“Pizzagate”—The Dark Side of Politics

January 16, 2017 AFP Editor 7

This article contains highly disturbing subject matter that should not be read by children. Sensitive readers are advised to exercise appropriate caution. Late last year, allegations of ritualistic pedophilia involving top Democrats began surfacing online. […]

Mainstream Can’t Tell What’s Fake

January 15, 2017 AFP Editor 1

It’s not just the mainstream media that is spreading around fake news. One particular bogus story about the death of a prominent NATO employee has been passed around by the alternative media, as well. AFP […]

More Fake Hate Crimes Exposed

January 5, 2017 AFP Editor 5

After the election of Donald J. Trump, the mainstream media went nuts reporting that “hate crimes” had exploded across the nation. Months later, however, the real story is coming out that most of these charges […]

Maryland Sheriff Vows to Resist Tyranny

December 31, 2016 AFP Editor 1

A popular law enforcement officer in Maryland recently sat down with AFP to talk about his renewed hope, since the election of billionaire populist businessman Donald Trump on Nov. 8, that the current anti-cop attitude […]

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