Respected Author Debunks Climate Change in Exclusive Interview

G. Edward Griffin, the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, the definitive exposé on the Federal Reserve, recently sat down with AFP to discuss his latest project that focuses on exposing the lie that the world is warming because of the actions of mankind. You can listen to the hour-long AFP Podcast with Griffin for all of the details.

By Mark Anderson

Veteran author and researcher G. Edward Griffin—whose popular books have exposed the Federal Reserve, shown cures for cancer, and unmasked the cloaked tyranny of the United Nations—spoke to AMERICAN FREE PRESS recently for a podcast interview.

In the podcast, which accompanies this article, the widely respected California-based leader of Freedom Force International (FFI) outlines what FFI is about, with a focus on the organization’s just-finished “Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie” congress held in Tempe, Arizona Dec. 2-4. AFP covered the event.

Although he has studied banking and monetary issues for years, Griffin in this interview also gave his current assessment of the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve System, while touching on other issues, including energy alternatives, with his characteristic blend of wit, wisdom, and purpose. He doesn’t simply stay informed and encourage others to do so, he takes the crucial extra step of outlining what must be done to get beyond exposure and ultimately find solutions to the myriad problems facing the people of the U.S. and the rest of the world.

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“It’s not just an interest in more information, and the desire to become better informed—all of which is important, of course—it’s this urgency we have to change the future. Otherwise, it’s not going to go well for us,” he remarked.

“I was blown away by the wealth of information that these experts brought with them,” he said, referring to the scientists, professors, educators, and journalists from the U.S., UK, and Canada who spoke at the FFI congress on global warming. He added that he was surprised how much he still didn’t know about climate matters upon hearing how much information congress participants added to the knowledge base.

See AFP’s report on the FFI climate conference here.

With an exciting new year planned, FFI, true to form, “is going into full gear,” said Griffin. He has been editing the video footage from the congress to disseminate it freely as soon as possible by posting it on FFI-linked websites, among other means of getting the message out to further challenge the ultra-biased “climate change” narrative spouted by “court” scientists and “court” journalists who protect the status quo under the guise of free inquiry.

Griffin agrees with this AFP writer’s outlook on a pivotal point: Amid the decline of the orthodox press due to its severe botching of Trump campaign coverage—among other issues that have eroded the media’s credibility with the public—the message of FFI will be less encumbered and therefore will have a greater impact.


In terms of Griffin’s views on the central-banking cartel known as the Fed, it’s best to listen to the accompanying podcast to hear his sage advice on that and other matters, as the general freedom movement and the grassroots media begin to make more headway than ever before in challenging the powers-that-be.

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor.

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  1. Wow. Really? Let’s consider alt-left and other variations of “hot air”: How about yesteryear’s global cooling theories that never panned out with millions expected to die — most of which was promoted by the very same people who now say the oceans will soon boil. And now, just since this Griffin conference, there have been 2 or 3 huge snowstorms and ultra cold temperatures during the current global warming craze that apparently the person oddly named “Name” believes is real — otherwise Name would also be a dreaded…..wait for it……DENIER! Reality-denying indeed! The Griffin conference actually carried useful, reasonable counter-arguments that certainly showed that the reality-deniers are those who actually NEED “global warming” to be true, lest they lie awake all night in some sort of permanent panic. The usual muddle-headed lefties always have their famous “tolerance” on full display, always accusing others of what they are guilty of. The sign a madness

  2. What a joke this website is. Mush for morons. Alt-right utter bullshit for nitwits and wanna-be “experts”. Climate denialist without a shred of credibility or actual science to back up their bogus claims. Shit-tons of “ads” to “sell” crap nobody needs. Proud to be truly ignorant and uninformed. Asinine connedspiracy fools. Ignorant to the nth degree about the real world you live in. Reality denying, fear-mongering freaks. Faketriots for profits. And yes, I’m being polite, but very, very accurate.

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