Hillary Struggling to Become Relevant

March 26, 2020 AFP Editor 0

“Hulu” documentary portrays Chelsea Clinton as the rock of a crumbling dynasty. By Phil Giraldi Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump in 2016, is highly unlikely to emerge as either the Democratic Party presidential […]

Tulsi Gabbard Won’t Hold Back

March 20, 2020 AFP Editor 1

One candidate is not afraid to answer any questions—even very controversial ones. By Donald Jeffries On February 17, this writer attended a campaign rally in Fairfax, Va. for Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard has […]

Is the White House Really Up for Sale?

March 19, 2020 AFP Editor 0

Reporter explains how rise of billionaire politicians is threatening our republic. By S.T. Patrick When former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg entered the Democratic race for the party’s presidential candidacy, the already-affluent race for […]

Shutting Down Tulsi

September 18, 2019 AFP Editor 0

The DNC is working to keep Gabbard out of presidential debates. By Donald Jeffries The Democratic Party has clamped down on its only anti-war presidential candidate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (DHawaii). In an attempt to trim […]

Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google

August 20, 2019 AFP Editor 1

Anti-war candidate Tulsi Gabbard and educational outfit PragerU say tech giant Google is a threat to democracy. By S.T. Patrick Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) is suing Internet company Google for its increased ideological censorship. After […]

Candidate Adopts Anti-War Platform

June 27, 2019 AFP Editor 1

Presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard rejects interventionism—and the media is killing her for it. By Philip Giraldi Voters looking ahead to 2020 are being bombarded with soundbites from the 20-plus Democratic would-be candidates. That Joe Biden […]