Owner of Servers Implicated in DNC Hacks Says No One Is Interested in Truth Behind Computer Crimes

The mainstream media argues with no real evidence that the Russian government has been behind computer hacking targeting top Democrats and U.S. elections systems. However, the man who runs the servers implicated in the crime said no U.S. law enforcement or intel agency is interested in speaking with him to gather evidence on the perpetrators.

By John Friend

Vladimir Fomenko, the 26-year-old owner of King Servers, a Russian-based web server company that has been alleged to have been involved in hacking the Democratic National Committee and computerized election systems in both Arizona and Illinois, recently spoke to American Free Press in an effort to demystify the controversy surrounding his company and cyberattacks purportedly carried out at the behest of the Russian government.

In addition to the United States, hackers that broke into King Servers have also been alleged to have targeted other foreign countries, including Germany, Turkey, and Ukraine, in an attempt to undermine democratic processes.

When WikiLeaks began releasing hacked data from the DNC late this summer, media reports and the Clinton campaign almost immediately began blaming the Russian government with virtually no solid evidence to support such conclusions. In August, the FBI released eight IP addresses used in targeting the computerized voting systems in major U.S. states, while ThreatConnect, a private company that aggregates and analyzes cyberthreats, identified six of the eight IPs as being directly connected to Fomenko’s web-hosting company, King Servers. The hackers apparently used the servers they rented from Fomenko to hack the voting systems without his knowledge, he explained to AFP.

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“Unfortunately, the criminals partially used our servers behind our back, indeed,” Fomenko stated. “But the FBI claims that the attacks were made from eight addresses, and part of them apparently belong to other European companies.”

After learning about the criminal activity, Fomenko immediately shut down the servers and investigated the situation to the best of his ability. He also contends he is willing to cooperate with law enforcement officials.

“Web hosting is a legal enterprise that is regulated by law,” Fomenko explained. “King Servers works in Russia, the U.S., and the Netherlands and complies with the laws of these countries.”

Once he learned that clients were using his servers to hack into computer systems, Fomenko said he looked into it himself.

Fomenko added: “We pursued an investigation without delay and found some tracks leading to Europe. The criminals had European IPs. We offered assistance to law enforcement, but we haven’t received any responses. I believe the information we have would help to find the criminals, if law enforcement were interested in it. Much time has been wasted, and it is probably too late to look for the criminals now, but we are still ready to assist.”

Revealingly, no law enforcement officials have contacted Fomenko.

“No U.S. law enforcement agency has contacted us at this time. Neither the FBI nor any other U.S., Russian, or Dutch intelligence agency has contacted us,” Fomenko explained. “After addressing the situation comprehensively, I came to the conclusion: Did the attacks take place or was it a part of a plan of unknown public relations persons? If the agencies were willing to know who was behind all of this, they could get the necessary server information by contacting the Dutch police. They could do that if they needed facts, but there is a problem with facts and evidence in this story.”

Politics and the presidential election obviously played a major role in all of this, Fomenko contends. The Clinton campaign, Democrat leaders, anti-Trump partisans, and the fake news media have baselessly blamed the Russian government for the hacks in an attempt to undermine American democracy and help get Trump into the White House.

Citing Fomenko’s Russian-based company as the entity that at least partially facilitated the attacks was merely a dishonest way of implicating the entire Russian government in a criminal conspiracy, without providing legitimate evidence or proof.


Fomenko doubts Russia, or any other world-power for that matter, would risk engaging in this type of obvious criminal activity.

“Russia has one of the best schools for programmers,” Fomenko noted. “Do you think if Russia were behind the attacks, hackers working for the Russian government wouldn’t cover their tracks?”

Russian officials have strongly denied any involvement in the hacks, with one Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, calling them “so absurd it borders on total stupidity,” according to Russia Today.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of the most hysterically maligned world leaders today, has repeatedly stated that blaming Russia for the attacks is a crass way of directing public attention away from the outrageous corruption and criminality exposed by the leaks.

Fomenko argues that hackers are criminals who lack a nationality and that the threat they pose must be countered through cooperation and honest investigations on an international level. Jumping to conclusions for political purposes has not helped the situation, Fomenko contends.

John Friend is a writer who lives in California.

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  1. For one thing, if the IP traces back to the U.S. law enforcement can widen its investigation to include U.S. hackers or even disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters and rein in this nonsense about the Russian government being behind the hacks.

  2. So how does tracing the IP prove anything? Unless you find the actual device used to do the hack, you have nothing. This is stupid.

  3. “Owner of Servers Implicated in DNC Hacks Says No One Is Interested in Truth Behind Computer Crimes” Has this story been forwarded to BHO and DJT?

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