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AFP PODCAST: Patriots Heed Call of Nevada Cattle Rancher; Beat Feds


AFP PODCAST — AMERICAN FREE PRESS supporter Ken Rhoades traveled from Michigan to Nevada, to stand with the other patriots who came from all across the United States to support the Bundy Ranch’s battle with the federal government, in the form of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

FBI Dumps Jewish Hate Groups


• FBI unceremoniously jettisons SPLC and ADL as “resources” on hate crimes. By Ronald L. Ray — The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) quietly dumped the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti-Defamation League (ADL), two highly prominent purveyors of hatred toward traditional Christian values and white Americans,

The $14 Billion Secret of Jewish Charities


• Jewish ‘charitable’ groups benefit “massively from the U.S. and many state and local governments, in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars in grants, billions in tax-deductible donations and billions more in program fees paid with government funds.” By John Friend — The Jewish daily Forward,

Israelis, Jews Angry U.S. Visa Issue Not Going Their Way


• Pro-Zionist media outlets accuse State Department of discriminatory practices. By Richard Walker — In the wake of visa bans on Russian officials following the crisis in Ukraine, Israeli media outlets have accused the United States State Department of enforcing a secret visa ban on Israeli military and

Legendary Sheriff Joe Arpaio Speaks to AFP


• America’s toughest sheriff blasts feds for cooking the books on deportations. By Victor Thorn — On March 27, AMERICAN FREE PRESS caught up with “America’s toughest sheriff,” Joe Arpaio, to discuss how disgusted he is with Obama and his cronies cooking the books when it comes to

IRS Forced to Recognize Crypto-Cash


 • Revenuers acknowledge popular electronic currencies as ‘assets.’ By Keith Johnson — If you can’t beat it, tax it. At least that’s the conclusion the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) seems to have reached with regard to bitcoin, the world’s most popular form of decentralized digital currency. On March

Obama Should Listen to Harry Barnes


By Paul Craig Roberts — Does President Barack Obama realize that he is leading the United States and its puppet states to war with Russia and China, or is Obama being manipulated into this disaster by his neoconservative speechwriters and government officials? World War I was the result

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: György Schwartz — The Man Behind the Mess in Ukraine


AFP PODCAST — Anyone following the Ukrainian crisis in the reality-warping media comes away with this impression: The Ukrainian people, desperate for Western-style democracy, rose up and rebelled against their authoritarian president. Russia then invaded the Crimea in order to keep Ukraine under its iron grip. The reality,

Eric Holder: The Big Bank’s Bodyguard


• Attorney general protects criminal bankers. By Ronald L. Ray — United States Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice (DoJ) cohorts are the “Praetorian Guard” of the international banking empire, grinding their jackboots on the throats of oppressed Americans. While federal law enforcement concocts phony

AFP PODCAST: Wolfgang Does Newtown


AFP PODCAST — Wolfgang W. Halbig went on a mission after he was paid a visit by the Lake County, Florida Sheriff’s office, and is planning his own visit, to Newtown, Connecticut next month, in his quest for some, as he calls it, “simple answers.” Mr. Halbig has

AFP RADIO: “In the Spotlight” with Keith Johnson


“In the Spotlight” Thursdays 8 – 10 p.m. ET — AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporter Keith Johnson and his special guests share their unique perspectives on the most relevant world events in this informative live radio broadcast. On this premiere edition of “In the Spotlight,” Keith continues to argue against

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLES: Energy Giant vs. Beef Farmer; Fracking with Disaster


AFP PODCAST — A modest cattle ranch in southwestern Pennsylvania is the scene of a bitter battle for land and mineral rights that is pitting a hard-working American family against not just the second-largest coal producer in the United States, but against the state taxpayer-funded entity set up

AFP RADIO: Live Debate — CW Wade vs. Wolfgang Halbig


On Monday, April 7, 2014, at 8 p.m. ET, Dave Gahary moderates a debate* between CW Wade and Wolfgang Halbig. For two hours, CW Wade takes on Wolfgang Halbig’s “SIXTEEN QUESTIONS THAT DEMAND THE TRUTH,”** as it relates to the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event of

Will Obama Surrender Control of Internet?


• Could the Obama administration cede oversight of the U.S. Internet to an amorphous global cabal? By Victor Thorn — Could political officials from countries without the First Amendment like China, Nigeria, France or Israel decide what information can be published on the Internet by United States citizens?

Fireworks on China’s Border


• Will tensions between China and America’s Pacific allies draw U.S. into war? By Richard Walker — As tensions between China and some of its neighbors have increased, the Obama administration has moved naval assets to the Pacific with promises to shift more military hardware to the region,