Immigration: The First Firestorm

January 31, 2017 AFP Editor 4

The globalists and the mainstream media are in a tizzy over President Trump’s new executive order that halts U.S. immigration for two to three months while officials work on ways to vet potential terrorists. While […]

Good News: Trump Dumps TPP

January 24, 2017 AFP Editor 2

Yesterday, on his first day in office, President Donald Trump signed an executive order pulling the U.S. out of the negotiations over the largest free trade deal ever created, the Trans Pacific Partnership. It was […]

Dreading De-Globalization in Davos

January 19, 2017 AFP Editor 6

Corporate executives, top bankers, global speculators, and power brokers at the annual Alpine retreat in Davos, Switzerland are complaining openly that the rise of populism and nationalism across the United State and Europe is a […]

Inauguration Disruption

January 16, 2017 AFP Editor 2

This Jan. 20 won’t be the first time that radicals, anarchists, social justice warriors, and racists have planned to protest Inauguration Day. It happened to Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. But this year, it […]

“Pizzagate”—The Dark Side of Politics

January 16, 2017 AFP Editor 7

This article contains highly disturbing subject matter that should not be read by children. Sensitive readers are advised to exercise appropriate caution. Late last year, allegations of ritualistic pedophilia involving top Democrats began surfacing online. […]

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