Major Powers Fight Proxy War in Libya

April 2, 2020 AFP Editor 1

Once flourishing North African nation devolves into worst carnage in its history By Richard Walker Libya, once a rich society with free education, and healthcare, remains in the grip of a brutal civil war in […]

Hillary’s Libyan Lies

March 29, 2016 AFP 5

• Hillary the mastermind behind destruction of Libya? • Qaddafi’s “pan-African currency” plan got him killed? By Ronald L. Ray — The moral bankruptcy and intense duplicity of United States foreign policy, which brings “democracy” […]

Libya Lies May End Up Haunting Hillary

February 22, 2015 AFP 0

• America was suckered by Mrs. Clinton about Qadaffi like they were by Bush about Saddam. By Victor Thorn — Hillary Clinton is no mystery. She desires power so badly that she is apparently willing […]

War on Terror in Yemen Collapses; Libya in Shambles

January 31, 2015 AFP 1

• Obama gets a surprise when anti-U.S. group orchestrates coup against Western puppet. By Richard Walker — In yet another sign President Barack Hussein Obama’s interventionist foreign policy in the Middle East is falling apart, […]

Libya in Utter Chaos

November 8, 2014 AFP 4

• Three years after torture, assassination of Muammar Qadaffi, North African nation terrorized by NATO-inspired civil war. • Qadaffi’s fate sealed with plan to establish new oil exchange using gold dinars rather than dollar. By […]

U.S. Has Transformed Libya Into Danger to All Africa

February 23, 2014 AFP 0

By Richard Walker President Barack Obama and former French President Nicholas Sarkozy should have provided Libya with an “after sales agreement” when they ordered the destruction of the Libyan government and the assassination of former […]

Libya Facing Anarchy

December 29, 2013 AFP 0

• U.S. meddling destroyed once-prosperous Arab republic By Ronald L. Ray The 2011 American-led violent overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi, long-time ruler of Libya, has benefited neither Western oil companies nor the Rothschild-controlled international banking cartel, […]

West Blind to Lessons of Libya

September 14, 2013 AFP 0

• Overthrow of Qadaffi has made Libya a dangerous terrorist state By Richard Walker The Obama White House and its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) want us all to take our eyes […]

NATO War Crimes In Libya

August 9, 2011 admin 0

By Dave Gahary In June, former Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) conducted a fact-finding mission in Libya. While attending a conference in the sovereign North African nation, she discovered that the mainstream media had concocted bald-faced […]

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