AUDIO INTERVIEW: Wolfgang Halbig Gains Some Ground

June 24, 2015 AFP 6

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Wolfgang W. Halbig, who gained worldwide recognition after an interview conducted by this newspaper, still doesn’t believe anyone was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, and he finally […]

Is Wolfgang Halbig on a Wild Goose Chase?

May 3, 2014 AFP 0

By Keith Johnson Wolfgang W. Halbig won’t rest until the state of Connecticut answers “16 simple questions” concerning the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of December 14, 2012. Will those answers be forthcoming, or have […]

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Wolfgang Does Newtown

April 10, 2014 AFP 0

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Wolfgang W. Halbig went on a mission after he was paid a visit by the Lake County, Florida Sheriff’s office, and is planning his own visit, to Newtown, Connecticut next month, in […]

Google: Christianity Must Be Censored

May 16, 2018 AFP Editor 1

Internet giant Google now says a popular Lutheran publisher’s faith-based advertising is bad for business. Concordia Publishing’s CEO explains that the company is standing firm: “We are not willing to sacrifice our beliefs to comply with […]

Florida Professor Stands for Free Speech

May 9, 2016 AFP 2

• James Tracy files lawsuit against university that fired him, union that failed to defend him. By Dave Gahary — Dr. James F. Tracy, one of this nation’s top media analysts, gained national notoriety for […]

Sandy Hook: Still Looking for Answers

May 3, 2015 AFP 28

By Victor Thorn — When serious investigative journalists confront a particular case, it’s imperative that they rely on critical thinking and logic rather than emotionalism and blind acceptance. With this extremely simple premise in mind, […]

Sandy Hook Parents Could Be in Danger

June 14, 2014 AFP 39

By Keith Johnson — There’s seemingly no limit to how far some will go to enforce on others their warped interpretation of what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Less […]

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