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Will Bob Corker Save the GOP?


By Patrick J. Buchanan — “Pat, sometimes it seems like our friends want me to go over the cliff with flags flying,” President Reagan once told me. Today, it is “Bibi” Netanyahu and the neocons howling “kill the deal” and “bomb Iran” who are shoving the Republican Party

AFP INTERVIEWS: Ukrainians Speak #4


AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s own Olga Belinskaya, a native of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine, conducted a series of raw, unedited interviews with ordinary, peaceful people from Ukraine’s war zone, who told Olga what life was really like in the war-torn country. Over the course of this year, Olga will

AFP INTERVIEW: Multiple Shooters Alleged in Aurora Theater Massacre


• Engineer says other facts don’t add up in case against “lone nut” By Victor Thorn — On April 27, opening arguments will commence in the trial of the man accused of shooting up an Aurora, Colorado movie theater on July 12, 2012 in which 12 moviegoers were

Saying ‘No’ to Big Bro’


• State senator, parents, families uniting to end microchipping of all Texas students. By Mark Anderson — A Texas state senator is standing up for personal freedom and privacy rights by introducing legislation that would ban schools from forcing radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips on students for the purpose

Brother of 9-11 Victim Sues BBC


By Victor Thorn — For over a decade, 9-11 truth researchers have demonstrated that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks unfolded as a false-flag event coordinated by sinister elements inside the Bush administration along with Israel’s Mossad, foreign intelligence services and the corporate media. Now, the brother of

Ph.D. Engineer: Evidence Shows Directed Energy ‘Dustified’ WTC


By Mark Anderson — BRENHAM, Texas—Blinn College near Houston welcomed Dr. Judy Wood March 15 to expound upon the 9-11 findings in her detailed book, Where Did the Towers Go? Based on the evidence, Dr. Wood, whose observations have made considerable ripples in 9-11 research circles,maintains that the

No Time Like Present for 1799 Act


By the Staff at AFP — Almost half the now-GOP-led Senate sent a letter to Iran’s leaders, trying to undo the Obama administration’s touchy negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program. The grand irony is that the leading senator in that effort, newly-elected Thomas Bryant “Tom” Cotton, an Arkansas warmonger,

A Former Terrorist’s Cultural Poison


By Victor Thorn — UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania—On March 19, former Weather Underground Organization (WUO) co-founder William Charles “Bill” Ayers appeared at The Dickinson School of Law of The Pennsylvania State University – Penn State Law to discuss the subject of “school discipline.” The highly controversial figure, who was

Loretta Lynch: Worse Than Eric Holder?

United States Attorney Loretta E. Lynch speaks during an announcement of the arrest of Abraxas J. ("A.J.") Discala, CEO of OmniView Capital, and six co-conspirators for fraudulent market manipulation at the U.S. Attorney's office in Brooklyn, New York

• Attorney general nominee the “queen of civil forfeiture.” By Pete Papaherakles — With Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. resigning as United States Attorney General, the nominee to replace him, Loretta Elizabeth Lynch, is undergoing congressional vetting. Although getting rid of Holder is reason to celebrate after his many scandals,

U.S. Army Loosens Tattoo Policy After Recruitment Suffers

What will the United States Army look like after this policy change goes into effect? Will U.S. Army personnel look like gang members? What does this say about our nation? U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Raymond T. “Ray” Odierno said on April 1: “A newly revised tattoo

World’s Muslims to Surpass Christians in 35 Years


Today, the nonpartisan Pew Research Center released a “sweeping religious-population study” that projects significant demographic shifts across the global religious landscape. “The world’s Islamic population is growing so rapidly that by 2050, the number of Muslims will be nearly equal to the number of Christians across the planet—possibly

U.S. Gov’t Wants Mandatory Adult Vaccination

Doctor Does Injection Child Vaccination Baby

Could mandatory adult vaccines be something we all need to prepare for considering some recent evidence? This article may be an April Fool’s joke, but as the author points out: “Some of the details herein are true, however, and the article could be suggestive of what we might

Plutocrats Versus the People


• Meet the new generation of rapacious robber barons. By Ronald L. Ray — Moral corruption has become a way of life among top executives in corporate America. Too many have forgotten that the purpose of being in business is to help provide a stable, secure living for

Jewish UK Politician Calls for Obama Kidnap

As Michael Collins Piper reported over three years ago, “Andrew Adler, editor and publisher of The Atlanta Jewish Times—joining an ever-more-boisterous chorus of angry voices—wrote a column declaring Israel had three options (all violent) to ensure its security. The first option was to attack its enemies in Hezbollah

Private Firm Using Drones to Track Stray Dogs in Houston; Are We Next?


“Just in case you haven’t seen the memo: Drones are coming to a city near you. They are arriving on these shores by the hundreds after serving in war zones overseas, and plenty of new models are on order to meet a burgeoning domestic demand.” Dogs today, humans