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U.S. Army Preparing for Civil Unrest


• Feds unveil Army manual that permits use of troops on “rebellious” Americans. By Keith Johnson — The paramilitary response to the race riots in Ferguson, Missouri is a stark reminder of the ever-blurring distinction between police officer and soldier. Now, a recently unclassified document from the United

Was Beheading of U.S. Journalist Staged for War?


• AFP examines claims that video of American reporter James Foley being executed was a staged fakery. By Pete Papaherakles — On August 20, the White House confirmed the authenticity of a gruesome video showing the beheading of American reporter James Wright “Jim” Foley by the terrorist group

Secret U.S. Bio Lab Moving from Plum Island to Kansas


• Are U.S. Centers for Disease Control greatest bioterror threat? • Planned national Bio and Agro-Defense Facility may endanger American heartland. By Ronald L. Ray — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and associated research facilities are supposed to be the safest and most secure medical

Available Evidence Shows Ukrainian Missile Battery Shot Down Malaysian Plane


• U.S. investigative journalist, Russian defense officials insist it was Ukraine—not Russia—that shot down passenger airliner. By Richard Walker — Within 24 hours of the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine, Washington and the mass media pointed an accusing finger at Russia without a shred

Racial Blackmail


• African-American radicals offer message to white America: Put white cop on trial and convict him or we’ll make blacks riot. By Victor Thorn — Despite clear, overwhelming evidence that on August 9, 2014, a 6’4”, 292-pound black thug named Michael Brown committed two felonies—the strong-arm robbery of

Israeli Politicos: New Testament Is ‘Anti-Semitic’


• Knesset members encourage growing number of attacks against Christian holy sites. • A cracked gravestone in a Jewish cemetery draws howls of international outrage, but none of these attacks have received U.S. news coverage. By Bill White — Even as the Zionists in Palestine bombarded the Gaza

A Thorn in Their Side


• A candid interview with author Victor Thorn: AFP’s secret weapon against the New World Order. By Dave Gahary — Although AMERICAN FREE PRESS has a top-notch staff of writers who bring you the important news conveniently ignored by this country’s mainstream media, perhaps this newspaper’s best kept

Bilderberg to Meet In Europe Again


• Early reports indicate secretive cabal may meet in Austria in 2015. By Mark Anderson — A five-star conference center in the majestic Austrian Alps may be the site of the 63rd Bilderberg meeting next year, most likely sometime in late spring. The anticipated location of Bilderberg 2015

Former Top Industry Insider Reveals Big Pharma Secrets


• Insider tells how bribery is common practice in drug approvals. • Admits he pushed drugs worldwide he knew weren’t safe. By Dave Gahary — The former managing director of drug giant Eli Lilly and Company in Sweden continues to blow the whistle on the business practices of

September 11 Back in the News


By Victor Thorn — It’s been nearly 13 years since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, yet those devoted to 9-11 truth are still exposing an abundance of lies that were disseminated to cover up this false-flag event that changed the world. One unlikely candidate, former Senator Bob

Warning to Journalists


• Don’t let the truth slip in to your reports on Israeli invasion of Gaza or you’re fired! By Mark Anderson — Journalist Christopher Hedges is among the few influential American reporters who see a terrible crisis in journalism regarding Israel’s violence against Palestine. In a speech to

Is ‘IS’ a CIA-Mossad Creation?


By Pete Papaherakles — The leader of the radical Islamic State (IS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has been reputed to be a Mossad-trained operative whose real name is Elliot Shimon, the son of Jewish parents. This information is said to have originated from 1.7 million pages of top-secret documents

Bankers Suck Lifeblood from Argentina


• Argentine people battling piratical plutocrats behind economic genocide of nation. By Ronald L. Ray — Paul Singer is not a nice guy. The Jewish billionaire head of Elliott Management Corp. and a few mega-rich vulture fund managers have no problem with the likely economic destruction of the

Currency Deals Threaten Supremacy of U.S. Dollar


• Swiss banks jump on China’s yuan bandwagon. By Bill White — Switzerland’s National Bank and the People’s Bank of China have reached an agreement to swap their respective currencies, meaning the trade between Swiss banking customers and China will no longer have to be mediated by banking

Western Media Just Propaganda Shills for War-Hungry Masters


• U.S., Western media outlets claim Russian troops destroyed by rag-tag Ukraine military militias after ill-fated invasion to whip up war fever among people of America, Europe. By Paul Craig Roberts — The Western media have proved for all to see that mainstream news outlets comprise either a