown. Brown ran about 35 feet to the street corner and stopped. He turned around, facing Wilson, and Wilson told him to get on the ground.

Brown then charged toward Wilson as he continued telling him to get on the ground. Wilson fired several shots, at least one of which hit Brown, but Brown continued moving forward. Wilson kept telling him to get on the ground as he started backpedaling but Brown kept charging. Wilson fired another volley of shots again with at least one hitting Brown because he flinched.

Brown then put his head down and started charging at Wilson who continued backpedaling and telling Brown to get on the ground. When Brown was eight to 10 feet away Wilson fired the last set of shots hitting Brown in the head. It was all over at this point. Brown fell dead on the pavement.

There were 60 eyewitnesses who gave testimony. There is no doubt that Brown was walking in the middle of the street or that his body was in Wilson’s car while they were scuffling. Dozens of eyewitnesses also told the exact story about the final shooting scene. Many stressed the fact that at no point did they see Brown putting his hands up while some even commented on the furious, demonic look on Brown’s face as he charged Wilson.

There were some individuals who said they saw Brown raise his hands and even that he was down on his knees when Wilson shot him, execution style. Others said Brown raised his hands with his back turned to Wilson. But their testimonies were filled with inconsistencies and ambiguities and several admitted they were friends or acquaintances of Brown’s. When interviewed on the witness stand by investigators, seven to eight witnesses admitted that they perjured themselves about the shooting.

All three autopsies agreed that the entry points of all the shots were from the front and the fatal shots to the head were while Brown’s body was lunging forward. Brown’s blood was found on Wilson’s gun and on the police car. Pictures taken of Wilson at the hospital show bruising and swelling on the right side of his face and redness on the back of his neck.

Yet the media continues referring to Brown as an “unarmed teenager” who was gunned down or even “executed” by a white police officer. They have condemned prosecutor McCulloch, who is a Democrat, as biased, the grand jury decision as a whitewash and a farce and claimed justice was not served. Al Sharpton said the grand jury decision was a joke since Brown didn’t have a chance to defend himself.

After the grand jury decision was announced, Brown’s stepfather urged protesters to “burn the bitch down” as rioters looted stores and burned at least 12 buildings to the ground in Ferguson. At least 61 people were arrested on the night of November 24 and 45 more on November 25. Riots and looting took place all across the country as “protesters” expressed their outrage at the perceived injustice with over 400 arrests nationwide.

In an effort to prove that the Ferguson Police Department is racist against blacks, the media point out that more than 85% of motorists pulled over in the city are black and that the arrest rate among blacks is twice the rate among white residents. These statistics, however, omit the fact that Ferguson is 68% black and that according to Justice Department statistics blacks are five times more likely to commit crimes than whites, which essentially means that blacks are not getting arrested as often as they should be.

They also point out that Ferguson is a majority-black city governed mostly by whites. They don’t explain that Ferguson has traditionally been a white town that only recently has been taken over by blacks. In 1970, 99% of the population of Ferguson was white and only 1% black. Even in 1990 whites comprised 74% of the total, while blacks made up only 25%.

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23 Comments on Michael Brown Case: Open & Shut

  1. These comments force me to believe that you are a little racist JOHN. You said that if we can’t beat them join them? What do you mean by that exactly?
  2. What I don’t understand is that Michael Brown got his day in court. Lots of money and time spent with a fine tooth comb. All the facts and witnesses were grilled, all the evidence thoroughly examined and the verdict was right.

    Why complain after? Makes no sense. JUSTICE was served. The police officer lost his job and did not deserve so. He should be paid by the government a healthy sum for his loss of income. The Brown family and all those witnesses who LIED in their testimony need to PONY up some dough for the poor officer. When the boyfriend shouted burn the MFer down and incited a riot causing lots of $$$ damage, he should go to jail for that. He should have been arrested after that video was seen. Black people need to grow up. Spend some time in the library instead of the street corner and learn something…anything that you can make something out of yourselves. Stop frying your brains, pull up your pants, have some manners and do it. Learn from the white man…if you can’t beat ’em join em!

    I grew up poor then watched and learned from well of white men and now I can’t say I’m rich but I hold my own very well, thank you. Cabo trips, new car every 4 years, house with a low mortgage.

    C’mon you can do it….LIVE AND LEARN…Ask yourself this question at the end of each day….”Have I made myself or others better off today?”

  3. Thanks for the narrative. I was looking for a factual account. Interesting info about Ferguson demographics. Haven’t seen that anywhere else.
  4. This is a RECORDING…This case is NOT about RACE, it IS about BEHAVIOR. This should be period, end of story, that is all, but the stubborn refusal to see the truth and the media focuses on those who stir the pot. I don’t like it when anyone sits on a pity pot and blames others for their poor choices, much less when they’re encouraged to do so by the government. If you don’t assault a police officer, then try to get his gun, your chances of being shot by said gun are nonexistent.
  5. Robert M. Stockmann:

    Wrong. There were pictures taken at the hospital and a written report. Easy to find online.

    You will notice redness and swelling on his right cheek, his lower right lip is also red and swollen, and the back of his neck is red on the left side.

  6. kai lewis:

    You too can know all I know by reading the Ferguson grand jury report.

    Just Google it. Oh…and read it.

  7. Krissy:

    Very well said. Thanks for your comment.

    “It’s so obvious to anyone with a brain that Michael Brown was killed in self-defense” you say. “Stop committing crimes, get off welfare and get a real job and you wont have trouble with police.”

    It seems that everyone should be able to understand these obvious things, but they don’t. Look at some of the other comments posted, or listen to what they say on the mainstream news.

    They’re all grasping at straws to find any inconsistency in the testimonies: in the way the prosecution instructed the grand jury, in the police chief, the mayor, just anything they can use as an excuse to defend the thug criminal Brown.

    Why these people are so obsessed with standing up for criminals even when the case is crystal clear, I’ll never understand. We saw the exact same thing with the Trayvon Martin case. Anyone who saw the trial cannot have any doubts that Martin was a criminal thug who sucker-punched Zimmerman and was trying to kill him. Just like Darren Wilson, Zimmerman is lucky to be alive.

    But most of the media, the blacks and the liberals are still saying that justice was not served in that case like they are now crying about Brown the thug.

    The media is inciting racial tensions of course. The blacks find it convenient to believe they are victims of white racism. And the liberals suffer from white guilt. It might take a Michael Brown experience for them to wake up.

  8. It’s unbelievable that, even faced with such incredible evidence, people still choose to defend a bully and a thug. It’s so obvious to anyone with a brain that Michael Brown was killed in self-defense. I am sick of the media perpetrating these lies, trying to incite anger in blacks just so they can continue their sensationalistic stories. I thought the media was supposed to report FACTS. And the fact that they, and our President, are treating Darren Wilson and police as criminals is sick. The real criminal was the black guy who was BREAKING THE LAW, not the man who was doing his job, trying to stop him. And why do blacks and the media act as though crimes committed by blacks should be overlooked? Where is the wisdom in that???

    Here’s a thought:

    Stop committing crimes, get off welfare and get a real job and you wont have trouble with police. Funny how these racist black people are hating on white people while our hard-earned wages go to pay for their food stamps and welfare benefits.

  9. The writer of this article pretends to be privy to information unavailable to the rest of us at this point. His assertions and so-called conclusion are unfounded and deluded. What a bunch of personal crap.
  10. attoman:

    Look, I don’t need to read any of this crap. What can I learn that I don’t already know? That Brown was some choir boy? That the jury made mistakes? Brown was the one who made a mistake when he woke up with an attitude that morning. He got a reality check. Pure and simple.

  11. kyle stone:

    Who’s not familiar with the evidence? Read the testimony, numbskull. After the first shot broke the glass, Brown came back and hit him one more time before Wilson fired a second shot. It was only then that Brown ran away.

    Take this “racism” and “prejudice” crap somewhere else. This is not about race. This is an open and shut case. At no point was Brown “surrendering.” The witnesses you are referring to were Brown’s homies who later had to admit they were lying because their testimony didn’t add up.

    Why are you defending a proven criminal instead of a police officer who was doing his duty and fighting to save his life? You should be ashamed of yourself.
    The 35 feet was approximately how far Brown ran away from the car before turning to charge Wilson. Wilson was not standing still. He chased Brown to about 20 feet and killed him at 8-10 feet while backpedaling.

    You got some nerve calling ME dishonest. Your entire reply is full of lies. It’s not the “fake pictures” and the rigged jury that’s the problem. It’s that you’re grasping at straws to defend a criminal. I hope you have a run-in with one of these animals some day. Maybe then you’ll wise up.

  12. Foreign Policy:

    “Unarmed teenager?” How about “Savage thug?” “Cold blooded murder?” Did you miss the part where Brown grabbed Wilson’s gun and was trying to kill him with it? How about the part where he was playing Mike Tyson on his face? And no, he didn’t fire seven shots and then pause for a moment. Read the report. There were 12 shots all together. Two were shot at the car. Three or four were shot when Brown started coming toward him. Three or four more on his second charge. The rest when he charged a third time, linebacker style. Get your facts straight before you start sobbing for the thug.

  13. Madison Noveh:

    You should be ashamed for being soft in the brain. What has been proven wrong? Was Brown playing patty cakes with Wilson when he had his gorilla body in his car pummeling on his face? Were all three autopsies fabricated? Grow up!

  14. Only the white, racist and Zionist USA cops are shooting at human beings without any warning(s)! What a shame on the rednecks who are defending the murderer-cop and cops who protect the sick Zionist regime there! You better wake up redneck/honky mutants! You should have marched with the blacks in millions and together to overthrow that sick and violent regime there!
  15. Absolute shame on the author of this article. So much of this “evidence” has been proven wrong, simply made up. It’s disappointing that someone given an opportunity to influence with concrete information would try and hoodwink people into believing biased opinions. Really disturbing.
  16. Wilson has been a cop there for nine years and protected the same people throwing him under the bus. He never drew his weapon once; I guess he was just waiting to kill an unarmed 6’4″ 292 lb. man, not child. He must be such a racist and plotted for nine years until the time was right. He was a good man and father, as well as a good cop. What was Mike Brown? High on drugs, thief, assaulted a store owner and police officer. Was walking in the middle of the street like an ahole. Real great guy! He a good statistic; out of 43 million black males, 123 were shot and killed by police last year. On the converse, 300 white males were shot by cops! Real epidemic going on. What a joke.
  17. Shot and killed an unarmed teenager. There’s no excuse. If he couldn’t handle that situation then he shouldn’t be on the force, plain and simple. I’ve heard a lot of sickening excuses for his actions. But lately people are hearing what is said to be an audio of the murder. And this story doesn’t match to how fast he let seven shots go and then paused for a moment just to unload another four. It was cold blooded murder and police do it everyday, and the people of the country pay for this service.
  18. “Startled by the shot and broken glass, Brown stepped back momentarily only to come attacking again.”

    That is not Wilson’s testimony. Wilson said after that shot Brown ran away. This is just more proof the author of this article is not familiar with the evidence.

    There was evidence for and against self-defense in a case that was clearly due for trial but the prosecutor filtered and framed the evidence in a way to avoid an indictment. The bias was so deep when the grand jury members asked for clarification on how the laws applied to the case they were told by the prosecutor: “We don’t want to get into a law class.”

    You cannot ask a jury to render a verdict based on the law while denying that same jury adequate comprehension.

    There has never been another shooting case where so many witnesses said the victim was surrendering or not a threat where an indictment did not happen.

    Maybe some people are happy simply because of the race of the victim but we pay the cops to be trained to avoid needless death but we hold them to a lower standard than regular civilians and that is backwards.

    Based on the information thus far nobody can concretely claim Wilson was or was not guilty but for the author of this piece he admitted prejudgment and used the grand jury decision to support a preconception even while he repeatedly proved he did not know the evidence.


  19. “Brown ran about 35 feet to the street corner and stopped. He turned around, facing Wilson, and Wilson told him to get on the ground. Brown then charged toward Wilson as he continued telling him to get on the ground.”

    Brown’s body was laying dead 35 feet from Wilson’s vehicle. By your own information it is impossible that Brown charged at him. Unless you meant “running in place” which is the only thing consistent with the physical evidence.

    It was also ignored more witnesses than not contradicted Wilson and one who supported Wilson said she does not see the black race as people but only “niggers.” Nice reliable witness?

    You also ignored the fact the cops cited injuries as justifying the shooting and many sources close to the police department made the same claim and after all the fake pics were passed around we saw an close up of Wilson showing no injuries at all.

    This is without a doubt one of the most dishonest pieces on the case but that is not the sad part. The truly depressing knowledge is knowing you do not care about honesty.

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