Was Australia Hit with Biowarfare or Whacky Weather?

Recently, Australia suffered from a strange occurrence, which sent thousands of people to the hospital. The media was quick to blame the outbreak on unusual weather, but others were not convinced. Pointing to the fact that the event came and went so rapidly, conspiracy theorists argued that something far more sinister had to have been involved.

By James Spounias

In what can best be described as something out of a science-fiction movie, “thunderstorm asthma” reportedly killed at least eight people and sent thousands to hospitals in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria, Australia on Nov. 21. Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city, with a population of 4.4 million, including surrounding areas and suburbs.

Thunderstorm asthma is considered a freak illness “when a storm hits hard during a period of high pollen and high humidity, causing (pollen) grains to break up and disperse, entering people’s lungs and making it hard for them to breathe,” according to Melbourne Ten Eyewitness News.

The city’s emergency rooms were packed with 8,500 ill people, 1,900 emergency calls were placed, and pharmacies were jammed during six hours.

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Though thunderstorm asthma has been reported a few times in locations with sub-tropical climates, nothing on this scale has ever occurred.

Jill Hennessy, Victoria’s minister for health and ambulance service, was quoted in The New York Times as saying, “This was a health emergency of an unprecedented scale.”

On Nov. 25, The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Hennessy as stating: “When we have one bomb go off, we know what we’re dealing with. When we’ve had people calling for ambulances—one call every four-and-a-half seconds at the peak—it was like having 150 bombs going off right across a particular part of metropolitan Melbourne. And that’s something we’ve never really planned for.”

A Nov. 26 headline in The Guardian reads, “Thunderstorm asthma: ‘you’re talking an event equivalent to a terrorist attack.’ ”

The story linked this deadly occurrence to “climate change.”

Some so-called conspiracy-bloggers, however, quickly reported that the mainstream news accounts of thunderstorm asthma as the cause of this event are bogus, and that the likely culprit is biowarfare weaponry.

It’s difficult to know which is true, given the record of establishment lies and experimentation, let alone the opportunistic link to “climate change.”

Conspiracy researchers can be wrong, of course, or they may have been planted by the powers-that-be to spread disinformation to keep the public confused, as was encouraged by Cass Sunstein, former “information czar” under outgoing President Barack Obama.

Sunstein wrote in a position paper that one way to deal with conspiracies is to engage in “cognitive infiltration” in order to bring “cognitive diversity”; that is, the deliberate spreading of lies by covert government operatives to make so-called conspiracies (i.e., the real ones) less credible.


If thunderstorm asthma or similar phenomena re-occur, it behooves those who dig deeply into these subjects to explore all possibilities.

James Spounias is the president of Carotec Inc., originally founded by renowned radio show host and alternative health expert Tom Valentine.

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