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National News

Study on Cell Phone, EMF Dangers Ignored

February 15, 2017 5

For years, scientists have been warning that pollution from electro- magnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones and WiFi “likely cause” brain and heart cancers in test animals, but no one is listening. Even worse, as […]

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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Victor Thorn’s Brother Speaks

August 4, 2016 54

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Dave Gahary spoke with William J. “Bill” Makufka about his brother Scott’s (Victor’s) suicide, that has shaken the truth community in a way few could have predicted. Due to the many questions […]

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INTERVIEW: Frosty Wooldridge Gives Immigration Wake Up Call

November 9, 2014 5

• Frosty Wooldridge, respected author and journalist,  says immigration, multiculturalism a deadly brew. By Victor Thorn — As a math and science teacher, college guidance counselor, freelance journalist and author of 13 books, including Immigration’s […]

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Alternative Health

Alternative Health

Doctor Sues to Stop Naled Spraying

July 14, 2017 2

A Miami physician and an attorney have filed an injunction against Dade County to stop the rampant, dangerous use of naled, an organophosphate insecticide in its “air war on mosquitoes.” The plaintiffs say local government is […]



Isis Is Us

March 18, 2017 0

Isis Is Us: The Shocking Truth Behind the Army of Terror Did the “Islamic State” spring full-blown into spontaneous being as the fanatical scourge of the Middle East, or was it helped along by state […]